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Quartet, a 1986 Sega System-16 arcade game and has the best soundtrack ever. The 2005 medley by the phenomenal Sega band [H.] is fucking glorious: [link] Anyway, I wish someone at Sega would remake it, updating the gameplay to modern specs and reinventing it a bit ala Elevator Action Deluxe/Spelunker HD.

For my probably-never-get-to-it ultimate Sega doujinshi, I have an entire script ready where the Quartet crew gets hired for a rescue operation where they clash with Alex Kidd who's now become a space pirate along with Phantasy Star characters and a million other Sega cameos. One day, I'll make it. Maybe when I'm fired and have time.
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I don't remember playing that. This art made me want to run after it as soon as possible!
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I know this is an older piece of art, but I had to fav it when I saw it (found it while trying to find an image of the marqee for this game to fix up an old cabinet that I bought). 
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Oh, wow, just last week I though about doing some fanart for this game. Blew LOTS of quarters on the game and never missed a cent. Why the Master System version was called Quartet, I'll never know.
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In Japan (and I think South America), the Master System version was actually called Double Target.
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the doujinshi idea sound awesome i hope see it one day
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I love retro reimaginings, should do some myself.

I often find myself loving older character designs, art styles, and world ideas from classic games much more than a lot of modern ones. I miss that old imagination.
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