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GSW Comic 05 - Pokemon

By PersonaSama
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June 26, 2006
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"Ash drank a Coke."

This was the most popular comic I did, next to the Mario cosplay jerking strip. I saw it get reposted a lot on 4chan's /v/. I think that's when you know you've hit the big time.

Also, I called him Ash for sake of recognition, but for all intents and purposes, he's just an identity-less Red from the game.
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can I dub this XD?
SpatialRain's avatar
Ash kinda looks like the batter. Why am I typing this here? Nobody'll see this, most likely. This was made in 2006. If somebody is reading this, praise kek 2017
Camicazi13's avatar
Lol. Ash drank a coke.
Hiffy3's avatar
Why does that "Charmander" look suspiciously like Agumon?
SpineBl4st3r's avatar
Boy that escalated quickly
Clockwork-Demons's avatar
He got defeated by what looks like an Agumom.... O.o
chariadactyle237's avatar
you mean agumon
 don't judge.I'm a nerd and I don't care how old this comment is.
Clockwork-Demons's avatar
Hehe, typo. Yes, I meant agumon.
This comic is still random as hell though ^^
chariadactyle237's avatar
yes i agree. especially the ash drank a coke part
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Funny, but...
stevethepirahnaplant's avatar
this would make a great coke ad.
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ash= starts journey in 18 something
ash= 2013 he hasnt grow at all
JawRipper's avatar
Coke solve everything
JetTheDemi-God's avatar
wouldn't it be red because he had a poliwag for his first pokemon and ash never had one and besides ash likes Pepsi
tepigandaxew's avatar
YOu idiot ash! Wimps don't do that! Real men drink tango or pepsi!
Lopunnyluvr12's avatar
Well DUH it's pokemon and digimon so of course digimon characters grow up and pokemon's characters don't XP :XD:
dinosgorawrXD's avatar
...why is agumon in pokemon? O3O
chariadactyle237's avatar
because agumon found a way to teleport through time and space.
shinyuen's avatar
Taichi versus ASH? LOL
lolimbret's avatar
that looked more like red
NintendoFanDj's avatar
Ah! At first I thought it was a Charmander but then it was an Agumon.
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