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Please note that this may not be updated immediately, it's best if you click in the deviation and check for yourself.
Please comment on the respective deviations if you'd like to adopt them.
These are sorted by price, therefore the same deviation may appear more than once.
Adopt Rules
Mega Sale batch, 4~18 USD/400~1800 points

5~8 USD/500~800 points

12 USD/1200 points

13 USD/1300 points

^#1, #3, #6^
15 USD/1500 points

^#1, #3^

:iconwaruuii:waruuii 3 0
Round 6 Panel No 1:

just finished very soon
project: 7 real panels made by 7 real persons
:iconscheinbar:scheinbar 2 0
Jack vs Bowsette
:iconjack-hedgehog:Jack-Hedgehog 2 4
Replacing Some Matches
Replacing the following:

Psylocke vs Strider Hiryu
Reason for selling: Lost interest + I'm not familiar enough with Psylocke to properly write her
Who I think wins: Psylocke via physical superiority and powerset
Sold to:

General Blue vs Vega
Reason for selling: Lost interest in the idea
Who I think wins: Vega due to being physically superior
Sold to:

Cervantes de Leon vs Noob Saibot
Reason for selling: Don't think I could write Noob that well
Who I think wins: Cervantes due to being stronger, more durable, and possessing a more effective set of powers and abilities
Sold to:

Daffy Duck vs Patrick Star
Reason for selling: Don't think I can write a comedic fight that well
Who I think wins: Patrick
:iconbr3ndan5:Br3ndan5 1 5
Supposed to look like miku hatsune..
...When my hair will be blue do you think it's going to look like her?😂
:iconcalozerart:Calozerart 1 20
Unwritten Stories
Whenever I am working on a new picture, I am also thinking about the story going on behind it. Sadly I don't have the time or the energy to write a proper short story for each submission, which means that many of my pictures end up standing alone.
So what I'm wondering is: which of my pictures which doesn't have a short story included would you like to see written about?
Pop a comment below and if there is a particular story that you would like to see then that is what I will write. I can't write a story for everyone's favourite picture, so I am waiting to see if there is a particular submission that is popular.
:iconquadlad:Quadlad 0 1
Delicious (TG CAPTION)
Frederick was an overly obese man, and was pushing death if he didn't change his habbits.
He was going to change his ways and even started a diet, but just as he was working out, the Great Shift hit him.
He woke up in the body of a Canadian model called Gena Silvante. Gena was extremely, hot, skinny, and rich. This was a dream come true for Frederick. The best part is with his current diet, he can eat all he wants and be back to his starting weight in a day or two. He doesn't know how but he loves it.
Here is Gena sitting in a burger King, rocking a sexy top and tight white jeans. Frederick, er Gena loved her new life, and hopes the shift never returns.
:iconazurathetrap:azurathetrap 11 0
Resar 039 Tracker
Hunting | FishingCollecting | Quests |

Registered name: Resar
Nickname(s): Sar
ID number: 039
Gender: Male
Rank: Infante (Novice)
Build: Standard
Fur Type: Dragon
Genotype: BB / nCr / Sb
Phenotype: Cream Chocolate w/ Sable
Eye color: Green
Horns - Uncommon , Wave
Rite of Iris (Breeding): 
:iconlolaf:lolaf 0 4
Short Story/Long Story:Why Arguments Get Stopped
Time for another Short Story/Long Story
Short Story: Just like a lot of modern day laws, it has more to do with liabilities rather than making the world a better place.
Long Story: We all like to believe or at least pretend that no religious or political way of life is the wrong one for fear of alienating one or the other. There is however a reason why across the web these arguments get shut down without finding a winner first.
Nothing anyone can say will convince religious believers or specific political enthusiasts that they are wrong, because they’re believers, the idea they believe in out rules anything and all else.
Often their religion or political preference is what they strive for in life and might very well die by it.
As a result the apposing sides will go back and forth into shouting matches that go on for an eternity, making the places where they happen appear to be less friendly and more hostile thus risking potential traffic advertisers, sponsors, partners and or fri
:iconamazingamazing:amazingamazing 0 0
Hello, everyone!
Wow. It has certainly been quite some time since I've got to fully be on here and sit down to talk to y'all ^^; Forgive me on that. It's been one busy semester and with me stepping out of my comfort zone this whole year, I've gotten a lot busier than usual.
As the title says, I am currently in a bit of a financial struggle at the moment  Recently my dumbass sister had let one of her friends drive MY car for the sake of driving out to buy "necessities" for yet another one of her disgusting house parties. During that time, they ended up getting a flat tire without even informing me until I had gotten into my car to go to class. The worst part is is that my sister wanted me to cover her and her friend for the incident so guess who got the blame on it :')))))))))) And has the friend even paid back yet? No. No matter how much I kept telling my sister to tell her friend to pay up, she keeps pushing it off until she believes that I've forgot
:iconnickiinomnom:NickiiNomNom 4 7
Prison Denim
:iconaufseher-jonas:aufseher-jonas 1 0
[OPEN] Bust Up Colored Sketch Commissions
Hello guys! as you may have already know I only open colored sketch comms during emergency stuffs (e.g. for art supplies, items, and the likes). But when I open them, I get additional requests that I am unable to take sometimes and people would tell me to remind them the next time I will open the sketch comms again. With that being said, I have decided to add this option along with the usual regular comms that I always do! 😁
For now, I will mostly be accepting bust up colored sketches. But if you want other options (e.g. colored sketch waist up, full body, etc.)—you may send me a note about it!
To claim a slot, you may comment down below or send me a note! 😆
Thank you so so so so so much for the never-ending support guys! Your support really means a lot to me! 😆😁❤️
:iconquoshii:quoshii 2 0
Name: Nicolas
Nick: Niko
Geander: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Ralationship status: Taken by :iconMrMilitary:
B-day: december 7
Personality: a little shy but kind guy who likes to help the people with their problems and cares about his friends.
Likes: Animals, cute things, cute people, chat with people, gaming, reading, drawing.
Dislikes: Bees, bullys, haters, homophobic people and fortnite (really what does everyone see in the game its overrated)
Hates (this could affect me irl sometimes) : see sad people, see people depresed and hurting themselves, people who thinks the life is not worth it.
Favorite game: Super Smash Bross Ultimate.
Favorite game saga: The legend of zelda
Favorite band: Linkin Park (RIP chester 😭😭)
Favorite actual console: Nintendo Switch
Favorite retro console: N64 and NGC
Favorite retro game: The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Favorite book: Wings of Fire
Games im playing in the pc: League of legends, Osu!, Minecraft, Gmod, Roblox
:iconnicox0712:Nicox0712 1 6
Big Premiere Tonight!
Do you like art summaries?
Do you like narration by computer voices?
Tonight, the two come together in an epic compilation on my YouTube channel, and you're invited to watch!
The link is in the Featured window of my Profile page here, show starts at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern. Check for your time zone.
See you there!
:iconangusmctavish:AngusMcTavish 0 0
Giger Tribute
Hi everyone! I’m going to start working on a H.R. Giger inspired piece in my spare time, got a concept and a vision for it in mind. It will be a challenge & different from my normal style, to be honest I’ve never done anything inspired by Giger’s biomechanical style before; but well... that’s part of the fun I suppose!! :)
Still deciding whether to do it in pencil or pen...
:iconmejulasofficial:MejulasOfficial 0 0
Human Logic: Fear
Human fear is stupid. For a start both sharks and bears are highly misunderstood. Both are very big animals with powerful jaws but often attack humans when we really stupid things like entering their territory when they keep to themselves or leaving food just lying around nearby to where we are staying.
By comparison dogs which can outrun and out-parkour any human, have a mouth full of sharp teeth and are well known for hunting human-size prey in particular baby animals we leave to look after our newborn children. No wonder humans are about to wipe themselves out via pollution, it's just natural selection doing its job.
:iconjohnsamer98:johnsamer98 0 0
Aviso las fiestas son hc
El prox capitulo estara para navidad uwu que con el asuntos de las fiestas me tienen como burrito de carga
Bruno: Con mi burrito sabanero voy camino de Belén
Si me ven, si me ven, voy camino de Belén
El lucerito mañanero ilumina mi sendero
Si me ven, si me ven, voy camino de Belén
Con mi cuatrico voy cantando, mi burrito va trotando... :v
Yo: callate !! - solloza-
:iconnobodysilent:NobodySilent 1 3
PC problems
Looks like my streak of bad luck continues. Yesterday my wife manage to short circuit electricity in our flat while setting up christmas decorations.
And something happened to my PC (which was running at that time) Fans are spinning now at max performace and there was slight trace of burning smell. So I turned PC of and now I have to wait till repair shop will have time to check on it...which might be after new year...great.
So I am sorry everyone who I was working on art trades and collaborations. I will post my parts ASAP. I am just not sure when.
:iconmcbound:McBound 0 5
cursed images for 30 points
I'm in a cursed image mood
Don't send the points unless I accept ur commission!
They'll look smth like this tho the style may vary  

:iconghost-pup:Ghost-Pup 4 50
160 years ago XD
This is my market costume. The theme was "Christmas 160 years ago".
The pocket watch is from the year 1890. XD
:iconjakkie03:Jakkie03 6 65
Live Action Sonic....
I know this is from an old concept poster but still...This is what they were thinking of for his official design. I don't care about the fur. Pikachu looks adorable in Detective Pikachu and it's because they have stayed true to his character. When it comes to Sonic; I'm not so sure....This could be a good movie but Sonic looks uncomfortable like he has no idea why he's even in this movie lol.  
:iconkisarasmoon:Kisarasmoon 0 9
The internet wrestling community
Their is a lot of morons in the internet wrestling community will say “if you don’t like it don’t watch it” well that makes you sound very stupid. Raw has been garbage for 75% of 2018 & twitter has the most dumbest idiots I’ve seen in the community that say oh this is a good Raw when the ratings show a different story. The ratings has failed & the Raw product today sucks. Rollins said it best in the opening segment that a awesome tag team like the Revival is being treated like garbage, the tag team roster is dead on Raw, the show has been failing since January 2015 but this year alone has been the most awful year for Raw. 3 men dressed up as Bobby lashley sisters?? That segment was full cringe! WWE destroyed Rockstar spud I blocked his ass on twitter & instagram for not letting the pee jokes go it was annoying. Raw under the leadership of Baron Corbin has sucked!
:iconfalconclub9517:FalconClub9517 0 0