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Anonymous! Mwahahaaaa
United States
To be continued.
(*Contains spoilers. A lot.*)

My cousin and I went to the movies on Tuesday, and we saw Chipwrecked! HOORAY!! I was SO excited; I could hardly touch the popcorn! And I had this HUGE cherry Coke and soon I had know, go, but I didn't want to miss even a second of that movie. But my cousin had to go, too (she's five), so away we went, me rushing along the way. XD

So this means that I've seen all three Chipmunk movies! HOORAY!

Alvin is my favorite chipmunk. I believe that this movie did the best job of showing what I call the "real" Alvin. I noticed how easily Alvin stepped into the mature, responsible "come-on-let's-get-this-thing-done" leader role. Like how he fusses at Simon (ahem...Simone) for dancing around with Jeanette on the slippery mud and generally fooling around instead of helping out with the shelter. It's pretty funny. He acts more "uptight" than Simon ever did, and he really did indeed sound like Dave! ("SIIIIIMOOONNN!!")

I also noticed how tender and sensitive Alvin really is, and how he tends to be hard on himself at times (like how he thought that he himself was the reason Dave hadn't shown up after they'd washed up on the island) and I noticed that he seems to have a more caring side than Brittany (he thought she was upset about Eleanor and actually asked her how Eleanor was doing, but she was really worried about her hair. XD).

And from the part where he snuggles/reunites with Dave, to the part when he practically begs Ian and Zoe to stop wasting time and "save his dad", it just shows how Alvin really is at heart. He has this sensible side that reminds me of Simon, with a sweetness and vulnerability that reminds me a lot of Theodore. He's not really immature (to me), he's just fun and wild and knows how to have a good time, even if he does tend to go a little overboard at times.

It's a great movie! I enjoyed all three, and so will many families!


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