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Winter Wrap Up in the MMC-verse
Twilight quickly woke up with a smile, and moved towards Spike, trying to shake him awake.
“Spike, wake up! It’s winter wrap up day!” said the purple unicorn.
“Huh?” said Spike, still half asleep.
“Winter Wrap Up!” exclaimed Twilight.
Spike just laid back down to go back to sleep.
Twilight was having none of it, “Spike, the first day of spring is tomorrow! So everypony in Ponyville needs to clean up winter. Now help me get ready!” she said as she jumped on her boots.
“Clean up winter?” said Spike, getting up, “Don’t they just use magic to change the seasons like we do at Canterlot?”
“No Spike,” said twilight as she was putting on a winter saddle, “Ponyville was founded by Earth Ponies, so for hundreds of years they never used magic to clean up winter. Its traditional.”
“It’s ridiculous,” said Spike, again laying down to try and get more sleep, “No magic
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The Philosopy of Pinkie Pie. A modern Epicurus.
Throughout the TV series, movies and comic books, Pinkie Pie (both Pony and Human versions of her) have shown proficiency and talents at many tasks. In fact, Pinkie Pie seems to have the skills and potential to be the greatest at any task or endeavor she would ever want to take.
In one of the early comic issues, we see that Human Pinkie Pie did try outs for every single club at Canterlot High and was so good that each and every one of them wanted her to join AND be their most important member. Pony Pinkie Pie has ran as fast as Rainbow Dash can fly, can play any musical instrument, or all of them at once, has knowledge of creatures that not even Twilight knows (like the Parasprites), the list could go on forever.
So, the question is, why isn’t Pinkie Pie, either of them, interested in using her hidden potential to its maximum? Why isn’t she inventing new things, discovering new things, etc? Instead of any of this things, Pinkie Pie in any of her ver
:iconpersona22:Persona22 1 1
Dodgeball Girls, Cover by Persona22 Dodgeball Girls, Cover :iconpersona22:Persona22 2 0
Why do fans like Luna over Celestia.
In different episodes of Friendship is Magic we have seen plenty of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to understand that they are both equal when it comes to how powerful they are, they both have a lot of magical powers, they both are ancient alicorns and they can both move celestial bodies at will. However, most fans of the show would say that, of the two, they like Pirncess Luna more than Princess Celestia. Let's analyze why with this three points:
1. The Superman Dilemma.
Anyone ever read The Illiad? If you didn't then it's almost entirely about Achilles being really, really angry and killing a lot of people. The son of a goddess and destined for glory, Homer won't shut up about how awesome Achilles is and how he has no equal. Achilles is, in all respects, a superhero before superheroes existed. But unless you're a person that enjoys every single little detail of every work of literature, you probably don't remember that there's one other Greek warrior who consistently and quietly
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What was the Cutie Map really about.
I was re-watching the episode "The Cutie Map" (both part 1 and 2) when something came to my mind.
Despite of the huge fandom this show has, the show is made, in esscence, for little kids. The show is to adress issues that little kids may face in their lives growing up, and tries to present them with a solution, or at least have them confront said problem.
Now, regardless of what you might think, communism, or even the idea of what communism is, is not something that might affect little kids. So, what was the episode about then?
Then I remembered an old news article I read a few years ago, which you can read here:
We live in a society that, more and more often, has our youth trying to be the same in all aspects so nobody would feel left behind.
A coach that has a team that wins 100 to 0 is fired. Kids get "participant" trophies all the time.
Then this survey conducted recently in Europe that shows that o
:iconpersona22:Persona22 3 9
Mane-iac - Suicide Squad by Persona22 Mane-iac - Suicide Squad :iconpersona22:Persona22 60 8
Avatar, the Legend of Sahara. Chapter 2
There was little to do or see in the cargo area of the biplane. The constant rumbling of the engine could be heard all over. Sahara just sat down, hiding behind some boxes that she didn’t even know what contained. Her cat-lizard Bastet was curled up and sleeping soundly. Sahara didn’t know how long they had taken off, she was sure it was at least some hours already, and wondered how long it would be before they reached the Fire Nation.
Sliding down, her back against the wooden crate, she laid down on the floor next to Bastet. She was exhausted from the events of the previous days, but she didn’t want to fall asleep. Not because she was afraid that she might miss getting off the plane when the time came, but of the nightmares she had when she slept. Nightmares of the fake Avatar Ken Genseki, and fire, and pain, and sorrow, and her tribe, and her mother dying.
“Mom…” a single tear ran down Sahara’s cheek, as she held her knees close to her with b
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Avatar, the Legend of Sahara. Chapter 1
Sahara was standing in the Si Wong Desert, moving her hands in a circular motion one over the other, a small sand whirlwind was starting to form right in front of her, but soon it got out of control and sand flew all over the place. “Why can’t I do this? What am I doing wrong?”
“Your stance is too rigid Sahara,” said Sahara’s mother, standing next to her. “This is sand, not some rocks, but small sand, its so light that wind can move it, but so rigid and relentless that it can erode the hardest of stones.” She explained.
Sahara’s mother then proceeded to move her arms in a circular motion, but keeping the flow of movement much more open, much more flexible. Her feet, while firmly set on the sand were also flexible with her knees as well. “Don’t fight the wind using the sand, Sahara, move along with it, use it, make it an extension of your Sandbending.” She said as a perfect sand whirlwind formed in front of her.
:iconpersona22:Persona22 0 0
Avatar, the Legend of... Prologue
With the founding of the United Republic of Nations, the world saw an era of advance in technology like never before, when the knowledge of every nation was now able to converge in the great metropolis that is Republic City.
With Republic City as the technological capital of the world, and thanks to the era of peace brought by the end of the Hundred Year War, this knowledge and advances were shared with the world, as new technologies reached all four nations of the world. Even technology developed for devious purposes, like the Future Industries secretly developed Biplane after the failed attempt to seize power by the Equalist movement, was later developed into the Great Biplane, a big flying machine capable of carrying over 50 people through the air faster than an airship, connecting every city with airports, making a trip that lasted several days before, only last some hours now, both faster and safer than any hot air balloon or dirigible ever was. Radios allowed for information and
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Normality and Chaos is all a about Perspective by Persona22 Normality and Chaos is all a about Perspective :iconpersona22:Persona22 3 9 Kami Girl cosplay as Naomi O'Brian by Persona22 Kami Girl cosplay as Naomi O'Brian :iconpersona22:Persona22 3 0 Anime Acid by Persona22 Anime Acid :iconpersona22:Persona22 3 1
The Master of Time - Chapter 3
The Master of Time
Chapter 3 - Prehistoric Combat
Mathias was flying over the city of Maxopolis. The young mantis warrior had decided to do nightly routes over the city after that whole problem with Mega Bug. That had helped him realize how much it took him to fly from the woods to the city, since that if he had arrived one minute later Mega Bug would have killed Alex. So, by doing daily routes at night over the city, The Mantis could arrive quickly in case of an emergency against the Millipede Kingdom or another reason.
The Mantis was about to turn around, back to the woods, when he heard a communication on the radio that Alex gave him, and that Mathias carried with him when he flied over the city to find out quickly if something was going on. It was call for help, that much he could figure from the tone of voice from the radio, it seemed like something was happening over at the Museum of History of Maxopolis. Even if Mathias didn't know where the museum was, he was able to find it ve
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The Master of Time - Chapter 2
The Master of Time
Chapter 2 - The Master of Time
Dr. Emilia Grapgood, expert in history and ancient civilizations, was also the curator of the Museum of History of the United World, which was located at the capital, Maxopolis.
Dr. Grapgood was in her office, checking some ancient writings with a special magnifying glass. Dr. Grapgood was so into her work that she almost didn't hear the strange sounds outside her office. At the beginning she didn't worry about it, after all the museum had a state of the art security system and several security guards. But then, after a while, she started hearing the sounds again plus some of the guards groaning in pain.
"What is going on out there?" she asked herself out loud. Standing up from her desk, Dr. Grapgood exited her office to check it out.
Once outside, she found that the lights of the museum were turned on, and that several of the security guards were inside the next room. More precisely, in the room for myths and legends of the Magic Era.
:iconpersona22:Persona22 0 0
The Master of Time - Chapter 1
The Master of Time
Chapter 1 - The Tomb and The Hourglass
In an arid desert at the northeast of the United World territory, we can find a small but deep archeological excavation. There we see a young paleontologist by the name of Kevin Taimus, with just twenty-five years of age he was a complete expert in ancient history. More precisely, in Arreit's Magic Era. He had worked all his life by himself, as a freelance excavator. He didn't belong to any team of any museum.
"I'm close," said Kevin to himself, as he was working, "I can feel it in my heart, I'm very close. One of the ancient places where the legendary Kadugaru lived."
It was a known fact that the Magic Era had been a very black period of Arreit's history, there were little to no historical facts that could be considered true to have existed, just a bunch of myths and legends. One of these myths is about a very powerful sorcerer called Kadugaru. There are many stories about him, but nobody has ever found any proof that he had ac
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Mega Bug - Chapter 4
Mega Bug
Chapter 4 - The Mantis vs. Mega Bug
The Enforcers surrounding the Government Building weren't sure of what was happening. They only saw The Mantis flying at top speed trough one of the windows of the 12th floor, shattering the glass into pieces.
"What do you think is going on?" asked one of the Enforcers to his partner.
"I have no idea. The suspense is killing me." the other replied.
"Yeah, me too… Huh? What's that!?"
Every Enforcer looked up to where The Mantis had entered the building. A huge person, about seven feet tall, fell out the window. He fell on the pavement below, between the Enforcer barricade and the Government Building, cracks were forming below him where he hit the floor.
Before any of the Enforcers could react, or even start to comprehend what they had just saw, another person jumped out the window. It was The Mantis, his hand holding his sword, his wings opened wide.
"Mega Bug! Take this!" The Mantis flew downwards at top speed.
Amazingly, Mega Bug was
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