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(CH.2) Persona 2: Sumaru Spider-ManHey everyone, Funworld3 here! This has been a long wait, but it's finally here! I hope you'll like it. It may seem like a retelling of Spider-Man 1, but things aren't always as they seem. Anyways, crack open a cold one and enjoy!CHAPTER 2: With Great PowerAs Juno woke up, he didn't feel as tired as he usually was. Almost like, he was reenergized. "Hm...weird." He was about to put on a shirt, when he looked in the mirror, noticing that he had built some muscle. He wasn't overly muscular, but he was toned. Before he could think anymore, he heard a knock on the door. "Juno?" It was Maya. "Yeah?" "Are you feeling any better this morning? Any change?" "Change? (Juno looked at himself up and down) Yep! Big change!" "Well hurry, you're gonna be late!" As Juno put on his uniform, he noticed how quicker he was moving. He was never chubby, but he wasn't exactly athletic either. Juno ran downstairs, he almost ran on the wall. "Geez Juno, I thought you were sick!" Tatsuya laughed. "I got better!" Tatsuya smiled at his son. "You haven't eaten anything, do you have your lunch money?" "Yes Mom!" "Hey Juno, don't forget, we're fixing my motorcycle right after school." "Sure thing Dad, don't start without me!" Tatsuya smiled. "Don't start up with me." Tatsuya watched Juno leave, he laughed. "Just like me. I remember when we started going out together, thank God we had Juno again. I get to see my boy everyday." Maya smiled, "Oh Tatsuya, I remember it too. I know what happened, (Maya sighed) but now, we can finally relax, because our little boy is so amazing!" They embraced each other. "I love you Tatsuya!" "I love you too Maya."Juno was walking to school, he saw Haru walking just a bit further away. He stopped, and started to talk to himself. "Hey Haru, I know you're new around here but...I could s-show you around, show you the best spots out in the city. (Before he could approach Haru, a group of girls picked her up in their car.) Maybe we could be friends? (The car drove off) Or not." The wind picked up, and a flyer landed on Juno's hand. For some was sticking to him. He tried to get it off, but it was still sticking. He was able to rip the paper off, but he looked at his hand, confused. "What the hell-ah whatever," He continued on his way to school.Kunikazu woke up, he was on his couch. "What...the." He noticed a note that Haru had written. "Father, you were asleep on the floor, so I put you on the couch. I'm on my way to school, don't worry about me. I love you Father!-Haru." He was thinking. "Last night I was...(A flash in his mind occured, something involving that performance enhancer) I don't remember." Before he could think any further, he heard his secretary. "Okumura-San, Dr. Somo is dead." "What?" "They found his body in the lab, he's been murdered." Kunikazu looked at the secretary, with a confused expression. "What are you talking about?" "And the flight suit, and the glider," "What about it?" "It's been stolen, Okumura-San." He was confused, but oddly, he was also unphased. Almost as if, he was expecting it.Most of the school day had gone on normally, just boring classes, Jack Takamaki beating up kids who looked at him the wrong way, and strange kids doing strange things. Juno was eating lunch, listening in on Stanley and Aki's conversation about some concert. As he checked his phone, he felt a small stinging feeling in his head. It didn't hurt, but it got his attention. He looked around, and noticed that the feeling stopped when he saw a puddle of juice on the floor. Haru walked into the puddle, and slipped. The stinging feeling came back, and Juno quickly grabbed Haru. Her lunch bag was mid-air, Juno quickly grabbed it, and returned the bag to her. "Nice reflexes! Hey Juno, I never noticed your eyes. I like the shade of purple." Juno blushed bright red, and all he could do was give her a smile. "Well, I'll see you later," Haru went to another table. Stanley and Aki stared at Juno. "Dude, that was so cool!" "Yeah man, you got to teach me how to do that!" Juno chuckled. "I would...if I knew how to do it!" Stanley and Aki laughed, and returned to their conversation.Juno continued eating lunch, and as he reached for something, he noticed that the fork was sticking to his hand. "What's happening again!" He pulled the fork off of his hand, noticing that a strange string-like substance was on the fork, it was coming from his wrist. "What the he-it's happening again!" He simply studied the substance on the fork, when he accidentally pressed his middle and ring finger against his palm, shooting a web at a tray with half eaten food. Juno looked around, the other kids were either focused on their phones, or talking to each other. He tried to pull the tray to him, but he pulled a bit too quickly. And the tray landed right behind him, and onto... Jack Takamaki's back.Food spilled all over his uniform, and Juno immediately began to panic. If Takamaki found out it was him, only one was gonna come out alive, and it wasn't gonna be him. Juno got up, and walked out of the cafeteria, unknowingly dragging the tray behind him. He could hear the laughter of the other kids, and he heard Stanley yell "Did you see that?!" Aki was in disbelief, but he also heard Jack say, "Juno?!" The tray snapped off of his web, as he left the cafeteria.Walking down the hallway, Juno stared at his wrist, seeing the strange mark on it. He got to his locker, and just reflected. "I...don't know what happened, but this is just weird. I am not gonna live this do-" His spider-senses began to kick in. He felt a small breeze behind his neck, but realized it was someone attacking him. He swiftly got out of the way, as Jack's fist slammed into the locker. "You think you're pretty funny don't you freak?" Haru saw the two, and quickly made her way to Jack, as a crowd formed. "Takamaki-san, it was just an accident!" "Yeah, my fist breaking his teeth, that's the accident!" Haru tried to calm Jack down, but Jack's mind was made up. Juno's voice shook, as he looked straight at him. "I don't wanna fight you Jack," "I wouldn't wanna fight me neither," Jack swung at Juno, but his senses kicked in, and he dodged the punch. Jack tried to punch Juno again, but he dodged it again. Juno silently mumbled to himself "Whoa." Jack attempted a right hook, but Juno ducked, he saw Haru's look of shock. One of Jack's friends were going to hit Juno by ambushing him from behind. Haru was extremely concerned at this point, she grabbed Stanley, and demanded "Help him Stanley!" Juno sensed Jack's friend behind him, and did a triple backflip, avoiding the ambush. Stanley looked in shock, and simply said "Which one?" Jack had enough. Juno may have dodged him, but he was still a stupid 2nd year. Jack swung at Juno with rage, and fury. He wanted Juno to feel the worst he's ever given out. Juno kept dodging, and blocking his punches. Juno grabbed Jack's arm, twisting it. As Jack cringed in pain, Juno punched him in the stomach, sending him flying. Jack landed by Miss Saeko, who saw the whole thing. Juno's eyes went wide, as he knew what that meant. The other students applauded, Stanley and Aki ran up to Juno. "DUDE. THAT WAS AWESOME!" "Yeah man, you laid him out!" However, one of the students piped up with "Jack is right Juno, you are a freak." Haru looked at him, with a look of confusion on her face. Juno simply ran out of the school, in complete panic.Juno ran into an alley outside. He knew he'd get the scolding of a lifetime from Tatsuya and Maya, but it was nothing compared to this. As he caught his breath, he looked at his hand, noticing that tiny hairs grew. They weren't noticeable, but he felt them grow. He put his hand on the wall, and was utterly astonished. His hand was STICKING to it. Pure curiosity got the better of him, there was surely no way that he could be able to....climb on the wall. Juno put his other hand on the wall, and what he believed was true. He was able to climb, rand so he did. Midway through, he looked down at the alley, and let out a loud "WOOOOOOO!"Quickly climbing up to the roof of a building, he was running from rooftop to rooftop, and Juno noticed how floaty he was. He could jump higher, and he was having the time of his life. He felt free, but something crossed his mind. "What if I..." He quickly made his way to the edge of a building, seeing a crane. "Ok...let's do it!....(he looked at his wrist, stretching his arm outward) GO WEB!" He stretched it slower. "Fly!" He tried it quicker. "Up Up and Away Web!" He tried to snap his fingers. "Shazam!" He tried to make a fist, that didn't work. He gave a thumbs up, didn't work. He even tried to mosh, but obviously, it didn't work. But then, he pressed his middle and ring finger to his palm, and he was able to shoot a web. He did it again, and it worked. However, when Juno did it for a bit longer, the web connected to the crane. Holding on to the web, he looked down at the street. One wrong move, and it would be over. He breathed in and out, "Carpe Diem..." He jumped, swinging from one side of the street to the other, he was screaming. He tried to stop his swing, but crashed into a wall, but he was ok.Hours went by, Juno kept jumping from rooftops, and would occasionally swing to the other side of the street. He started to notice that the sun was going down, and he got a text from Tatsuya. "Hey Juno, turns out my motorcycle had a very minor problem, wasn't too hard to fix. Anyway, dinner's almost ready. Be sure to head home in a bit, your mother's gonna get worried." Juno texted back "Ok Dad, on my way now." He quickly made his way back home, ecstatic about this new power he had, as now he could stand up for himself. Nighttime hit as Juno got home, Maya pulling dinner out of the oven, while Tatsuya sat at the table. "Hi honey! Dinner's ready!" Juno smiled. As they ate, Maya gave Tatsuya a "you gonna talk to him?" look. Tatsuya sighed, "Juno, your teacher, Miss Saeko called me today. She said you got into a fight with that Jack kid. And then you left school." Juno sighed. "Yeah Dad, I'm not going to lie to you, I got into a fight with him. He was mean, and when I beat him, I was in panic because of what I did." Tatsuya nodded, while Maya spoke up. "Juno, I know you're getting older, but if you ever feel in distress, you can always call me! I may be at work, but I'll drop everything to take you home." Juno smiled and nodded. "Yeah, it was just a moment. I'm ok now. It won't happen again, I promise." Tatsuya and Maya smiled at their son. Juno got up after eating. "I'm gonna go get some fresh air, I'll come back in in a few." As Juno got up and went outside, Maya and Tatsuya looked at each other with concerned expressions.Juno simply looked at the sky, before hearing footsteps. He looked toward the sidewalk, and saw Haru, walking down the street. His heart felt that weird feeling, but he walked to her. "Oh, hi Juno-kun! I didn't know you were in the area!" Juno chuckled, " here!" "Oh, that's nice! I was just...taking a walk." Juno sighed, "Listen, about today at school with Jack-" "You kind of scared us a little." "Oh, I'm sorry, is he ok?" "He's just happy you didn't give him a black eye." The two simply looked at each other. "So Juno, what are you planning to do when you're older?" "I...want to move more into the city, maybe become a photographer, work my way through college, or maybe I'll be a policeman, like my uncle. What about you?" Haru nodded. "I want to move in the city too. I want agriculture, so I can start a cafe of my own." "Really? Well that's perfect! I remember being little, seeing you on tv, on that baking show. You were so good!" "Really?" "Yeah! I loved those little cakes you made, when you were singing to yourself, it kinda brought a tear to my eye." Haru chuckled. "Wouldn't you have been, like 7?" Juno smiled. "Even so, can see what's coming." "What do you see coming for you?" "I...don't know. But whatever it is, it's something I've never felt before." "What about me?" "Well, you're gonna have the best cafe in all of Japan." Haru was slightly touched by his comment. "You know, you're sweeter than you seem." Juno blushed. "I'm...kinda shy." "To me, you can be really, really confident." The two heard Jack's car honking. "I gotta go, bye Juno!" "Bye." Juno looked, seeing Haru getting into Jack's car. He could hear Jack talking about the car's sound system and leather seats. That gave him an idea.He went inside, quickly heading to his room. Taking a newspaper on the kitchen table, he looked at ads for a car. He had to go local, since going online would lead him to getting confronted by his parents. Most of the used cars were too expensive, or very beaten up. Looking further, he found the perfect car. Only for 400,000 yen, a steal! Juno thought to himself "Haru would love this, it's not much but...maybe. But how am I gonna get-" He saw an ad below. The ad said "NEED MONEY? BEAT BONE-SAW IN THE RING IN 3 MINUTES, AND WIN 400,000 YEN! COLORFUL CHARACTERS A MUST." Juno got a notepad out.Most of the concepts either lacked color, seemed too complex, or just basic. But one design stood out from the rest. It was perfect. It was colorful, red and blue, with a web-style design, and a black spider-logo. Although his costume wouldn't look too accurate, it'd be close enough. He decided on a name. "The Human Spider."Saturday morning came around, and after eating breakfast, Juno quickly got to work in his room. He shot a web at a soda can, pulling it to him. He shot another web at his remote, but it was heading for his face, so he quickly dodged it. It hit his wall. "Juno?" It was Maya. "Yes?" "Are you ok? What's going on in there?" Juno slightly opened the door. "I'm exercising, I'm not dressed Mom." "Ok, just checking on you!" "Ok, thanks." As Juno closed the door, Maya knew something was up. She went to go tell Tatsuya.Okumura was reading the newspaper, his eyes widened. "Okumura Tech may lose contract to Sakura Aerospace" He turned the page. "Is this the end of Kunikazu Okumura?" As he kept reading, he began to hear maniacal laughter. He sighed, as this was becoming more common.Tatsuya was talking to Maya. "Something's bothering him, but maybe he's too embarrassed to tell me. Or maybe I'm too embarrassed to ask him." Maya nodded. "I know, he's been acting strange lately. He hasn't told me what's wrong, and I worry a lot!" Juno headed for the door. "I'm going to the downtown library, I'll be back later!" Tatsuya got up. "Hold on bud, let me drive you." "You don't have to, I'll take the train!" "Oh nonono I'm not busy today, go on gogogo!" He looked to Maya, and gave her a thumbs up.As they pulled up to the library, Juno was about to get out. "Ok Dad, thanks for the ride!" "Woah, hold up son, we need to talk." "What do we have to talk about, why now?" Tatsuya sighed. "Because we haven't talked for so long that your mother and I don't even know who you are anymore. You do your chores really quietly, you do these experiments in your room, you started a fight at school-" "I didn't start that fight, I told you that!" "But you surely finished it." "What was I supposed to do, run away?" "No, you're not supposed to run away but...look. Juno, you're changing. I went through exactly the same thing when I was your age." Juno chuckled. "Not exactly.""Juno, these are the years when a man changes into the man he's gonna become for the rest of his life. But be careful what you change into. This guy, Jack Takamaki, he probably deserved what happened." Juno nodded. "But just because you can beat him up, doesn't mean you should. Remember this always, with great power, comes great responsibility." Juno was slightly touched by Tatsuya's lecture, as deep down, he knew he was right. "'re right. I've just been different. Something's up, but I'll figure it out, like I always do. I love you Dad." Tatsuya smiled. "I know, but just remember what I said. I'll pick you up at 10. I love you too son." Juno got out of the car, as Tatsuya drove off. Juno waited until he was gone, and made his way to the Sumaru City Wrestling facility.Juno walked in, curious as to who this "Bone-Saw" guy was gonna be like. The second he looked at the ring, he saw Bone-Saw hit the wrestler with a chair, before getting on top of the ring, and piledriving the wrestler. This took him by surprise, he knew Bone-Saw was gonna be brutal, but he didn't expect THAT. Bone-Saw was burly, buff, and had short black hair. The entire crowd was cheering Bone-Saw's name, as the announcer took the mic. He looked oddly familiar, almost like that Baofu man. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, GIVE IT UP FOR BONE-SAW MAGUGURO! For 400,000 yen, is there no one here man enough to stay in the ring for 3 minutes, with this TITAN, OF TESTOSTEROOOOOOONNNNNE!?" There were women, obviously cheerleaders, or something of the sort, feeling Bone-Saw's muscles. Juno sighed, and went to change into his costume."May I ask, why are we here again?" Elizabeth turned to Margaret, as they sat down in their seats. "We have to make sure he knows he has powers, Master's orders." "He obviously knows he has powers!" "Yes, but he's the son of 2 visitors to the Velvet Room, we have to see if he is eligible himself, so just blend in." Elizabeth sighed, as the two watched the match. Ulala sat at the booth, noticing a familiar face next up in the line. "Wait...JUNO?! Oh nononononono there is no way, why are you?...never mind. NEXT!" "Nonono wait! Sign me up!" Deep down in Ulala's mind, she was practically panicking. "There is no way I'm letting him sign up, he's gonna get hurt! And I'll only have memories of his little voice...." but she sighed. " understand that the Sumaru City Wrestling Federation is not responsible for any injuries you may...and probably will, sustain, while participating in said event, and you are participating under your own free will?" "Yes." Ulala grimaced. "Down the hall to the ramp, may God be with you."Juno's costume was a red balaclava, a red longsleeve shirt, with a black spider logo spray painted onto it. Blue sweatpants, and red sneakers, along with red and white gloves. Bone-Saw threw the next wrestler out of the ring, Elizabeth and Margaret both cringed. "Yeah...that boy is not going to survive." "Elizabeth, do not doubt him. Master sent us here for a reason." Bone-Saw yelled out "NEXT. VICTIM!" Baofu took the mic. "ARE YOU READY FOR MORE?" "BONE-SAW IS READY!" "Will the next victim please enter the arena at this time? If he can withstand just 3 minutes in the cage, with Bone-Saw Maguguro, the sum of 400,000 yen will be awarded to," Baofu backed near the back of the arena, and whispered "What's your name kid?" "The Human Spider!" Baofu had a confused look. "The Human Spider that's it, that's the best you got?" "Yeah!" "Well, that sucks. (He went back to the crowd) The sum of 400,000 yen will be paid to...the Terrifying, the Deadly, the Amazing Spider-Man!" The cover opened, as Juno was met with boos by the crowd. "My name's the Human Spider." One of the officials responded. "I don't care get out there!" "No, he got my name wrong!" "Get out there you moron!" As Juno walked to the ring, he heard the boos, and the supporter women berating him. "Bone-Saw's gonna eat you up and spit you out little man, I hope you brought your mommy with you. I'm gonna rip all 8 of your feeble legs off one by one!" Juno kept going, and saw one of the wrestlers, crying that he couldn't feel his legs. It didn't help that the crowd kept chanting "KILL HIM! KILL HIM!" Juno made his way into the ring, as the cage was slowly lowered. The crowd began to chant "CAGE! CAGE!" Juno was in shock. "Will the guards, please lock the cage doors at this time?" Juno was about to panic. "Guys, listen, I didn't sign up for a cage match! Hey! Unlock the thing! Take the chain off!-" Bone-Saw piped up with "Hey freak show! You're goin' nowhere! I got you for 3 minutes! 3 minutes of playtime!"The bell sounded, and Bone-Saw charged at Juno. He quickly jumped, sticking to the cage wall. "What're you doin' up there!?" "Staying away from you! That's a cute outfit, did your husband give it to you?" Somehow, Juno felt more confident as Spider-Man. Bone-Saw yelled in anger, and tried to jump to catch Juno. However, Juno jumped off the cage wall, landing behind Bone-Saw. Bone-Saw charged at him again, Juno shot 2 webs at the roof of the cage. He grabbed onto them, and jumped over Bone-Saw. One of the supporters gave Bone-Saw a chair, and before Juno could even sense it, Bone-Saw slammed the chair into his back, knocking him down. He tried getting back up, before getting knocked down again. The entire crowd was cheering Bone-Saw on, as he picked Juno up, slamming him into the cage wall, he even went the opposite direction. Bone-Saw was given a golf club by one of the supporters, as she yelled "KICK HIS SPIDER ASS DEAD!" Juno knew this was likely going to kill him, and right as Bone-Saw was about to hit him, Juno kicked him in the stomach. And again, and again, and again! Bone-Saw tried one last charge, but Juno was able to use his feet, pushing Bone-Saw into the ropes, knocking him out. The crowd applauded and cheered, as Baofu held Juno's hand upwards in the "Winner" position. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN GIVE IT UP FOR YOUR NEW CHAMPION, SPIDER-MAN!" Even though no one could see it, Juno was grinning. The crowd chanted "SPIDER-MAN SPIDER-MAN SPIDER-MAN!" Juno was in the organizer's office. He looked, seeing 500 yen being passed to him. He waited for the rest, only for the organizer to turn to him and say, "Now get outta here." Juno was confused. "500 yen? But the ad said 400,000." "Well check it again spider-boy, it said 400,000 for 3 minutes. You pinned him in two. Because of that, you get 500, and you're lucky to get that." Juno was getting angry. "I need that money!" "I missed the part where that's my problem!" Juno angrily left, but a man passed him. The man threw a bag at the organizer. "Hey, what the he-" "Put the money in the bag." He pulled out a gun. "HURRY UP!" Juno was about to leave the floor, when the man ran right past him. He heard the organizer yell "HEY! HE STOLE MY MONEY!" a police officer yelled out "STOP THAT GUY!" "STOP HIM, HE'S GOT MY MONEY!" Juno let the man pass, as the criminal thanked him. The organizer ran up to Juno. "You could've taken that guy apart. Now he's gonna get away with my money!" "I missed the part where that's my problem." The organizer shook his head, and went back into his office.Tatsuya and Lisa sped down the street in his motorcycle. "Lisa, where is your son?" "H-He said he was...oh my god." "What is it-" "LOOK!" a crowd of people had surrounded someone, on the ground. Paramedics were tending to the person. Lisa looked closer, and her eyes widened. It was Stanley. Quickly jumping off of Tatsuya's motorcycle, she rushed over to Stanley, as Juno made his way down the street. He heard Lisa yell "THAT'S MY BABY! Oh my god...oh my god!" Juno went into the crowd, seeing Stanley on the ground. "Stan! What happened!?" A police officer responded. "Robber, he's been shot." Stanley looked at Juno. "Don't.....worry man.....I'll be ok....I've had worse...." "I'm here Stan, I'm here!" Lisa held Stanley's hand. "Honey....I'm here now. Mama's here, you'll be ok, you'll be ok. Just hold on! HURRY! MY BABY IS BLEEDING! HURRY UP!" Juno started to cry, tears were flowing down his face, as Tatsuya looked on. However, Juno had stopped crying, and rage took over. This burning, aching feeling of hatred took over. He would find who did this, and kill them. He looked up, and ran into an alley, Tatsuya tried to run after him. "JUNO!"Juno ran down the alley, tossing his jacket to the side. As he put the mask on, he was no longer Juno, he was Spider-Man. He started to climb on the building in front of him, adrenaline taking over his body. Spider-Man kept climbing, before getting to the rooftop. He jumped to another rooftop, and landed. He could see the criminal's car, and all those police. That bastard had shot his friend, and had the nerve to escape. Spider-Man shot a web at a building, and looked down, seeing the drop distance, sweat was running down his face. He swung near the building, and right as he was about to crash into it, he shot a web at another building. "OH SHIT!" He was screaming to himself, as he kept swinging from building to building, almost falling at some points. But he was getting the hang of it. Meanwhile, the criminal was swerving, trying to escape the police. Spider-Man was able to catch up to the chase, and landed on the criminal's car. The criminal looked to the roof, as Spider-Man punched a hole through it, trying to hit the criminal. He shot at Spider-Man, causing him to jump onto a delivery truck, just barely landing onto it. He kept watch on the criminal, before jumping and landing on the hood of his car. Juno punched through the windshield, causing the criminal to swerve into an abandoned building. The criminal cautiously roamed through the building, sweat was running down his face. Who was that, that thing attacking him? He heard something move, and quickly reloaded his pistol. "Who's there?!" He saw the figure of Spider-Man, and tried to shoot at him. Spider-Man was behind him, and slammed him into one of the doors. Out of pure rage, he slammed him into it again. The criminal tried to stab him with a knife, but he simply kicked it away. He kicked the criminal near one of the windows. He quickly removed his mask in blind rage. "Please...don't hurt me. Just give me a chance, GIVE ME A CHANCE!" "What about my friend, did you give him a chance!?" He grabbed the criminal by the scruff of his shirt. "ANSWER ME!" The criminal recognized Juno. That kid that let him get away. That kid who he said "thanks!" to. And the friend of that kid who tried to apprehend him. He laughed, and pointed the gun at Juno's head. "Heh heh, see ya!-" Juno grabbed his arm, and twisted it. The criminal backed away, "No, NO!" however, he fell through one of the windows. Juno looked down, and despite the fact that he stopped the man who shot Stanley, he didn't feel that satisfying feeling. But he didn't have time to think about it much, as he heard the police yell out "COME OUT NOW! YOU ARE COMPLETELY SURROUNDED!" He got out of there quickly, confusing the police. He checked his phone, noticing a missed call from Tatsuya. He quickly called back, as he went to get his jacket. "Hello?" "Juno. Where are you?! One second you're there and the next you run into an alley!" "Dad, I came back to the street, just swing by the street where the ambulance was at." "Alright. Look, you're not in trouble, I just wanted to know why you ran." "I...panicked. I didn't know what to do." Tatsuya sighed. "It's ok son, I'm on my way now. Your mother's worried sick, but we'll head home. I love you Juno." "I love you too Dad." Tatsuya picked Juno up a few minutes later. They arrived home, Maya quickly pulled Juno into a hug, tears running down her face. "I' sorry." She held him tightly, trying to calm him. Juno simply cried into his mother's arms. Tatsuya hugged Juno, simply saying "I love you son. I should have gotten there faster." "No Dad, it's not your fault. I don't know if...if he'll be ok." "He's like his mother, he'll be ok, I promise." The family embraced....
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pia guanio sfw 2 with hat and belt by nayuan pia guanio sfw 2 with hat and belt :iconnayuan:nayuan 8 0 ehra madrigal sexy swimsuit by nayuan ehra madrigal sexy swimsuit :iconnayuan:nayuan 12 0 Futaba and Haru Halloween WIP by Liliths-Sin Futaba and Haru Halloween WIP :iconliliths-sin:Liliths-Sin 15 0 Queen by AlohaBRoss Queen :iconalohabross:AlohaBRoss 31 0 Older Futaba Sakura x DVA by Emerald--Weapon Older Futaba Sakura x DVA :iconemerald--weapon:Emerald--Weapon 977 12 Afternoon at Cafe Leblanc by heleniscool Afternoon at Cafe Leblanc :iconheleniscool:heleniscool 29 2 Futaba Sakura collage fanart  progress) by Meiko-Kayla-Fukumoto Futaba Sakura collage fanart progress) :iconmeiko-kayla-fukumoto:Meiko-Kayla-Fukumoto 3 0 akira by heleniscool akira :iconheleniscool:heleniscool 21 5 Pixie SMT by Alexxxhunt Pixie SMT :iconalexxxhunt:Alexxxhunt 15 2 Aigis- Persona 3 by Akii-Chann Aigis- Persona 3 :iconakii-chann:Akii-Chann 6 0 Morgana Persona 5 by Miyukiko11 Morgana Persona 5 :iconmiyukiko11:Miyukiko11 21 2 Let's Steal Sh*t by cimplo Let's Steal Sh*t :iconcimplo:cimplo 3 0 Futaba Sakura by jamjamstyle Futaba Sakura :iconjamjamstyle:jamjamstyle 115 16 Persona 5 - Foreshadowing by Miyukiko Persona 5 - Foreshadowing :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 1,041 15 Persona 4 Arena - Narukami Yu/Shujinkou Garage Kit by SeraphPhoenix Persona 4 Arena - Narukami Yu/Shujinkou Garage Kit :iconseraphphoenix:SeraphPhoenix 31 6

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I'm downloading some songs from Persona (collect them all! XD)
All of them are free :iconveryexcitedplz:

Blue Laguna
This site has a lot of theme songs!…

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Persona 3
Persona 3 FES
Persona 3 Portable
Persona 4

And for Shin Megami Tensei

Shin Megami Tensei Sound Collection
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner OST
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne OST

Kingdom Hearts Insider
This site have a los of themes about more games
In this link, you can see a list about more Persona songs…

Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Original Sound Tracks
Persona 2 Innocent Sin
Persona 2 Innocent Sin ~ The Errors Of Their Youth
Persona 2 Punitive Dance
Persona 3 Original Soundtrack
Persona Be Your True Mind
personal training certification school

About Shin Megami Tensei…

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children Perfect Sound Tracks
Shin Megami Tensei II Sound Relation
Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne Maniacs Soundtrack extra ver...
Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne Original Soundtrack
Shin Megami Tensei Law & Chaos
Shin Megami Tensei NINE Premium Soundtrack
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Kuzunoha Raidou vs The Soulless Army
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga - Avatar Tuner Soundtrack CD
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 - Avatar Tuner 2 Soundtrack CD


If you know other sites, share with us!
Enjoy :heart:
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:icontsumi-p2-batsu: Tsumi-P2-Batsu When rumors become reality. :iconsouji-x-naoto-club: Souji-X-Naoto-Club ★Best Social Link★ :iconpersona-animation: Persona-Animation :iconnyxavatar-lovers: NyxAvatar-Lovers Nyx Avatar from Persona 3 :iconmegaten-cosplay: Megaten-Cosplay :iconshinjiroxminakoclub: ShinjiroxMinakoClub :iconminato-x-ryoji: Minato-x-Ryoji Even Death can fall in love :iconpersonaocclub: PersonaOCClub :iconmegami-tensei: Megami-Tensei :iconstrega-fc: Strega-FC :iconpersona-5-boutique: Persona-5-Boutique Welcome ~your heart is ours now! :iconpersona-pairings: Persona-pairings :iconthe-phantom-thieves: The-Phantom-Thieves We are here to steal your Heart :iconpersona3-groupies: Persona3-Groupies Persona Series Love (Per-So-Na!) :iconnaoto-shirogane-fan: Naoto-shirogane-fan Come, Sukuna-Hikona! :iconminatoxyukariclub: MinatoxYukariClub MinatoxYukari forever!! :iconlovers-arcana-club: Lovers-Arcana-Club :iconvideo-games-are-art: Video-games-are-Art :iconthe-world-of-megaten: The-World-Of-Megaten :iconmitsuruk-yukarit: MitsuruK-YukariT Persona Yuri :iconkanjis-bathhouse: Kanjis-Bathhouse Be polite, Renovate their asses. :iconpersonaheaven: PersonaHeaven :iconkanjixnaotoislove: KanjixNaotoIsLove Kanji ♥ Naoto :iconpersona-lovers: Persona-Lovers :iconpersona3: Persona3 Welcome to the Dark Hour. :iconkotowari-arena: Kotowari-Arena :iconpersona-4-fan: Persona-4-Fan Per - so - naa! :iconyukiko-amagi-fc: Yukiko-Amagi-FC Yukiko Amagi Persona 4 Fan Club :iconmitsurukirijolove: MitsuruKirijolove :iconarisato-minato-love: Arisato-Minato-LOVE Per-so-na





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