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I have observed the lack of Persona groups, so I decided to try making one. Here we are accepting everything related with the Shin Megami Tensei series and every kind of art is accepted (fan art, drawings, stories, wallpapers, cosplays, icons, gifs, crafts, etc). So feel free to join!


He observado la falta de grupos de Persona, así que decidí intentar hacer uno. Aquí estamos aceptando todo lo relacionado con la serie de los Shin Megami Tensei y todo tipo de arte es bienvenido (fan art, dibujos, historias, wallpapers, cosplays, íconos, gifs, manualidades, etc). ¡Así que siéntete libre de unirte!

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Aug 13, 2013

South America

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4,213 Members
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Tae Takemi by Gear92
Arsene (Persona 5) by SoulStryder210
Oh Alice Fanart UwU by DarkRookLobby
Sadayo Kawakami - Persona 5 by GENZOMAN
Featured -P3-
[MMD-OC] || The Battle For Everyone's Souls by AxanXV
[P3 MMD] Yukari Takeba Model Pack {Download} by EilaKasai
Inktober 2019 Day 19 by Kasey-N-Moore
CM - Elizabeth by Squaffle
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Reach out by Uniplantiso
Yukiko by Jack-Thian
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You Are Our Only Hope by EerieAyres
127 - SMT Nocturne by DiceSMS
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Raidou Kuzunoha XIV - Devil Summoner by Rueze-XIII
30OC - 06 Phantom Thief Haru by MelliePiyo
Lisa Silverman by Quadragonal
Lisa by emiaicos
Nyarlathotep  ~Persona 2 fanart~ by DarkusTerror
.DO NOT use this folder -stuff will be deleted-
Original characters
Persona OCs: Entity by GothamScarecrow
Only Lost is Found by TheDviousOne
To Feel by Osusome
Persona 5 Twitter Icons X5 by BurningArtist
Original characters -closed-
Adriano Ramos as The Persona 5 Fan by AdrianoRamosOfHT
Persona Q: P4 feMC by TomBuzzard
Persona 4 feMC by TomBuzzard
Adriano Ramos as The Persona 3 Fan by AdrianoRamosOfHT
Original stories and fanfics
Persona 5 the alternate beginning Part 1A boy dressed in black with a mask is seen running upstairs to the top floor. When he opened the door he see a glass stained window right across from him “what’s wrong? Is there an exit?” a girl respond Joker paused and replied “this is…“ “oh! I got it!” the girl said cutting him off “the exits are all blocked because of that commotion just now, right?” “Joker, are you all right?“ the boy respond Just then two guards appeared and confronted Joker. “Guard he’s there!” one responded “There’s nowhere to run now!,” said the other. Joker smirked and began running to the glass window. He then looked at the two guards and said to them“ bye now!“ with that he leaped through the glass window and broke through while in the air shatter of glass surrounded him “what a magnificent way to end this mission, huh So reckless…gosh,” the girl replied . Joker then landed on the ground gracefully as small shattered glass surrounded him. Suddenly a huge light flashes him Joker look toward and see hundred of cops officers and swat team “No way! There are enemies here too!!” another boy respond “what’s wrong??” the girl said”but…this can’t be happening…oh no!!” “what happened?!“ a boy said in a panic state. the girl replied can this be…an ambush?! “hey!! Joker!! You all right?!” another girl said “Joker!!”“arrest him!!” one officer respond. Joker then quickly ran as fast as he can. He then sees a ladder and quickly jumped on it. as he climbed up a bunch of officers were up there Joker looked up and gasped. then one officer hit him with a stick causing Joker to lose his grip and fall. as he was falling a voice came to his head “NO I WON‘T LET YOU TAKE HIM FROM ME!” Joker opened his eyes and realized he stopped falling He looked up and gasped. He could not believe his eyes who saved him it was the love of his life Eleven. He was gripping tight on Joker’s hand as he was struggling to pull him up “ Joker hang on I’m not letting you go!” Eleven said .Joker then looked around and saw all the officers were knocked out by Eleven ”what are you doing Eleven get out of here I don’t want you to get hurt!” Joker replied “No I’m not going to let you be put behind bars as long I’m here I won’t let this happen. Eleven respond back “Eleven.....” Joker said quietly “ Plus...I love you...I don't want to be separated from you...“ Eleven said smiling at him. When Joker heard that he was so touched that tears began to fall from his eyes. “Eleven...I.. I love you too! “Joker replied smiling back at Eleven ” OH How touching you two love birds can spend together in jail everyone arrest him and that boy as well!” Joker then looked up and gasped in horror he sees an officer behind Eleven ready to hit him. “Eleven LOOK OUT!“ Joker cried. Eleven turned around and looks up. He sees an officer with a stick on his hand he then raised it up toward his head ready to hit Eleven. “No!” Eleven cried As he screams, the mark on his hand begins to glow
P3A Chapter 6 Preview Pages 15-16 by HayateTsujimoto
43 - Bankrupt by Italo-Victor
P3A Chapter 3 Page 10 by HayateTsujimoto
Original stories and fanfics -closed-
Commission: Thieves Can Be Heroes Heroes Will Come by Alex-kellar
Persona 5 -OC- by ninienatsume95
Persona 5 -OC- 2 by ninienatsume95
P5 AU: Another Story - Page 9 by SilverMoonCrystal
Genshi!Akechi: MR. ZHONGLI by Plantress
Crossovers -closed-
V Poster by CommissionsNow
Devil Survivor
Fanime: Holy Path by burloire
Devil Survivor -closed-
Yamato x Hibiki | Dakimakura Commission by wooserr
Persona 1
Maki by dzetaWMDunion
Persona 1 -closed-
Mai My Me by ReachFarHigh
Persona 2
Lisa wearing Liz Lisa by mewfi
Persona 2 -closed-
'Maia' Amano by Duckpasta
Persona 3
Makoto Yuki by natakii
Persona 3 -closed-
Aigis 2021 by ShadowChild71
Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight
Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night by DiceSMS
Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight -closed-
Combi by sasapen
Persona 4
Ten Years Later by misedejem
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Margaret - Persona by Artsh3n
Persona 4 Arena
Kyouka Kujikawa by BlueLover17
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So versatile by ReachFarHigh
Persona 4 Dancing All Night
Naoto Shirogane - P4D by TechnicalBliss
Persona 4 Dancing All Night -closed-
Rise Kujikawa by sasapen
Persona 5
Untitled by horikkita
Persona 5 -closed-
Joker, Morgana and Kawakami's Summer WIP by Sparxanders
Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight
Dancing Star Night | YusukAnn by Errors1007
Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight -closed-
Dancing Cats by WaterKamui
Persona Q
Look at this Corn Dog!! by Osusome
Persona Q -closed-
Yusuke by SenpaiTaco-sama
Shin Megami Tensei -from 1 to 5-
FA Nanashi SMT4Apocalypse fnrs by TriEdg13 by Triedg13
Shin Megami Tensei -closed-
Demifiend by sasapen
Other Shin Megami Tensei games
Wheathead by EerieAyres
Other Shin Megami Tensei games -closed-
Strange Journey- Jimenez by BlueCandyFactory
Shin Megami Tensei demons and miscellaneous
Forging Shibboleth by EerieAyres
Shin Megami Tensei demons and misc -closed-
SMT Lakshmi by Seraphinae
Crossovers -full-
Persona Pin Up: Sweet Silly Beauties by Flapinko
Persona 3 -full- 01
Mitsuru by natakii
Persona 3 -full- 02
dance, dance by k-keii
Persona 4 -full- 01
It's Raining Today by natakii
Persona 4 -full- 02
Persona 4 : Margaret book MOD by agekei
Persona 5 -full- 01
Akechi Goro by iSugarMintz
Persona 5 -full- 02
Ann by ToastyScones
Persona 5 -full- 03
Morgana | Mona by KrystalDragonair
Old contests
[Contest Entry] P3xP5 - Aigis and Morgana by merukyuriaru

Welcome! / ¡Bienvenido!


* Mature content NOT accepted. If you have to tag your work as mature, then don't submit it to this group.
* No fighting, no stealing and no trolling.
* We are collecting points to give them as prizes during our contests! You can donate here.


* El contenido adulto NO es aceptado. Si tienes que colocarle el filtro de contenido adulto a tu trabajo, entonces no lo subas a este grupo.
* No pelear, no robar y no trollear.
* ¡Estamos recolectando puntos para darlos como premios durante nuestros concursos! Puedes donar aquí.

:iconfinal-fantasy-land: :iconcosplay--world:

1) Mature content (nudity, explicit sex scenes, extreme gore, etc) won't be accepted anymore. If you have to tag your work as mature, then don't submit it to this group.

2) Journals are not allowed, unless they contain art or information about an original character.

3) No fighting, no stealing and no trolling. Joining the group, submitting your works and leaving immediately afterwards, will get you banned and your works will be removed from the gallery.

4) Not following this guide will result in your account being banned from the group. We have many members and we need order in our gallery. So please do your best and submit to the right folders.

* Featured: These folders are only used by the founder. I'm always sending requests to submit works into the group, and these are the folders that I use. I move the works to the right folders after a while.

* .DO NOT use this folder: That one is a control folder, which means that you must not use it. Artworks sent to this folder will be deleted without warning, so please select the right folder before submitting your work.

* Crossovers: The folder includes all kind of crossovers. Examples: Persona 3 & Persona 5, Persona & other games, Shin Megami Tensei & anime series, etc.

* Original characters: This folder is for characters created by you (or by a friend, etc) related with the worlds of SMT, Persona, etc. The folder is ONLY for original characters. Example: If you have a drawing of your OC with Rise from Persona 4, submit it to the "Persona 4" folder.

If you have any question feel free to ask. :heart:
But be nice because I have no patience for rude people. :P


1) El contenido adulto (desnudez, escenas de sexo explícitas, gore extremo, etc) ya no será aceptado. Si tienes que colocarle el filtro de contenido adulto a tu trabajo, entonces no lo subas a este grupo.

2) Los journals no están permitidos, a menos que contengan arte o información acerca de un personaje original.

3) No pelear, no robar y no trollear. Si te unes, subes tus trabajos y dejas el grupo inmediatamente después, serás baneado y tus trabajos serán removidos de la galería.

4) No seguir esta guía resultará en que tu cuenta sea baneada del grupo. Tenemos muchos miembros y necesitamos orden en nuestra galería. Así que por favor haz tu mejor esfuerzo y sube a las carpetas correctas.

* Featured: Estas carpetas son sólo utilizadas por la fundadora. Siempre estoy enviando solicitudes para añadir trabajos al grupo, y estas son las carpetas que uso. Muevo los trabajos a las carpetas correctas luego de un tiempo.

* .DO NOT use this folder: Esa es una carpeta de control, lo cual significa que no debes utilizarla. Los trabajos enviados a esta carpeta serán borrados sin advertencia, así que por favor selecciona la carpeta correcta antes de subir tu trabajo.  

* Crossovers: La carpeta incluye todo tipo de crossovers. Ejemplos: Persona 3 & Persona 5, Persona & otros juegos, Shin Megami Tensei & series de anime, etc.

* Original characters: Esta carpeta es para personajes creados por ti (o por un amigo, etc) relacionados con los mundos de SMT, Persona, etc. La carpeta es SOLO para personajes originales. Ejemplo: Si tienes un dibujo de tu OC con Rise de Persona 4, súbelo a la carpeta "Persona 4".

Si tienes alguna pregunta siéntete libre de preguntar. :heart:
Pero sé amable porque no tengo paciencia para gente grosera. :P
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