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Kristen Sanderson was a 16-year-old sophomore soccer girl. She had wavy brown hair that descended to her shoulders and two soft brown eyes. Kristen had always been skeptical towards things such as the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and magic. However, her opinion of the latter was about to be changed forever along with her life... 

Kristen took a seat at the Soccer Banquet with her friends Emma, who had blond hair tied into a braid and light blue eyes, Peyton, who had straight blond hair that fell to a little past her shoulders, Claire, who had long red hair and soft hazel eyes, and her date, Jordan, who had neat, combed over blond hair.
The entertainment at the Soccer Banquet would be provided in a magic show. 
"Magic is so fake it's not even cool." Kristen remarked as she unlocked her phone to check her Twitter. 
"Just because its fake doesn't mean it can't be cool." Jordan said
"Yeah" added Claire "I can figure out how most of this crap is done but I still like appreciate it or whatever." 
"We're gonna have a contest to see who can figure out how the tricks were done the fastest." Kristen told Claire. 
"As long as you whisper." Responded Claire "People don't like it to be spoiled!" 
Then the lights dimmed and fog filled the stage as a guy in his mid-twenties exploded onto the stage-literally. 
"Lighting!" Kristen explained to Claire
"That doesn't count!" She yelled back amid the noise of the applause and music. 
"Alright" said the magician 
"Ok how you doing tonight soccer girls?" He called out and the girls hollered back.
"My name is Powell. Bill Powell." He introduced himself majestically 
"Now I'm gonna start off now with a trick that just takes a little slight of hand-" he grunted as he pulled on his hand. He pulled until his whole left hand popped off. 
"Props" Whispered Emma. 
"You ain't playing the game!" Peyton said to her 
"She's right though." Whispered Kristen "It's just a fake hand." 
And then Bill pulled a long train of handkerchiefs out of the stump of his wrist. 
"Same crap" Kristen said out loud 
"Shhh!" Jordan nudged her. 
"Now I need a volunteer" Powell said as he threw the last of the handkerchiefs onto the floor. 
"Madeline!" A girl from one of the other tables called. The girl named Madeline made her way lazily to the stage. 
She had long, straight light brown hair and a nice figure. 
"Madeline huh?" Said Bill
"Yeah" She said 
"That's a nice name." 
"But do you have a nice hand?" 
"Huh?" Madeline wondered and Bill reached forward and pulled Madeline's hand off and stuck it on his wrist. 
"Thanks!" Said Bill as Madeline examined her wrist stump. 
"You're done. You did a good job!" Said Bill 
"Wait!" He called "Here" Bill had his hand that had already come off and he attached it to Madeline's wrist. 
"Thanks I guess" She murmured but the awe and bewilderment still had control of her. 
"Now I need one more volunteer!" He called 
"Kristen!" Peyton said aloud
"SHUT UP!" Yelled Kristen through clenched teeth. 
"So YOU'RE Kristen?" Bill Powell had confronted her. 
"Come on up!" He grabbed her wrist and hauled her onto stage. Kristen didn't want to be part of a magic act. She was actually more scared than skeptical. Just like she was with Bigfoot...
Powell showed her to a typical magic box. Her fear faded instantly, as did the vibrant feel of the magic act. 
'Same old boring trick' thought Kristen. 
She stepped lazily inside the box and Bill locked her inside. He picked up three saws. 
"It's going to start out like you expect-" began Powell "But its going to get better."
He shoved the blade through the box and to Kristen's shock-straight through her waist. Without pain. 
He then sliced the other saw into the box and through her neck. No pain. 
He then moved the middle portion of the box out and Kristen could feel that she was indeed in three pieces. This wasn't an illusion. This was real. Was she wrong all along? Was magic real?
Bill then removed the portion of the box containing her head and set on the table next to the box. Kristen could feel that she REALLY was only a head-and a torso with arms-and legs all separated. 
Then Bill moved the box with her torso back on top of the box with her legs. But he didn't put her head back on top.
"Hey! What about my-you know-head?" Kristen stuttered 
"What about it?" Bill shot back 
"I think you should have the weight of the world removed from your shoulders every once in a while" 
He then removed the saw separating Kristen's torso and legs. Then he took away the box containing her head. She was a head on a table. She knew it. Perhaps magic was real? 'No!' She kept telling herself. 
Then Bill opened the bigger box and out stepped Kristen-without a head. She felt for her head and picked it up from the table. She carefully tucked her head under her arm and felt her neck stump. It was just skin. Applause filled the room as Bill helped headless Kristen off the stage. 
Kristen couldn't believe what was happening 'Is magic real?' She thought to herself 'No. This has to be a dream'
Kristen was slow getting to her seat. She carefully sat and placed her detached head on the table. 
Jordan, Emma, Peyton, and Claire looked at her with awe and wonder, as did everyone at the Banquet. 
"I'm just getting started!" Called Bill 
"It's time for another trick! I need another volunteer!"
"Volunteer my ass!" Kristen said aloud 
"Ooh!" A voice said from the back of the room. It was a girl named Rachel, she had light blond hair tied into a pony tail and wasn't very tall. 
"Come on up!" Said Bill
Rachel hurried over to the stage 
"What's your name?" He asked her once she got up there 
"Rachel" She responded 
"Well Rachel," Said Bill "Tell me if this hurts." 
He whipped out a sword and sliced through her waist. Many girls screamed, including Rachel however, she was just fine. No blood no death. 
"Wait-I'm-" Rachel began but then her torso slid off of her waist and Bill caught her torso as her legs ran back to her seat. 
"Can someone come and get her?" Called Bill amid the applause. Rachel's date, Jason came and awkwardly lifted up her torso and carried her under her arms back to her seat. 
"That was weird" Jordan said to his headless date, trying not to lose his cool 
"Don't worry, Jordan" Said Kristen's head  "It's all a dream..." 
"Three volunteers this time!" Bill called out 
"Three girls that have their hair tied into braids!" 
Emma sprang up and walked onto the stage. Followed by Claire, who just tied her hair into a braid, and a girl named Ashley who had puppy-dog-like eyes and scraggly brown hair, not braided. 
"I thought I said braids!" Bill snapped at Ashley. 
"I just wanted to see what would happen if I came up here and didn't have one." She smarted off. Everyone laughed 
"THIS is what happens!" Bill placed a cloth over Ashley's head. Immediately, everyone thought that she was going to end up like Kristen. But when he pulled the cloth up, her hair was braided. 
Everyone clapped. 
"Wait!" Shouted Powell "You haven't seen nothing yet!" He continued "You think Kristen here has a headache?" He said and Kristen rolled her eyes. 
"Well watch this!" He gripped all three of the girls' braids and jerked them up twice and on the third pull, just like Kristen, all three of their heads popped off. He was holding their heads by the braids all in his right hand. 
"Behold! Newton heads!" He preached as he pulled Emma's head over one direction, and let it go, it hit Claire's head, then Ashley's head flew up the other way. 
The three headless girls stumbled around as their heads stopped clacking. 
"What are you doing?" Emma asked nervously "Give me my body back!" 
Kristen was laughing her head off-well it was already off-laughing her ASS off rather. But not literally. 
Bill began juggling their heads and laughter filled the room. 
Then Emma's body came up and caught her head before Bill did and tried to put it back on. Her head wouldn't reattach so Bill Powell went ahead and attached Emma's head to Ashley's body, Claire's head to Emma's body, and Ashley's head to Claire's body. 
"Thank you. Just go sit down where the person whose head you have was sitting" Bill instructed the mixed up girls.  Claire/Emma and Emma/Claire came and took a seat at Kristen's table while Ashley/Claire sat at Ashley's table. Jordan was getting uncomfortable. 
"Kristen!" He whispered to her under the applause "Lets move! This is freaking me out!"
"No! This is cool now!" Kristen told him as she set her head down on the seat between her and Jordan. 
"Since I know now that's its just a dream..." 
"Another volunteer please." Bill said. 
A girl named Madison paced to the stage confidently. She had long, straight brown hair and dark eyes. 
"This is a classic trick-but with a twist!" He showed Madison to the same box he put Kristen in. 
She stepped inside and Bill locked her in. 
"Now this will be simple!" He boasted. He then turned the portion of the box containing Madison's torso and spun it around 180 degrees. 
He let Madison out. Her head and legs were facing forwards but her torso was backwards. There was no other way to describe it. Madison returned to her seat amidst all the applause. 
"Now I need FOUR volunteers!" He said. 
Peyton got up this time. As did a girl named Ciara-who had wavy dark hair and pale blue eyes-she was the girl who hung out with all the guys. She had the best figure there. 
With Peyton and Ciara on stage, he was short by two. 
"Come on! Or I'm gonna go in there and pick you myself!" Threatened Bill. 
Just then, a girl named Caylee, who had long, straight hair and a darker complexion, as well as darker eyes but with a larger body, walked up to the stage. 
"One more!" He called. 
A girl named Kayla came up, she was half-black and had curly hair tied in a pony tail. 
"Ok." Bill said "What's your name?" He gestured towards Kayla 
"Kayla" she answered confidently 
"Ok Kayla, just sit on that table there." Kayla did as she was told. He then gripped her legs and pulled until they popped off at the waist, just as Rachel's had done when he used the sword. He set Kayla's legs up so they were standing. 
"Now the next one's going to be difficult." He said embarrassingly 
"No matter!" He yelled as he took Caylee and whooped out the sword and sliced off her arms, head, and sliced her in half. Just as painless and bloodless as it had been with Rachel. 
"Now I'll just set these over there" He heaved her legs onto the table followed by her head and arms. He picked up her torso and set it on top of Kayla's legs. "Now you-" hex was talking to Peyton. "You give me your arms." 
"Ummm..." Peyton was confused. 
"Oh do I have to do everything?" Bill was faking impatience. He ripped off Peyton's arms (painlessly and bloodless of course) and stuck them onto Caylee's torso. Now the body he had created needed a head-and that's when Bill turned to Ciara. 
"I'm going to need this." He secured Ciara's head, then he turned it around three times and pulled it off. He took it over and stuck it to the top of Caylee's torso. Now the girl that stood on the stage was Kayla's legs, Caylee's torso, Peyton's arms, and Ciara's head. Kristen decided to call her KayPeyCiara (since both Kayla and Caylee's names began with the sound 'Kay' she merged them into one when combing the four names.) 
KeyPeyCiara made her way back to Ciara's table with the guys (it was Ciara's head controlling her.) 
Then Bill turned to what was left over-Peyton with no arms, Caylee with no torso, Kayla with no legs, and Ciara with no head. 
"Let's improvise shall we?" Suggested Powell. He then picked up Caylee's arms and stuck them on Peyton. 
"Thanks!" She remarked and Peyton returned to her seat behind Kristen at their table. 
Then he attached Kayla's top half to Caylee's legs and she walked away satisfied. 
And just as headless Ciara was feeling her neck stump, he took Caylee's head and attached it to Ciara's body. Now Caylee had a perfect figure. She tanked him and left. Everyone was applauding like crazy now. 
"Wait!" He shouted "Now every girl that has been up on this stage-come here now." 
Kristen tucked her head under her arm as she climbed up the stage-followed by Madeline with Bill's hand, Claire/Emma, Emma/Ashley, Ashley/Claire, Madison with her reversed torso, KayPeyCiara, Kayla with Caylee's legs, Peyton with Caylee's arms, Ciara with Caylee's head, and Rachel in half (assisted by her date). 
"You will all be back to normal in 3...2...1..." There was an explosion. Nothing had changed for Kristen. However, as she looked around, Rachel, Madeline, Claire, Peyton, Kayla, Caylee, Ciara, Madison, Emma, and Ashley were all back to normal except for one thing: they were headless, holding their detached heads just as Kristen was doing this whole time. 
"Go ahead! Put 'em back on!" Bill urged them. Kristen lifted her head up and reattached it to her neck with no problem at all. However, Rachel dropped hers twice and Peyton had trouble lifting hers onto her neck. 
"I'm not doing this anymore." He said facetiously. "Figure out how to put your own head on your body." And then he came to the very front of the stage and yelled "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! THE GREAT BILL POWELL!" And he vanished without a trace and the curtain fell and the lights went out. Everyone applauded like crazy as the girls all came down with their heads suddenly reattached. Kristen knew now that magic WAS real and it didn't really freak her out at all.  
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