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Michelle's phone vibrated for the umpteenth time and she stopped herself in the middle of the Starbucks parking lot on the way back to her car to see what all the fuss was about. 

There were at least seven texts, all from her friend Emily: 

'Meet me at the corner of Sweetwater and Heartland' 
'2 night at 7' 
'no 8' 
'dont tell anybody!' 
'tell them ur doing something else!' 
'It's something super secret!' 
'Sweetwater and Heartland tonight at 9' 
'we're gonna do something really cool!!!!' 

She added some emojis after that last one. Michelle hastily texted back: 

'Ok! Ok! Chill!' 

She walked the rest of the way to her car, got in, set her frappucinno in the cup holder and headed to work.

Michelle had shoulder-length straight blond hair and bright hazel eyes. She was a senior in high school, eighteen, ready to graduate in a few months, working part time at Smoothie King, busy all the time, she didn't usually feel like doing anything once she got off work, and she really didn't want to go do anything at 9, but it was a Friday so it was better than a school night. 


Michelle got off work at 6, went home, changed into a simple red t-shirt and skinny jeans that hugged her curvy figure, and began to do her homework. She spent nearly two hours studying pre calculus and writing an essay for dual-credit English. It wasn't until around 8 the texts started up again, but this time from her friend Nicole: 

'Don't forget to meet us!' 
'At Sweetwater and Heartlanf that is' 
'at 9' 

Michelle grew impatient, as she was typing away on her laptop her friends kept interrupting her. She abruptly texted back: 


She tossed her phone away and continued on her essay. She typed for about another half hour until she got five out of seven pages completed. She put her laptop away, got up, got her phone, put on her white Converse high tops, tied her hair into a pony tail, and reluctantly headed out to the designated location, which was only two blocks away, so she walked. 

She saw Emily and Nicole standing under the street light at the corner of Sweetwater and Heartland. Nicole had black wavy hair, dark brown eyes, a pretty face, and she was wearing a plaid flannel shirt, yoga pants, and blank Vans. Emily was half-Hispanic, had dark brown hair tied back, a white tank top cropped to show her stomach, and skinny jeans that were folded up to not interfere with her feet, bearing flip flops. 

"What is with you guys?" Michelle cried. "What's the deal?" 

"It's something SO cool!" Nicole said excitedly. 

"I showed Nicole for the first time last week, she's been begging me to take her back ever since." Emily explained. 

"Where? What are you guys talking about?" Michelle persisted. 

"Magic Club!" Nicole yelped. 

"Shut up!" Emily barked at her. Then she turned to Michelle. "Magic Club." She repeated in a more quiet, relaxed tone, as if to conceal something. 

"What is that?" Michelle asked, bewildered. 

"Follow us." Emily beckoned. She began to walk down Heartland, Nicole at her side, Michelle hesitantly following close behind. 

"What is-" 

"Rule one of Magic Club..." Emily cut her off. 

"Never talk about Magic Club." Nicole finished. 

"We're talking about it now ar-?" 

"Rule two of Magic Club..." Emily cut her off again. 

"Never talk about Magic Club!" Nicole finished again. 


"Rule three of Magic Club..." Emily continued. 

"When the magician yells 'stop', the trick is over and you have to stay that way!" Nicole said with a sinister tone towards the end.

"What the fuck are you-?!"

"Rule four of magic club..." Michelle rolled her eyes and decided to check her Snapchat. 

"Only two people to a trick!" Nicole finished again. 

"Where is this Magic Clu-" 

"Rule five!" 

"One trick at a time." 

Michelle wasn't bothered to say anything this time. 

"Rule skirts and no shoes." 

"Okay." Michelle put her phone away and decided to just go with it. 

"Rule seven..." 

"How many rules are there?!" Michelle groaned. 

"Tricks will go on as long as they have to." Emily and Nicole stopped walking and turned around to face Michelle. 

"I thought they went on until someone said sto-" 

"And the eighth and final rule..." Emily approached her. "Let's save that for when we get inside." 

"Oh I'm soooooo scared!" Mocked Michelle. 

"Here it is-" Emily gestured to a house on the right, it looked like any old house. The trio walked up to it and Emily knocked on the door. The door was soon opened by someone, but there was a chain so it remained only cracked. Emily whispered something and the door quickly closed and then was opened all the way. A boy stood at the door, dressed in a tuxedo, verbally welcoming the girls into the house. 

There was no one inside, and it looked as normal on the inside as it did the outside. 

"Magic Club meets every Friday night, and every Friday night it welcomes a new guest." Emily explained, she led them to a well-lit empty bedroom, and then she approached the closet door of said bedroom. "Alright, take off your shoes." 

Emily kicked off her flip flops and Nicole slipped her Vans off into a small pile of shoes laying by the door. Michelle unlaced her Converse and left them in the pile. Emily opened the closet to reveal a large, plain-looking room with at least twenty or more kids Michelle's age socializing and having a good time. There was a collection of contraptions in the middle of the room, a magic box, a guillotine, and more wacky things Michelle had never seen before. 

"Ladies and gentlemen!" A boy about their age with neat black hair, dressed in a tuxedo, but even more well-groomed than the boy at the door, stood up in the middle of the room in front of the box and got everyone's attention.

"Our new member Miss Michelle Conroy, friends of Nicole Bethany and Emily Martinez!" He announced Michelle into the room, she looked around and smiled and waved. 

"Oh Michelle!" Emily called to her. 


"That eighth and final rule...this is your first time at the magic club, so step in the middle." 

"What?" Michelle felt a hand grab her arm and pull her into the middle along with Nicole. "What's going on?" Michelle asked. 

"It's your first time at the Magic Club, so naturally, you're in the middle first!" She smiled. 

"What? Why are you in the middle then?" She asked. "It's not your first time." 

"Two girls to a trick." Nicole explained. "Plus, I was new last week." 

"Ladies and gentlemen of Magic Club!" The boy announced, standing in front of Michelle and Nicole. "Please give a round of applause for Miss Nicole Bethany, and Michelle Conroy!" The Club erupted in cheers. 

The boy turned on his heel to face the girls, and pulled a white sheet out of his sleeve and made a chair appear out of nowhere on the floor next to Michelle. He then pulled a sword out of his pocket, which kind of like one that a pirate would use. He handed it to Nicole. 

"Off with her head!" The boy cried. The Club cheered. 

"This won't hurt a bit." Nicole stood behind Michelle, who began to panic. 

"Nicole?" Michelle panted. "What're you gonna do to me?" Nicole grabbed her pony tail and held it up. 

"Bear with me." Michelle felt a something cold and sharp slice painlessly through her neck as she screamed. 

"What happened?" Michelle's eyes darted around the room. "What did you do?" It felt like Nicole was tugging hard on her pony tail, but that soon became the least of Michelle's concerns. 

"Turn around." Nicole told her. Michelle slowly did so, and then the full reality of what Nicole had done slapped her across the face. She screamed and fell to the floor. It wasn't until she got up that it began to sink in. 

"Holy shit I'm headless!" She cried. "Nicole! What the fuck have you done?" Michelle leaned forward, her neck stuck out from her shoulders like something that shouldn't even be there, since there was no head attached to it. "You cut my fucking head off!" 

"Take it." Nicole said. 

"What?" Michelle snapped. 

"Your head! Take it!"

Michelle hesitantly reached forward, controlling her body from a different place was so surreal, but not even as surreal as being taken by her own headless self. 

"Wow." Is all Michelle could say as she stood in front of Nicole, holding her living severed head in her hands. She smiled a little, carefully making her way over to Emily with Nicole. 

"You ok?" Emily bent down and asked her. 

"I think so." Michelle's mouth was dry. She couldn't think straight. She was actually headless, and she was carrying her alive and well disembodied head. 

"C-c-can I sit down?" Michelle stuttered. 

"Yeah, there are chairs here." Emily gestured towards a group of four chairs lined up against the wall. Michelle went and sat down, placing her head in her lap. She continued to be in awe of her state. She reached up and tapped the top of her neck. It gave her chills. She ran her fingers over her own neck stump covered with skin, waved her hand through the empty air above her shoulders. It was almost too much to take in. 

"Next up!" The boy's voice startled her. "We have...the Mismade Girl! Featuring Emily Martinez and long-time member Ashley Beardsley!" He announced. Emily and a beautiful blond stood in the middle of the room together as everyone clapped. Emily then ushered her into a thin box, surrounded by smaller boxes, clearly designed to place the head and each limb into, respectively, attached to it. 

Assuming that Ashley had her limbs and head stuck in the boxes, Emily suddenly began to remove the boxes and move them around, clicking them into place on different parts of the box. 

"Stop!" The boy yelled, who Michelle had by this time figured out was the esteemed 'Magician', even though Emily was performing the trick. 

Emily opened the box, and all the surrounding boxes. The Club erupted in cheers again, but what Michelle saw almost caused her to drop her head on the floor. Ashley stumbled out of the box, with an arm protruding from her shoulders, her head awkwardly positioned on her left arm, hanging down at an angle, her blond hair dangled and she lifted it up. Her right arm was replaced by a leg, her bare foot for a hand, speaking of hands, her left foot was her left arm and her right foot was her left foot. Ashley made her way across the room, and held her arm up so that her boyfriend could kiss her. 

"You ok?" Nicole's voice startled Michelle. She was sitting next to her. 

"Uh..." She laughed awkwardly. "Yeah I mean-it's cool! But..." 

"Freaky?" Nicole finished for her. 

"Definitely!" She laughed, playing with her pony tail in her lap. "One question though-" She turned her head so she could look up at Nicole. "How do I like-reattach my head?" 

"Just put it back on." Nicole said. 


"Yeah you just-stick it back on." 

Michelle lifted her head up and set it on her neck, made sure it was positioned right, and it seemed to just fit in place. She was whole again. "This can't be real." She said. 

"Oh it's real alright." Nicole assured her. "Take your head back off, this is Magic Club, you've gotta let loose." 

"I can do that?" Michelle inquired, placing her hands on either side of her head. Nicole did the same and pretty soon her head was detached. 

Michelle lifted off her head and set it back in her lap, it was just that easy. "So can I just take my head off whenever I want to now?" She asked. 


"That's going to make doing my hair a lot easier." Michelle jumped again, she had missed the last trick, but she saw a brunette head attached to an arm scampering across the floor. 

"Hey Michelle?" 


"You wanna trade?" 

"Trade what?" 

"What do you think?" Michelle glanced over to see Nicole holding her head out to her, dangling by her hair. 

"Doesn't that hurt?" 


Michelle picked up her head by her pony tail. "Cool." 

"So are we swapping?" 

"Sure!" Michelle dropped her head in Nicole's lap, and she took Nicole's head. 

"We have to do it at the same time because if I put your head on first, then your body will-" She hesitated. "Die." 


"Yeah because if it doesn't have a head then, no brain, and yeah." 

"It doesn't have a head right now." 

" does, it's just not attached." Nicole corrected her. 

"Got it." 

"Alright on the count of three. One...two...three!" Michelle lifted Nicole's head up and it clicked into place on her neck, only to be given the sensation of having Nicole's body a second later when her head clicked into place. 

Michelle looked down, felt her new body, new figure, new arms, legs, breasts, everything was so surreally different. She felt her neck and found the place where Nicole's ended and she began. A clashing of skin tone and neck width.

"Pretty cool huh?" Nicole said, feeling up Michelle's slim body. 

"Actually, yeah!" 

"Emily and I spent the weekend on each other's bodies. It's no biggie, as long as no one notices." 

"Next trick!" The Magician suddenly announced. 

"The Two-Headed Beast! With Veronica Battweiler and Alexa Shulz!" Veronica was a dark-skinned, dark-haired girl with a busty figure, sporting a grey t-shirt and yoga pants. Alexa was a dark-haired girl with small eyes and a flannel top, accompanied by jeans rolled up to her ankles. 

The girls stepped into a large box, big enough to hold two people. There was a separation between the head section and the body section. They closed the box and the Magician stepped up and began pushing the side of it. The body section began to contract, until it was only big enough for one person to fit in it, except for the head section, which stayed the same. The door flung open, and out stepped a girl wearing the same yoga pants as Veronica, but the same shirt as Alexa, and on top of that (literally) were two necks, branching off into each girl. They smiled as everyone else clapped and sat down with their friends. 

"Does everyone get performed on or-?" Asked Michelle. 

"We do five." Nicole said. "And then we just chill for the rest of the night." 

"Is the fifth one like really crazy or something?" Asked Michelle. 

"You'll see." Nicole smirked. 

"Ladies and gentlemen." The Magician bellowed, standing in the middle of the room in front of all the magical contraptions. "For our final act tonight, I ask for the lovely Miss Haley Espinoza, and Miss Carly Ross!" 

The two girls who came to the middle, one was very attractive with a dark skin tone and dark brown hair, wearing a loose orange t-shirt and yoga pants, the other was short with long brown hair that parted in the middle, a homely face, wearing a sweater and skinny jeans. 

"Miss Epinoza, please take off your shirt." The Magician requested. This raised many eyebrows from guys in the Club. 

"No! You perv!" The girl with the dark brown hair said, who Michelle now gathered was Haley. She crossed her arms in disgust. 

"Do it or I'll turn you into a newt." He threatened. 

"Fine!" Haley pulled off her shirt, but the weird thing was, when she first pulled it up, there was nothing underneath it. And as she pulled it all the way off, the shirt fell to the floor and all that was left was her legs. Her waist was covered over with skin like Michelle's neck. 

"Now Miss Ross, please remove your legs-I mean pants." He asked of Carly, who stood awkwardly next to Haley's lower half. Carly knew what would happen so she took off her pants, expectedly falling to the floor soon after as she had no legs. 

"Now sort out the rest." He said. Haley's legs sat down, and Carly placed her torso atop her waist. She stood up, taller than ever, sporting a much rounder butt and muscular legs. 

"Thank you for participating!" The Magician announced. "Now break!" 

Everyone began to talk and socialize, music started playing as the rest of the lights came on in the Club, it was about the size of a classroom. There wasn't much to it other than chairs lined up against the wall, and the equipment in the middle. 

"So what do you think?" Emily, who was now carrying her head, asked Michelle. 

"It's something!" Michelle smiled. She stood up and turned to Nicole. "What now?" 

"First of all-" Nicole removed her head from Michelle's body. "When the Magician says break, you literally have to break. Meaning, one of your body parts has to be detached. 

"Ok." Michelle took her head off and tucked it snugly under her (Nicole's) arm. 

"Let's swap back." Nicole and Michelle exchanged their heads again and held them.

"So-" Emily began, turning to Michelle. "You wanna meet the Magician?" 

Michelle shrugged her empty shoulders. "Why not?"
Original idea was pitched on the Google Group:!to…
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