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Now, before we begin, I will give a little backstory into James and Phoebe

James Sevilla:
• Brown hair
• Brown eyes
• Tall (about 6 feet)
• Olive skin (it’s a colour, look it up)
• Slightly muscular

James was born in Romagna and like all children in that kingdom, was trained to become a warrior at age 7, the process was long and hard, but he graduated with flying colours (I don’t know where the expression comes from) being very good in terms of combat and leagues ahead of most hunters attending beacon academy, having finished his training at age 16, he decided to attend Sanctum academy in Vale (the kingdom, not the city, also the same place Phyyra went to) so that he could broaden his knowledge about being a hunter (Romagnans are trained to be part of an army unit and not as a hunter). Sanctum is also the place he forged his weapons and armour, a type of segmented armour similar to the standard army equipment of his home but much stronger, a huge rectangular shield that has a curve, which is also very strong (it can take a full powered spear sent by Pyrra and it won’t get a dent) and a short sword that can change into a spear and an Assault rifle, which he called riptide, also James was born with the semblance of water manipulation (he can summon and control water, similar to how Yang can control fire) and the iris's in his eye's change to blue when he uses it for long periods of time or when he's angry (though his aura has yet to be unlocked by someone). James is serious but can be funny when he wants to, which sometimes involves puns. he is not easily annoyed and difficult to anger, but if you manage it, look out, as he will not stop until he's gotten his revenge.

Next, onto Phoebe
“Finally!” said Phoebe
Do you mind?
I’m about to describe you
“Oh, sorry, please carry on”

Phoebe Aviana:
• Part bird faunas, has wings but using them is very tiring, so it's not used for long periods of time
• Roughly 5 ½ feet tall
• Pale skin (sorta like Blake)
• Amber eyes
• Brown hair that fades to grey (it’s grey at the of her hair)

Phoebe comes from a family of bird faunas which is where she gets her last name, she grew up in the city of vale, as part of the middle class (neither poor nor rich), her faunas features are difficult to see when she’s wearing clothes (the wings can fold onto her body so she can put a shirt on and they won't be noticeable) and those perceptive enough to discover that she’s a faunas usually don’t care. Attended Signal Academy and mastered the use of an electro staff building her own that has several dust canisters containing light blue dust (lightning) that increases it’s already potent electric shock (basically it’s like being hit with a super Taser). To add a bit of humor to the series, phoebe sometimes breaks the fourth wall (which means referencing real world events), due to this, she is also quite fun loving and cheerful.
here are the descriptions of our first 2 main characters, for those who don't know, James is basically a roman legionnaire that fights monsters (and pesky bullies), also i plan to upload a new chapter every Monday (Australian time) and a friend of mine is currantly drawing James, and will draw phoebe and the other characters after that
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