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37. See

100 Theme Challenge, Variation 2

I would use the word Ironic to describe my approach to this theme, but I already used the word to describe a recent picture and it feels like overdoing it... especially since I'm not entirely sure I'm using it right. So instead I'll just say that a blind demon-guy seemed perfect for the theme 'see' because he can't.

I think the lighting's completely off, but it's magic so... :shrug: Too many light sources? It feels cluttered, but I still kinda like it. Glow-y discs are cool.

Also, IT'S A GUY! I drew one and it doesn't look terrible... I think. And the hands aren't bad either. Maybe I'm actually getting better. Yay!

If anyone has some 3D glasses, I'd love to know what this looks like. It's probably the wrong shades of red and blue for that.

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