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I used to spend a long time looking for earrings to wear when I was younger, that were long enough for my taste, or that suited my style.  As a consumer I was never entirely happy with the choices at my disposal that were within my price range.  

After spending a considerable amount of time around a Native American Indian community and also discovering that I had some Native American in my own geneological background (Lenapi/ Deleware), I discovered a love and appreciation for seed bead weaving.  After learning some of the basics a whole new universe opened up for me and I suddenly realized one day that I now had the technology to make my own earrings as long, elaborate, eccentric and earth toned as I liked.  Although I have to admit it took me a few months of making and selling earrings before it occurred to me to make a custom pair for myself.  Isn't that the way it is?  We spend so much time serving and caring for others that we forget about ourselves.  

Becoming a jewelry artist and actually thinking of myself "as an artist" was a very liberating experience that assisted in creating a whole new identity for myself which I could now add to my life experience.  

Many of my peices are inspired by nature and the color combinations I find in nature.   I find myself often driving to work and looking at the rural scenery during my commute.  I notice colors of leaves and the backgrounds they are set against, and realize what a lovely combination of colors that would be in a necklace.  Textures, stone, and the elements are very powerful messengers that help me to create visions for my pieces.   

Some of my peices are inspired by the custom orders some of my clients bring in for me.  It's always interesting to do a custom peice for another person because I find that in doing custom work for clients, I use unusual combinations of colors or styles I never would have thought of myself.  Some of those custom orders I don't personally care for and would not make to sell, but some of them have turned out so much better then I had anticipated that I have decided to take a few of those custom templates and add them to my retail repetoir; which is always fun and useful for a adding variety to my portfolio.

I am relatively new to the beadwork community and still learning many more techniques.  With time my styles will be improving and changing and I will have a bigger variety of inventory to offer.  Please keep checking back.   Blessed Be.