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I'm going to just say "Fuck it!" and post the album covers, forum signatures and wallpapers that I make of Avril Lavigne.  I could say "We all have our guilty pleasures, don't we?" but I'm 25. 

Life is too fucking short to feel guilty about songs that were enjoyed in the early 2000's.  It's no different than someone enjoying The Spice Girls or The Backstreet Boys or whatever.  I enjoy Avril's music.  I stopped listening to her music because everyone called me a poser (even my brother) and I put away her music for yeaaaaaaars.  But no more! I'm gonna listen to what I want, when I want, with or without earphones.  And if you think I'm a poser, grow up. 

To everyone else, go do what you enjoy.  Right now! If you wanna listen to Avril or whatever, I say fuck everyone else and turn that shit up and have fun! :D Go to fucking Disneyland and wear a damn tutu if you want to! Do this with me! :) I'm telling you to step out of your skin and go do something you enjoy (for once!!) and don't you dare feel guilty or shame! Just enjoy it and yourself.  Hug

Life is just too damn short and precious to just feel guilty and shame.  I thought turning 25 would be the end.  But it's just the beginning.  Everything just...changes and you see everything so clearly and even better.  You lose that "Omg, what will everyone think?!?!?" mentality.  You really do.  And your new motto is just "Fuck it!".  I have Kerli and this video to thank for this! :) Also, the night I thought I had to say goodbye to everyone that were dear to me (thought I was gonna die because of some stupid ass news report on brain aneurysm that scared me), kind of played a role as well.


~Persephone Dark Queen