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My second entry to the Seventh Sanctum "Twilight of the Vampires" contest [link] , Armand Crowe. In this case I used both the required generator for the name, and the Vampire Generator (why not) [link] for the overall description of the guy: "This foul-mouthed male vampire has almond-shaped yellow eyes that lack any white. His black hair is more a set of spines than anything else. He has a graceful build. His skin is completely transparent, and the blood flowing beneath it actually seems to glow. His mouth has prominent fangs. He has wings that are like shadowy tentacles. He has pheremones that can render people suggestable. He can transfer his mind to the body of another. He can be killed by destroying his internal organs. He susbists on human neural tissue."

Dude's a neat freak, which is hard when you need to crack skulls. That's why he has his shirt off. He's rather tender hearted, due to, or perhaps despite depending on how cynical he's feeling, his ability to take over other people and read their minds. He is thus generally malnourished because his sympathy for his victims makes it difficult for him to feed. He generally tries to limit his prey to ass holes.

Brains are good, but his favorite neural tissue is actually the spinal cord. Because of his food source, a lot of traditional vampires look down on him as a sort of jumped up, better behaved zombie. And also as a vulture because when he's really starved and desperate but not yet willing to kill he'll swoop in on their prey once they've drunk their fill of the blood. Those funky wings of his doesn't help his case, either, due to their dubious nature and unlikely functionality. He can fly, but no one's really sure how he does it with those things.

His glowing blood has the creepy luminosity of deep sea fish and also does little to improve his stealthyness. He hunts by flying, feeling around for ass holes. When he finds a real fuck wad, he takes over his or her mind and makes the victim run as fast as possible head first into walls. Then he swoops down and opens the skull, scoops out the brains, and pulls out the spinal cord for consumption. Delicious.

As a natural optimist, he has an upbeat nature that annoys the crap out of other creatures of the night.

Shown here after feeding, as he's getting ready to leave. Very tidy, he always makes sure to wear dark pants that hide stains well, and wipes his hands and face clean on his meal's clothing before leaving.
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I officially love him.