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This is my first entry into the latest Seventh Sanctum contest, "Twilight of the Vampires" [link] : Evangeline Morvant, blood thirsty, violent, delighting in the hunt and the gore of conquest. She delights in the blood that flows from her victim, bathing her hands in their blood, licking it off, hungry for the smell and splatter of it.

She lures her targets in, generally men, generally young, with her glamor of innocence, her act of willing seduction as they encounter each other in the depths of night. Her dead pale skin is hidden in the dim light, her vampiric nature only revealing itself when she attacks, her eyes turning red, her fingers twisting into claws which shred the throats of her victims. At dawn she hides herself from the sun, deep underground, and sleeps.

She delights in simple things, the rich color of her gowns, the crunch of gravel beneath her heals, the cool glitter of the stars, the cool air of night, the solitude she is afforded in the lonely hours before dawn. She does not concern herself with the future, she does not dwell on the past. She does not seek the companionship of others, human or inhuman. Like any predator, she is concerned mainly with her own survival.

She's not moody, she's not involved in an international conspiracy of vampires, she not even particularly strong when compared to a human, relying on deception and deadly sharp claws to take down her prey. She was born a vampire, and never was human, so she does not long for the daylight, which her sensitive skin could never tolerate. She was young once, has one or two children that she has no interest in, is now middle aged, and perhaps in another few decades, maybe even a century or so, will die of old age if she is not killed by one of her marks. She is not immortal, is not undead, nor will her victims rise to be her thralls.

Her main concern is making sure the old town district she's made her home doesn't get demolished. She is very involved in letter writing campaigns to the mayor to keep the city from redistricting the area into commercial lots. This occasionally brings her into contact with that most unsettling of organizations: the human Mafia. Sometimes she deliberately targets members of that organization for assassination and subsequent meals. This is occasionally pretty dangerous, and she has almost been snuffed on several occasions when her targets were better protected than she thought. Though she hates to waste food, she does what is necessary to protect herself.

Here she is seen with a young victim, the foolish younger son of the Mafia's second in command. Yum yum.

Her name is pretty old fashioned so I went for a sort of 1890's-1900's fashion vibe. Enjoy.
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Very interesting! I like the twists you've added to her character. :)