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Good Witch or Bad Witch

Colored! Wheeee, I've been a coloring fool lately. Couldn't quite get her eyes the way I wanted them, but oh well.

Edit: Upon looking at this again, I have decided that the background is FAR too pink. The tiny design behind the bubbles is actually purple but it became so muted that it really doesn't offset the pinkness of the bubbles very well. Has a very Pepto overtone. Yeegh. Also, I've noticed that with a lot of pictures colored in Photoshop, they turn out somewhat fuzzy in the compressed version on this site, so view the full image if you notice it looking somewhat funny.
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omg this is adorable. i love it.
RadicalSam's avatar
never seen this idea usedc for anthy before. awesome job!
Koibunny's avatar
wonderfully awesome!
sophhbee's avatar
this is really good :)
i love it, i like how shes taking off a "mask"

i'm a fan :D
Captain-Libris's avatar
Anthy as Glinda? Dang. I love it. Made better by the fact I've seen 'Wicked' and Glinda was far from perfect. x3

I love the glasses on the mask. <3
persephohi's avatar
Never seen Wicked, but heard good things. I just thought the quote was appropos of Anthy and it's fun drawing big poofy-foofy dresses. XD I'm glad you like it. ^^
AppleJuiceJadeDear's avatar
This. Is. Awesome! Have you ever heard of Wicked? Possibly the musical rather than the book?
persephohi's avatar
I've heard of both, though I haven't read or watched either. I've heard good things about them and I'll possibly sit down with or or the other or both sometime and give them a shot. ^_^
AppleJuiceJadeDear's avatar
I prefer the musical over the book. The book is political I hear, I haven't read it either. And I don't really want to-lest it ruin the musical for me.
Lou-sama's avatar
Very nice picture! :D
It gets confusing because of the two faces which I believe is the point.
Lovely. <3
persephohi's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you like it. ^^ Yeah, I got a little metaphorical with the character, but I'm glad the piece works all right. ^_^
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Good idea. Anthy is a very interesting character, and I feel this peice fits her very well. Hello from the Utena Club, I'm a new member and I have some Utena art in my gallery, I hope you'll come and look at it.
persephohi's avatar
Hi there! Thanks, I'm glad you like my Anthy pictures. I think she's a very fascinating character, and even though she's notmy all-time favorite from the show, she's the one I wind up drawing the most. :)
SaionjiFan's avatar
I only have one Anthy up, but I have one that I'm going to scan and put in my gallery. She isn't my all time favorite character (as you can tell by my name ^^;)

I have updated my Utena fanart gallery, you can check out my newest fanart works, if you want.
neptunestears's avatar
omg what a kewl idea! I love it...awesome
persephohi's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you like it. :)
Sokushitsu's avatar
:lmao: Very good....I like the whole idea, and the hair is beautiful. O.O
persephohi's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you like it.:)
Sad-dollthe3rd's avatar
love it, it works so well!
persephohi's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you think so. :)
Phae-chan's avatar
That's awsome. ^_^ It fits Anthy so well. ^_^
persephohi's avatar
Thanks! Yeah, I was surprised at just how well the dress worked out in terms of color scheme, plus the Glinda line was just perfect for her. I'm glad people liked my finished result. :)
Kuko-chan's avatar
Anthy! I love her dress! And the could never quite get the hang of the ripple wave effect, but you did it beautifully. Congrats!
persephohi's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you like it. It took me quite a while to color this one-- notmy longest coloring job, but longer than usual. The hair is what took the longest. ;)
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