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Call her Rainbow

When you have been photographing women as long as I have.. eventually they bring their children to me to photograph.

Women and children are my favorite subjects:) They are all so beautiful!!
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Good picture of a cheerful and alert tyke! As Octoboy-the-8th said, you did a great job focusing on the eyes...
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Wow, you sure got a sharp focus on those eyes, very striking! They really pop out in contrast to the skin, which has a great slight fuzz to it which gives Rainbow a particularly soft look to her. Very, very cute.
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Thank you very much!!

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Very cute baby picture.
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What a beauty!!
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Omg what an absolute cutie, she took my breath away
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I don't know if you remember, but a long time ago I asked if I could do a sketch of this portrait of this cute little girl. I forgot to upload it afterwards, but here it is.


I hope you like it ^^
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It is beautiful!! Well done:)
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An angel!!! <3
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Absolutely gorgeous. How old is she?
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How could you go wrong here?
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Just wonderful!
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she almost looks like a doll
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Yes, she make me smile like a rainbow and - children are signs of hope like rainbows! :heart:
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Really sweet. Your pics of kids are exceptional.
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Such an amazing picture, I think this is how EVERY parent wants their child to be photographed like. Just adorable, love how you made the effect of innocence and purity as strong as you did. :)
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Beautiful look in her eyes, thanks for sharing,
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she's so cute..:love:
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