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Bendie Barbie

We finally were able to schedule a shoot. This was one of my favorite images.
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SO elegant! :heart: Welcome back, we've missed you!!!

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Thank you! I appreciate you noticing!

Great arrangement and texture!

farenellphoto's avatar

A very lovely shot. Appreciate you having you back as well.

PerryGallagher's avatar

Thank you, I appreciate being noticed!

ScottEllington's avatar

Shock and DELIGHT!!! like clicking a forward-arrow key and striking GallagherGold!

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Alembic-LynXXX's avatar

Very Lovely Nice Work , Hope You Have Been Well.

I See Michae,l Kaz, and Squi are having a blast via Instagram

DA has really changed , so many gone , Natalie , Steenie, Francois Beneviste over these last years , DA is but a shell ( code programmers shell ) compared to the glory days ...but many of us are still here ...Have a great day

PerryGallagher's avatar

Yes! They are living it up in Hawaii!! I have no idea how DA has changed. I just decided to post out of the blue.

I am glad to see you here. :)

Alembic-LynXXX's avatar

until about a year ago i had kept in touch with Natalie Addams for a long time , after she left the goth , fetish latex west hollywood scene , she moved to Northern CA , became a firefighter /EMT and had a big part in fighting the CARR fire in 2018 or 19 in Redding ...shes still an avid BMX biker , and is in the whole bike race circuit and an avid hunter...I lost track of her after that , but she just popped up in instagram , last week ...shes had an acct for 5 years and was active until the fire , then travelled w her companion via back pack and bicycle ...very determined lady quite a diff since the Lithium Picnic days and the shoots in your back yard and at Michaels

Alembic-LynXXX's avatar

yes I saw pictures of Michael and squi just yesterday on Instagram, and it's really true DA has so changed... many of the a-list people have left then of course some have passed away and a lot just are still registered here but don't even log in but once every five or six years.. thanks for the comment reply and have a nice evening

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C'mon back, Blue!

NERVchild's avatar

Good to have you back. DA tells me you haven't submitted an image since 2018.

PerryGallagher's avatar

That would be true. :)

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