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[S5 SPOILERS] Not even tweets make sense anymore!


~ They never did, Fluttershy, they never did. Also, I regret nothing.
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Such picture, much tweets, very pony, wow.
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Very original, mate.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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Ja..."Tweets doesnt make sense"...genau das dachte mich mir, als ich den satz hörte...mein like hast du
Was it too late to add one of the ones screaming about how the S5 premiere was supporting the evils of capitalism?
Perrydotto's avatar
I didn't even look. Wow, did that really happen?
My thoughts exactly. :D
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Exactly what I thought when I heard it as well.  Thank you.
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Instantly thought about his when I heard it.
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I'm embarrassed at how long it took before I got it.
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I expected that one, and wow, it's even done by someone I know/have seen already. :D
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This is exactly what I thought of when she said that.
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Okay, that is pretty clever. 
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I think everyone thought of this when they heard that line. Still funny, of course.
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Knew people were going to run in this direction when I heard that line.

And you're right. They never did.
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Yeah, I'm definitely not being original here at all. But when a silly thought gets stuck in your brain, you just gotta get it out there Wink/Razz 
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The hive mind latching onto stupid jokes is what gets us through the week between episodes.
It's tradition.
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I thought the same thing!!
Rainbow-Flutter-Dash's avatar
That's exactly what I thought hen I heard that line... lol.
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funny thing is i was thinking the exact same thing when i heard her say that ^^
nice job visualizing it though
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Haha. Nice. I need to follow DA MAYOR.

I can imagine FS would be the sort've person who favourites every tweet you make. In a nice way.
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