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~ These two have some odd fascination with space exploration. Gee, I wonder why!

~ Done for the announcement of Michael Pan as guest of honour for GalaCon 2013. Michael is the German voice of both Discord and Ltd. Cmdr. Data, so I figured some nebula and stars and stuff would be neat! I struggled a lot with the nebula at first, but I pushed through and I think the background came out rather nicely :) I need to draw more space scenes, they are fun. Hard, but fun!
The idea is that they're sitting on the very front edge of the Enterprise-D, but you can imagine whatever you want!

~ Avaible as a print on Redbubble: [link]

~ Texture from Texturemate: [link] Backgroundless version: [link]

... My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) by Hasbro and Studio B ...
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Es wirkt so einfach und das macht es so toll.
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find ich ebenfalls.
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Woohoooo, this space scenery is awesome! :wow:
And Michael Pan is among the German voices? Why not, he's heard in tons of cartoons and is also great as Data :D
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Omg, wie hast du den Himmel so toll hingekriegt?
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I love space and Discord and pony ^-^
Good work
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;v; :heart: frankly i tought you used an already made bg , then i readed in comments you didn't...and i died *--*
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The Nebula is very convincing, had me thinking it was real until I examined it further.
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I hate it that you always see Discord either doing evil stuff or doing too romantic stuff with Pinkie. Now I sehim stargazing. That's epic.
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Goddamn, this is amazing, I just love the background. That nebula is top notch, I love it.
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Wow, that's incredible that the sky here was made by hand! I honestly was about to pass it off as just a photograph judging from the thumbnail, but I should know you're much better than that. :XD:

Can't wait to see what else you make in the future! :)

(And I still have the piece you made for me set as my desktop background; in fact, I designed my whole workspace around it. It's just the perfect background for me to have and see every time I log on, haha.)
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in the words of hella jeff:

f***ing incredible 8y
man this is amazing, at times i always like looking up at the sky at night and just gazing at the stars and this greatly shows how lovely it can be. Great artwork :icontwilightclapplz:
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Shut up and take my ursa major!
But what I liked about the pictures is how you mix the blue colours together kind of, and make it really detailed, It's a picture that would even be pretty to have on the wall or something.
and the picture is pretty pleasant for the eyes too :)
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this is amazing ^3^
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That is a very nice background, Perry. If I hadn't watched you make it, I'd have thought you used an actual picture as the background!
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