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~ A request for Nobo from my latest livestream session. He asked for Discord wanting to buy some matjes, but John de Pony's store is completely out. Tragedy!

~ Went for a sketchy coloring this time. It doesn't look as neat, but I just had fun with it and tested some brush settings. Learning experiences, whee!

~ If you're wondering about the matjes thing: It's a soused hering dish John de Lancie enjoys :)

... My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) by Hasbro and DHX ...
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The is awesome!Great Job!!
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Hey, I thought Discord WAS that pony...
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There needs to be more Pony DeLancie fanart XD!
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I agree! I should do more, too; a while ago I did this: [link]
But there can always be more :)
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That face xD like scratch in iceage ^^
But i see a little mistake, can you find it to?

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I noticed I flipped him by accident. Oh well, the show does it a lot too, so a bit of leeway should be acceptable. *g*
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I knew you would say that ^^

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Wait never mind. sorry!
awwww dont worry discord im sure u can make some yourself besides if u can make chocolate rain, soapy roads and turn a lake into a skating ring then im sure u can make some matjes

XD Nice job on this, love discords sad little face :)
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