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Minecraft Logo Desktop

Based on Minecraft's current logo. I've changed it a little bit.

What do ya think? ^^

edit: While it's nice to see this spread across the internet; Please don't rip out my small watermark at the bottom right. I don't like intrusive watermarks in images, but I do spend time making images like these and if you like it enough to use it, please respect the person who created it.

edit x2: Also, and why I have to say this, I have no clue; Do not sell this artwork! I don't sell it, so you certainly have no right to be selling it. As a physical print or otherwise.
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forgot to say
email at
with the price
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Hi, how much would you charge for one exactly like this that says Minecraft Masterful Server?
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may I use this as a bg image for my thumbnail on a let's play for MC?
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Absolutely, go ahead.
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May I use this as part of my new logo for my Minecraft TCG? I will credit you for the logo, and so far it isn't for profit (and probably never will be -__-)
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do you have this on .psd format?
and if you have may i borrow it?
[for personal use]
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I don't have a source PSD file. This was rendered out and I did a little post in Photoshop, did not even save it out as a PSD
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nice work, luv it :)
Heya, could I also do the same? I'm starting a Minecraft Commentary, and although basic I would really appreciate the logo! Thanks either way! <3 Misery :)
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Can I use your Logo in a video. I would really appreciated if you grant me permission. If you do agree to let me use it, then I will put your Deviantart username at the beginning of the video and at the end. I will also include it in the description box so people may visit your site.


P.s. you can contact me @
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Absolutely, go ahead. I've seen it ripped off several places, nice to have someone actually ask.
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That looks simply amazing, *fav*
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