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Bunny Amigurumi
This is the first amigurumi I’ve ever made, and I finished it a few weeks ago but I figured I’d post it today. I learned a lot from it, such as how not to do seams cause the ones on it look like garbage, and I intend to start taking amigurumi commissions when I can finish up some examples. They’ll be priced around $40 based on complexity and such.
rise UP!!!
I am so MAD I uploaded this just a minute ago but took it down cause it had an UGLY LITTLE SMUDGE!!! and i fucked it up so i had to correct it AGAIN!!!! i do not even care if theres a smudge here im over it sis
I bought a huion tablet for nearly $500 so I’ll hopefully be able to start submitting art soon,, also I’ll get around to sending out toyhouse codes and junk as soon as I can.
Commission TOS

By commissioning me, you automatically agree to these terms of service:

I. Disclaimers
- I am a minor, meaning that (probably) none of this is legally binding in any way. That being said, I'm fine with taking commissions from minors or adults, but adults should be aware of this. I will no longer take commissions  from minors starting August 15th, 2018. That being said, these Terms of Service will also be updated on or around August 15th, 2018 (with new commission types too).
- You may not use my commissions to advertise persons, businesses or products.
- All commissions will be signed and dated. You may not remove or edit any watermark present.
- I reserve the right to display any commission as part of my portfolio, social media, or galleries.
- I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any point, for any reason. Should this happen, a refund may be given accordingly (See V. Refunds).
- I reserve the right to deny any commission for any reason, specified or not.
- If I show you works in progress of your commission(s), you are not to post or share the image publically until i am finished with your commission (i.e. If show you a sketch, you may not post it on any social media or gallery until the work is complete. Then, you may post the sketch and/or full commission anywhere you'd like).
- When you commission me, my TOS will not be overridden or voided by anything except my word to you specifically, under any circumstances. This means you cannot use your TOS, the TOS of others, exceptions I made for another individual, or prior exceptions I may have made for you.
- No design or character created by me will be resold without my permission. However, if I am commissioned to draw an existing character, you may do as you see fit with the drawing that does not violate these Terms of Service, provided the art remains associated with the original character(s).
- I reserve the right to modify payment amount as I see fit, depending on the complexity of the commission (i.e. A reference sheet is $30, but I am requested to illustrate 5 outfits rather than 3. Price would go up for that specific commission. Alternatively, if you would like 1 outfit on the ref rather than 3, the price will lower). I will not lower commission price because you asked nicely, tell me a sob story, can't afford it, etc.
- I reserve the right to modify any price that appears on this commission catalog, or any catalog I may create while this TOS is in effect.
- You may not edit, alter, trace, or otherwise modify the commission without my written permission.
- Should you post a commission I have done for you on social media, a gallery, or anywhere else, virtual or physical, you must accompany it with credit to me (Mury) and provide an easy-to-spot link to my Toyhouse ( or DeviantArt ( If I deem your credit given as insufficient, you will modify your description to meet with the standard given or remove the post.
- When you commission me, you are required to electronically sign this TOS to make it valid. That must be done by sending me an invoice on PayPal. By sending an invoice on PayPal, you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions.
- Chargebacks will not be tolerated unless discussed beforehand. Issuing a chargeback to me after your commission has been completed and given to you will earn you a public blacklisting between myself and my friends.
- This TOS is subject to change at any time, regardless of if you are notified or not. Ignorance to my terms does not exempt you.

II. Content
- I refuse to create works involving overtly sexual themes or purposely offensive content, which includes political matters, religion, and anything else I may deem as such.

III. Payment
- All commissions are to be paid in full upfront. If you wish to make some exception and will pay after I accept and/or begin work on your commission, you will not recieve any Work-In-Progress (WIP) shots or the completed work until payment is made. Please note that your commission will be a lower priority if you do not pay upfront.
- I only accept USD (No DA points).
- All payments are to be made through PayPal, and as previously stated, you must send an invoice first.

IV. Process
- If you wish to commission me, you can contact me on Toyhouse ( DeviantArt ( or through email (
- I will probably search up your username to ensure that you are a buyer to be trusted and are not liable for breakning TOS.
- Commissions will be discussed over private message, and when an agreement is reached, you must send an invoice over PayPal to finalize the commission.
- I will give you an estimation of how long it will take, but this is not set in stone. The longest it will take to complete a commission is 4 months, after which I will issue a refund if the commission is not completed. If your commission is particularly complicated, I will lengthen the time for completion to a year and inform you of such.
- On commissions costing more than $20, I will send you WIP shots as I work to make sure everything is to your liking. Expect one stage of the drawing to be completed in a day (one stage being a sketch, lining, coloring, etc.)
- The finished work will either be sent to you directly or posted with you tagged in the description (If on DeviantArt).

V. Customer Satisfaction
- Minor edits (adding/moving markings, color change for flat or cell shaded pictures) can be done for free, but any major change (Pose altering, outfit change, upgrading your commission [like flatcolor > cell shaded]) will require a fee, and in some cases the full price of the commission. Requests for minor edits must be done within the week I post the commission or send it to you, major changes can be done at any time.

VI. Refunds
- Refund amount is based off of the amount I've finished (with proof via screenshot) accordingly:
- Sketch: 75% of your money back
- Lineart: 50% of your money back
- Coloring: 25% of your money back
Anything beyond coloring will not yeild you a refund, but I will be glad to finish it for you. If I cannot show you a sketch, you will recieve a 100% refund.
- If you have yet to send me money, you are free to cancel your commission.
- If I cancel the commission, regardless of the stage I am at, I will be refunding you in full.
- If you file a chargeback aginst me, you lose the right to use any design, character, fanart or any other kind of art I have ever made, including F2U bases and commissions you have already purchased prior. I will blacklist you publically and let my friends know you are not to be trusted. You will be forbidden from commissioning anything from me again.

VII. Copyright policies
- I hold every right to my art, regardless of who it is sold to.
- I reserve the right to display my art anywhere and any way I see fit including self-promotion, posting it wherever I want, and displaying it anywhere.
- The commissioner may:
- Personally use the art, print it, and claim ownership of any of their own characters featured. If it is a design, you may claim partial ownership, but the design is copyright to me.
- Any design of my creation you may come into possession of is copyrighted to me, with the exception of a Purchase of Commission Rights.
- A Purchase of Commission Rights will give you nearly full ownership of the design or art, including selling it at your whim and using it to advertise or otherwise without having to ask. A Purchase of Commission Rights costs 300% of the original commission price, but regardless of that you still need to credit me properly (300% meaning if you bought a $25 commission slot and commission rights, it would be $75. Any price that I tack on depending on quality is included in the initial cost, so it will also increase by 300%). You may purchase these anytime before or after the commission is completed.

VIII. Notes
- Some of these are integral parts of my TOS, others are just things you should know when commissioning anyone.
- On PayPal, DO NOT send me money via the “Friends and Family” option. Pick the “Goods and Services” option. The reason is that you are guaranteed buyer protection with goods and services, so that if I (or anyone for that matter) don’t deliver on my end, you can file for a refund. You can’t do that with “Friends and Family.”
- On that note, according to PayPal TOS, I (or any seller) cannot explicitly make you pay for the transaction fee when paying for goods and services. If it’s not already tacked on to the commission price, I cannot make you pay that. That being said, unsolicited tips are welcome and acceptable by PayPal TOS. (Mostly for my own reference - PayPal transaction costs 2.9% + $0.30)
- The above may be irrelevant, as I use I still eat the transaction cost, but there’s really no option for friends and family so don't worry about it.


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