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Pursuit by KaiserFlames
gang by demoxo
Lessa, Weyrwoman of Benden by Silraen
Menolly's Fair by Maseiya
Taichara YCH Cuties by LiaLumay
Noxrame YCH Cuties by LiaLumay
Horsey Head Variations by Pardra
Pernese Dragon Pixels by VenusRain
Human Characters
Menolly and her Fire Lizards by AntheaStones
Sorka and Faranth by Goldenflake
Dragon Cuddles by CrimsonSlush
Debera and Morath by Goldenflake
Other Creatures Of Pern
Fire Lizard: The Plight of the Little Queen by IDrawFNAF23
Mating flight of a queen fire-lizard by Goldenflake
Crawlers! by kuanyin501st
Viverlie and Viverlisk  by Grace-Dupre
Other Parts Of Pern
Eruption at Landing by AntheaStones
Weyr Designs - Inktober 2017 by lunatteo
Pern Weyr interior for a blue/green by lunatteo
Emerald Falls Hold - Triad Weyrs by Brekke17
The Gold's Clutch by KiraMizuno
The Impression pg11 Dragonriders of Pern webcomic by MMHudson
Pern's Last Chance by Virenn
The Impression pg10 Dragonriders of Pern webcomic by MMHudson
Icon Contest
PernCraft Icon Submission by Carise
PernCraft Icon 1 - Blue Dragon by t3hphazondragon
PernCraft Contest by namazzi
pern avatar 2 by bolthound
Wher Templates by Virenn
Pernese Dragon Divider (F2U) by VenusRain
Another Pern Dragon Template by peregyr
Pern Dragon Template - Jumping by peregyr
EDIT: New user registration is opening again! But only briefly, to quote the FR staff:

"We are happy to announce that we will be opening Flight Rising new user registration for a brief window on the morning of Tuesday, September 3rd from 5:00AM to 8:00AM PST." Le announcement.

THis means that any of you dragon-y people who sadly missed the boat before registration shut due to server overload can get in on the game. Come one, come all, we desperately need you to restart our failing economy D:

I'm also running a mini competition for new users. If you add me as your sponsor, I'll enter you into a draw to win an ice or obsidian primary eyespot baby! See my userpage for details!

Sighning off, Emerald

Pern fans unite! No matter your elemental alignment, we should all list our names and add each other and spread the delights of the best fandom in the world (Perndom obviously... Ok so I'm slightly biased) onto Flight Rising!

No seriously, the more buddies we have to set up breeding schemes with the more fun things will be yo. Anybody interested post your names on FR below so that people can find you and propose ideas and stuff :) Also if anybody's on a mission to get a rare breed change or something maybe you could team up with someone? I'm not sure how this would work, but it's worth a try if you're teaming up with somebody you know.

Also I will state now that the FR admin team (bless them) strongly discourage dragon lending. For this reason I am not going to endorse it, but trades between people with similar breeding aims to keep the bloodlines from getting inbred is a-ok!

If anybody out there has not heard of Flight Rising yet, I'mma gonna plug myself here and say JOIN and put my name (Emerald) in the sponsor field :D Don't feel shy to add me as a friend or to put someone else as your sponsor, I'm not out to hog all the dA sponsorships xD

Name list!
Emerald (me xD)
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Schadeth |c| by ulv-f Schadeth |c| :iconulv-f:ulv-f 344 30 Pyrite by Hardtwon Pyrite :iconhardtwon:Hardtwon 4 2 Menolly WIP by Shahrezad1 Menolly WIP :iconshahrezad1:Shahrezad1 14 2 The Boat Funeral by JoeyJulian The Boat Funeral :iconjoeyjulian:JoeyJulian 85 30 Happy to be alive by eyotapern Happy to be alive :iconeyotapern:eyotapern 0 4 Pern: Dragonstones WIP by tygriffin Pern: Dragonstones WIP :icontygriffin:tygriffin 243 21 Katelin by Caliphone Katelin :iconcaliphone:Caliphone 7 8

Welcome to PernCraft!

Hello there and welcome!

PernCraft is a group founded and supported by fans of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders Of Pern and like games/stories! It's a place for all your Pern-related artsy needs. We have everything from comics to literature to digital pieces, traditional pieces and everything in between. And if we don't have it we'd certainly love to see it!

If you're a fan of the series, play in the games, or just enjoy dragons and stories and art about them you're more than welcome to join us!


Do you need to be an artist to be a member of this group?
-Nope! You -do- need a deviantArt account, but it can be completely blank for all we're concerned about. To be a member you just need to want to join us!

What is the difference between Members and Contributors and Founders/Co-Founders?
-Founders/Co-Founders are administration and have to ask to be admitted and approved to help keep the group running.
-Contributors have submitted at least ONE accepted piece to the Group and can post Blog Entries. (see questions on Blog Entries and Advertisement)
-Members may submit art and simply watch. They have no pressure at all but cannot submit Blog Entries.

Art Submissions:

What sort of art can you contribute?
-Anything! Anything with the requirements that is has to Pern or Pern-Alt* related. They can be human characters (Crafters, Holders, Renegades, Travelers, Riders etc) or creatures (dragons, firelizards, runners, wherries, whers, etc...) or Pern concept pieces (thread, the planet, dragon eggs, plants, maps, etc...) or in the case of literature poems, fan fiction, prose, etc... If it's Pern related, we'll take it!

*Pern-Alt: Pern Alternative storylines or games... where the bonding, living structure, culture etc... are all based off Pern but with different weyrs, holds and the like or even different dragon colors (copper, silver, white/cloud, black etc...)
If you are uncertain as to whether your characters/art/etc are appropriate for this club feel free to send the a note to the club with your piece and an explanation of why you think it should apply. We'll be more than happy to assist you!

How do you contribute?
-Select the gallery your art applies to (i.e., a drawing of a dragon goes to Dragons, a sculpted diorama of a weyr bowl goes to Other Parts Of Pern. Drawings, paintings and pictures DO NOT go into Literature! Written stuff does) and click the "+Submit To This Folder" button on the top right hand side of the gallery. Select your piece and that's it!

Don't see your piece up there after you submitted it a day ago?
-We'll approve up to 10-12 pieces a day maximum so if you don't see your piece up yet, give us a week before asking about it.

Blog Entries and Advertisements:

Who can post a blog entry?
-Right now anyone who applies and is accepted as a contributor may post a blog entry.

What is appropriate in a blog entry?
-Blog entries are for contests and other Pern-genre related questions/news. This includes advertisements for games that are Pern or Pern-Alt related. Feel free to use the comments section of the site for less pressing questions and news at any time as well!

You see all these characters from various games. How can you learn more about them?
-We have a Game and Resource Directory in our blog which lists several games submitted by out members. If you have a site you'd like to see up there, send us a note with the name of your site and a short description of it.


If you have any other questions, comments or concerns please don't hesitate to ask! We're working towards making this an effective community and tool for your artistic and aesthetic benefit so ANY input at all will be greatly appreciated so we can know how to better serve you!

--Sincerely, Your Founders!









Group Info

A group for artworks and literature inspired by Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders Of Pern. Come be a member of the PernCraft! Submit your best works of your characters be they dragonriders, crafters, dragons or firelizards and all concept art of Pern and it's culture. All Pern fans are welcome!

Dragonriders Of Pern is copyright Anne McCaffrey and associates... all art listed here is inspired by this series.
Founded 10 Years ago
Jan 28, 2010


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