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Recently we organized our back stock of metal variants. We have the following metal cards available. Most of the metal cards made a year ago or longer are printed on the thinner metal stock with stickers on the back. These still look great and are sturdy. Metal cards printed within the last year are made with the thicker two-sided metal stock.

Each metal variant is available for $10.00 USD (shipping is extra). Most of the metal variants will come with their matching regular printed promo as well (except for the P1 Horus & the Preview cards from Classic Mythology series 1). We only have a very limited stock for most of these. Some of them we only have 1 or 2 available. We will combine shipping for extra metal cards purchased. If interested please email us at

Metal Variants for Sale

Classic Mythology Series 1 (Promo card metal variants)

P1 - Horus
P2 - Brunhilde
P3 - Ryujin
P4 - Athena
P5 - Morrigan

Classic Mythology Series 1 (Preview card metal variants)

CM1 - Loki
CM2 - Bastet
CM3 - Poseidon
CM4 - Hel
CM5 - Harpy


Hallowe'en (All Hallows' Eve) - (Promo card metal variants)

P2 - Zombies
P4 - Graveyard
P5 - She-Devil


Hallowe'en 2 (Trick-or-Treat) - (Promo card metal variants)

P1 - Ghost
P2 - Headless Horseman
P3 - Haunted House
P4 - Demon's Ball
P5 - Goblin


Classic Fairy Tales - (Promo card metal variants)

SP4 - Rapunzel
SP5 - Grasshopper and the Ant


Spellcasters 2 (Enchanted Realms) - (Promo card metal variants)

P1 - Elf
P2 - Fairy
P3 - Unicorn
P4 - Mermaid
P5 - Dragon


Hallowe'en Witchcraft - (Promo card metal variants)

P2 - Lynne Anderson


Elementals - (Promo card metal variants)

P1 - Fire Elemental
P2 - Air Elemental
P3 - Water Elemental
TY - 4 Elements


Classic Mythology III – Goddesses - (Promo card metal variants)

P1 - Aphrodite


Below are some examples of our metal variant cards

CM5MetalPromo by Pernastudios

CM5MetalPreview by Pernastudios

5MetalVariants by Pernastudios

Elementals P2 Promo + Metal Variant - FOR SALE by Pernastudios

Perna Studios Classic Mythology 3 Facebook Contest by Pernastudios
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Submitted on
November 13, 2016