Hallowe'en 3 Presale SOLD OUT!

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We are SOLD OUT of Hallowe'en 3. We are very sorry that we could not offer everyone something. We received a lot less sketch cards than we sent out.

We had 74 requests for the maximum of 9 sets and we only had 50 spots available. Some people we were able to offer 5 sets to, but we have several people on a waiting list. We are truly sorry. We wish we had more sets to sell.


Here is the information about the Hallowe'en 3: The Witching Hour pre-sale. We will begin taking orders starting on Saturday September 29th 2018 at 12 PM (noon) EST. There will be a 6 hour window to email us your order request, BUT WE MAY HAVE TO CLOSE THE PRESALE EARLY IF WE RECEIVE TOO MANY REQUESTS. We will only be selling this product in SETS.

There will be between 600 to 625 SETS produced. Each of these sets will contain 20 base cards, 1 header card, 1 frosted clear chase card and 1 original hand drawn art card. These are $34.99 USD each (shipping is extra and will be determined by location and quantity ordered). THESE WILL BE OFFERED ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. THESE WILL BE AVAILABLE IN QUANTITIES OF 1 TO 9 SETS with a MAXIMUM of 9 sets per household/person. We will have 50 spots available for the maximum of 9 sets. The rest of the sets will be sold in smaller quantities for those only wanting to purchase one or a few sets.

There will also be limited edition metal cards, lenticular chase cards & redemption cards randomly inserted in some sets. There will be 20 redemption cards in total and each redemption card will be good for limited edition metal card with art by Dan Brereton. There will not be any incentive sketch cards this time.

1. Please send us an email at tmontana@sympatico.ca with the title "Halloween 3 Order" with your name, your mailing address, your PayPal email address and quantity of sets that you'd like to order. We are accepting orders at this e-mail address only. Please do not send messages on Facebook or other forums to place your order. These will be ignored. It's too difficult to check several different places to see who gets in to the orders. We will also be assigning numbers to anyone who orders the quantity of 9 sets. Example: After we receive an email request we will reply and tell you your order number. “Congratulations you are number #1 of 50 and you will be guaranteed a spot for the 9 set maximum of Hallowe'en 3”. This way you will know right away if you are guaranteed in the pre-sale. We hope this will make things less stressful for people waiting for email confirmations. If you do not receive a reply in an hour please email us again.

2. We will contact everyone whose orders are confirmed by October 1st. It will take us a day or two to go through all the orders and to find shipping options and prices. Please DO NOT send PayPal payments right away to the email address. It is for order confirmations only. We will send PayPal invoices to those who have provided their PayPal information and choice of shipping on October 2nd.

3. Once your order has been confirmed, we will send you a PayPal invoice on October 3rd and you will have 7 days to make payment. If payment can’t be made within 7 days your order will be solicited to others. Sets will be scheduled for shipping approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the pre-sale. Good luck to everyone.


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