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We are now SOLD OUT of Classic Fairy Tales preview sets. Sorry, we do not have anymore room for more orders. All paid Classic Fairy Tales preview sets orders are scheduled to begin shipping on Tuesday the 24th. Thank you again to everyone who ordered.


Perna Studios is happy to reveal the 5 card preview set for Classic Fairy Tales. The front of the Preview cards are all printed with spot gloss. Versicolor Productions did an amazing job printing these. We are extremely happy with the way these turned out!

Each set is priced at $9.99 USD, but if you order 20 or more, you can purchase them for $8.99 USD each (shipping is extra and depends on quantity and destination). There will be 400 preview sets made. There will also be a total of 40 randomly inserted sketch art cards among the 400 sets. Ordering 10 sets will guarantee that you get a sketch card, but that’s not to say that someone ordering just a few sets won’t get a sketch card. That means you will have some of the first sketch cards from this set!

As an added bonus, there will also be (20) redemption cards randomly inserted in the 400 Preview sets. Ratio 1:20 packs. These redemption cards will only be available in the Preview sets. Each redemption card will allow the claimer to receive a complete 5 card metal variant set of the Preview card art. If you purchase 20 Preview sets you will be guaranteed to pull 1 redemption card.

Preview sets will be available for presale on February 16th 2015. To place your order, e-mail us at at 5PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) on February 16th with your order amount as well as your shipping address. We will get back to you with a total for the cards with shipping costs. We are going to try to get the best price for shipping which is why we will need a few days to figure out the weight of the cards going out to certain destinations. If the orders get filled before you get your order in, not to worry, we will put you on a waiting list in case someone ordering changes their mind or want less. Preview sets are expected to ship 1 week after the presale.

*** An official list of artists whose sketch cards will be part of the 5 card preview set is below. ***

Achilleas Kokkinakis

Alexis Hill

Amy Clark

Amy Pronovost

Anastasia Catris

Athina P. Konstantinidou

Babisu Kourtis

Carolyn Edwards

Daniel Wong

Danielle Ellison

Danielle "Soloud" Gransaull

Eric McConnell

Francois Chartier

Ingrid Hardy

Jason Saldajeno

Jason Sobol

Jessica Hickman

John Monserrat

Leah Mangue

Liz Chesterman

Lynne Anderson

Mel Uran

Molly Brewer

Peejay Catacutan

Richard Cox

Sam Agro

Samantha Johnson

Sha-Nee Williams

Stacey Kardash

Stefanie Battalene

Vince Sunico

For more updates and product information please visit…

If you have any questions contact us at

Classic Fairy Tales - Preview Set by Pernastudios

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