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:iconperma-fox:Perma-Fox posted a status
So I was helping out with organizing the donation the people who donated for the people in Mexico who has heavily suffered from the massive earthquake at a place where I assume is where my mom work is at for now

Latter on when everything was finally organize(when I came inside, it was PACK FULL OF FOOD SUPPLIES, DOAP, BATHROOM DUPILES ABD ETC.) me and my mom where heading out to leave but then my mom talk to the lady which I'm assuming she own the place that my mom job is borrowing for the BIG donation, they where chatting away, suddenly i notice the lady was blowing the balloons that you could make figures right? She let me make one into a dog and show me another way to make a dog(though the difference was the head), but all of the sudden She gifted me a flower balloon once we where finally leaving qwq <3

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