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I kinda feel like doing some art trade at the moments so hit me up with your oc ref and I'll diddly darn do it

First come serve andjsjdjw

Leocoin Raffle [Closed] by LeobrasAndLeokies
Oof I freaking had a dream about the whole current gang(Globox,Barbara,teensy,Murphy,etc.) of rayman who seem to be sleeping in some sort of wooden house in the ocean but close to land with beautiful vividly plant and life! but all of sudden..

CRASH! A sudden burst of a giant octopus tentacle, destroying and dragging the entire house under water! The whole gang had to quickly swim out of the badly damage house until they had finally reach towards the surface into the fresh air onto their destroyed wooden house...but one look..

eveything was looming with danger! The sky filling with ashes and darkness of a newly deadly active volcano with a mysterious figure made of magma from under the crust of the terrestrial planet earth. It seem so furiously exasperated! None of them had no clue what cause it to be like this! All sorts of nasty n mischievous creatures where everywhere! 

Rayman surely did not like this at all. He BURSTED into extreme anger! His gang really wanted to soothe him down but they where far too afraid to even attempt to try to for they fear they would get accidentally hurt. He was punching and kicking everything! 

Right before he was able to destroy another piece of wood....a glowing green shield was protecting the beautiful and full of life land they where nearby. Who was this unknown person who is behind this...? Maybe this person can help the gang to fight against this nonsense! All ran toward to the protected land to find them!

so oof this is my idea for a new rayman game quq”

Clown Party--RAFFLE [ADULT MILESTONE] by LeobrasAndLeokies  Scream Leo--RAFFLE [ADULT MILESTONE] by LeobrasAndLeokies
Guys my lovely bird Flora just flew away and I'm just trying so god damn hard just to find her again, I'm so fucking scared and worried another her.

embedded_item1521913194175 by Perma-Fox
Ringed Cactus - Llurning Raffle [CLOSED] by Osrukians
I will pay you back with customs or art HGJ,ddjkghsssmh-
Frogroven EXTRA Free Leokie--Raffle [Closed] by LeobrasAndLeokies GO GO GO GO
Free Customs Babey {CLOSED} by Cosmic-Caravan
JOINNNNNN Frogroven--Egg Raffle [Free] by LeobrasAndLeokies
Happy birthday to me iulbsuklshjkalhkjabjksb

Frogroven--YCH RAFFLE [Closed] by LeobrasAndLeokies aaaaaaaaa
Heck you guys need to be safe SKDJEJEISHBS…
This person has stolen my friend :icongr8gecko: and many people more of their Well effort art and it is extremely disappointing and disrespectful.

please report and block.

even though i only have 10 p o i n t s *wheeeeeeze*