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Flingleengs rarity guide  by Perma-Fox Flingleengs rarity guide  by Perma-Fox
ITS ABOUT TIME I MADE THIS, anyways this took me forever to do ;-; btw guys they are close species rn because I still need to do stuff to make it understandable to make one and know how to make a group for it so someone please tell me how ;u;

btw the here's the details of them:
1.fur are really soft
2. are ombories(means that they eat meat and vegetables or fruit)
3. They try their's best to attract female when that season come and they use their tail to do
4. Some will attack if one of them feel they are getting attack
5. Does has claws to attack but is rare to have claws
6. They are shy creature
7. Can swim
8. Floppy ear are back up to hear if the two standing ear aren't able to work
9. Live in wood, forest, and grassy plains
10. Love to be warm and comforting, which make them fall asleep
11. Rare one are really rare to be seen and there are few of them than the two examples
12. If you were nice to this creature, they will respect you and defend you
LaughingDeathWolf Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016
To make a group (how I did it) I looked it up, found the page,  and then you just create the group. You create a name, write about the group, that's pretty much the basis of it. It's really simple as soon as you get to the page.
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