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All of my Squeaktronic by Perma-Fox All of my Squeaktronic by Perma-Fox
Finally drawn all my Squeaktronic XD

I have so many so rn I currently have 6 but 3 more once I get those points to buy the leftovers qwq

All was gotten (except for Brandon since I made him) by :iconiceamon808:

Ima do a short bio for the ones I haven't 

Frost: frost just loves to play pranks on my other squeaks and everyone with his cane with ice powers, he usually throw snowballs to annoy people. He mostly chill most of the time. When he is bored, that when he starts to prank or hit peeps with snowball. But hey he is sweet when he feels like it.

Gina: Gina just loves to bake ginger house and gingerbread man whenever it is Christmas in the year, she does bake other desert like cake, cookies, pies, and others. She would freak out if she forgot a ingredient of an recipe she is currently making or if she accidentally drops the desert that she just got done. She love and care for the others and help anyone out as much she can because she has a big heart.

Ethan: Ethan is a helper around the house, he just loves to help anyone out. He always help out Gina whenever she is baking, but rarely helps out ether Bella or frost. He has a hobby of making toys for youngling and gift them to those kiddos. He just a such sweet and nice squeak, he just loves to make people happy with his support or gifts he makes for them

Bella: bella is a FUCKING ANNOYING LIL SHIT with her damn bells when she is the damn mood of ringing her bells to just annoy everyone else, she always time up with frost to help him out work pranks, she usually gets hyper or crazy when she is socializing with other. But she does relax when she alone so no worries.

Brandi: brandi is just really a chill person, she doesn't care what she does or do. She would always listen to calming music when she is relax. She would hangout with any of my squeaks or anyone else when she is the mood of socializing for once. She mostly hangs out with her brother Brandon whenever he is hunting himself food.

Squeaktronic doesnt belongs to me 

group here! :iconsqueaktronics:
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