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Venom by KrayZKreationz
Subtronics Commission by KrayZKreationz
Valt Aoi medallion done by kari5
valt Aoi and shu kurenai medallion by kari5
Custom Eevee Perler by KrayZKreationz
Shiny Zeraora Commission by KrayZKreationz
Brionne Keychain by illuminatedpearl
Shiny Umbreon Silhouette Key Chain by illuminatedpearl
Final Fantasy
Kimahri from Final Fantasy X by psycosulu
Cloud Strife Perler Sprite by Coccineus
Laguna from Final Fantasy VIII by psycosulu
Cloud from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius by psycosulu
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PacmanFriends by BigPandaCreations
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Minecraft Coin box by DarkRockerRUS
3D Creeper by PerlerPixie
My Little Pony
Rarity [Perler Beads] by Teti2000
3D Perler Bead Fluttershy by sergeant16bit
Rainbow dash perler by RedIceArrow
Perler Creation: MLP Oc Head by koiykeuchiha
Nyan Cat
Mummy Nyan Cat by PerlerPixie
Green Lantern Nyan Cat by PerlerPixie
Hamburger Cat by insanelvrcrafts
Perler Bead Nyan Cat by Puppylover5
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hama beads lion by kari5
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Jean Reno in beads ! :) by MaryJaneee Jean Reno in beads ! :) :iconmaryjaneee:MaryJaneee 3 2 Totoro by mininete Totoro :iconmininete:mininete 87 3 infinete Clock by mininete infinete Clock :iconmininete:mininete 63 5 Halloween Town - Kingdom Hearts by barteletjess Halloween Town - Kingdom Hearts :iconbarteletjess:barteletjess 114 7 Sailor Jupiter WIP by PerlerzByRex Sailor Jupiter WIP :iconperlerzbyrex:PerlerzByRex 12 10 Lightning Bead Sprite by 0ompaBurritos Lightning Bead Sprite :icon0ompaburritos:0ompaBurritos 6 8 Priscilla From Fire Emblem by Valijka Priscilla From Fire Emblem :iconvalijka:Valijka 15 10 Dragon Tank by psycosulu Dragon Tank :iconpsycosulu:psycosulu 17 2 Stitch in the Bath by barteletjess Stitch in the Bath :iconbarteletjess:barteletjess 41 8
So as some people may have known I'm doing a perler beads mega journal. It's on it's way. Actually i'm doing some writting post about my personal thought and exepriences and I wanted to know about you.

Did you think that there is points or subject that you can help me out with ? I'm doing this to actually blend people thoughts and knowledge around the beads community so we can actually give someking of tutorial because I feel like that most of the people involve in perler beads are involved in trials and error most of the time.  

I can post the points that I was waiting to actually developp for the new beginners:
- How to do perler beads ? What is Your way of doing them. Tricks or personal preferences
- What perler beads is good to open an online shop ?
- How to promote is work ? Facebook, Group...
- What should I buy to start doing some okay perler beads work ?
- Where or How to find sprites ? Links and websites involved.
- How to enter convention ? How to contact the staff who organize the even, what to say if you want to sell yourself and your work.
- What to do and not do when doing perler beads ? Can involve how to describe step by step the usual way of doing perler beads and ironing it

I've already done two parts but because it's only me I think I cannot get the subject as an all and always like to get others point of view.

Here what I've done so far. Feel free to do the same if you get the time and will. I'll be glad to involve some people in the project other than me.  
Subject 1…
Subject 2…
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