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True Elements

By perj132
New theme! NOW it works in 3.2

This is my new theme, its elementary shell theme inspired.

has a few cool features you might like.

-the ability to change the background of the overview to whatever you like (been wanting that for a while...) theres a screen shot on using a different overview background to give an idea, so if you dont like the purply-blue gradient by default. get creative!

-slimmer panels (top)

- matching bottom panel

- and various tweaks, mods, new bits and what not that you can pick up on.

To install simply extract the file to your .themes folder in your home folder and set using gnome tweak tool.

To change the overview background simply open "True Elements" folder in your .themes folder. There is a file called overview background.jpeg, replace that with whatever you want as long as its called "overview background.jpeg".

Tell me how it goes for you!!


-Fixed crashing on search

-added transparency to the notification panel as sometimes things became hidden behind it and gave it a blue "kdeish" glow

-fixed fonts so they are easier to read

The wallpaper is available at
I made it to fit the theme

fixed overview background image a little. (remember you can change it!!)

-Fixed some fonts (colours)

-Background in screen shot is one of my own available at [link]

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Awesome Theme!! I hope you don't mind I tweaked it a little for myself check out my screenshot [link]
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Of course not! Thats what linux is about! I tweak just about every theme I download
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Thx man!! that's why I love linux :D
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wowowoww ! great work !!!
i like it :iconthumbsupplz:
Thanks :D
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Thanks a lot!
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Very beautiful Gnome-Shell theme. One of my favorites now!
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Hey thanks alot!!, I'll notify you when I update it theres just a couple of creases I'd like to iron out.
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