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The Infamous Slap...

'Have you ever seen anything quite as pathetic?' said Malfoy. 'And he's supposed to be our teacher!'
Harry and Ron both made furious move towards Malfoy, but Hermione got there first – SMACK!
She had slapped Malfoy around the face with all the strength she could muster. Malfoy staggered. Harry, Ron, Crabbe and Goyle stood flabbergasted as Hermione raised her hand again.
~ Prisoner of Azkaban, Pg. 216 (British Edition)

I had to draw a Draco/Hermione "ship scene"--I mean, is there any D/Hr fanfic in which this slap is not mentioned?!

This is my third attempt at this scene and I like how it turned out. I especially like Crabbe and Goyle and Malfoy's just cut. Beeing slapped definitely suits him. Should happen to him more often XD
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Crabbe/Goyle: Of course not Draco. *Draco leaves and Blaise walks over*

Blaise: What's wrong with him? He's got a face like a slapped arse.

Goyle: *bursts out laughing*

Crabbe: Granger slapped him. XD
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*Re-lives the moment*
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Either everyone here is insanely good, or you all have better computer art things than me >.<

Haha, this is amazing :D
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Thanks. Well, you need a tablet. The art program is Open Canvas and not particularly expensive, I think something around 100 $ ?
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this makes me smile
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omg, seriously this slap scene really is infamous. You titled it perfectly. Btw, something I forgot to mention before, I love reading your theories as much as i like looking at your drawings. :D
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Thank you :) I love to make up theories... though, erm... at least one is sunk ;p
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Hermione truely is one of the greatest female characters ever written! I adore her to pieces and I thank Jo everday in my mind for creating Hermione:) This is a great rendition of that amazing scene!
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I agree, as long as HBP has shown us Hermione at her worst. I mean, everyone is allowed to go off his nut at a point and that would make Hermione that much more a real person. But if HBP is supposed to show us Hermione growing better like some people insist... I have to say, that Hermione is one of the worst written characters in the series :(
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I think HBP has definately shown us Hermione at her worst. As for the worst written character in the series, I think it would have to go to Ginny. She's the worst kind of Mary-Sue and I was hoping Jo could avoid that, but apparently not.
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Ginny is a Mary-Sue IF the interpretation of the H/G-Shippers is right. I see merely a girl who makes herself important by making fun about other people--and that in almost EVERY scene she appears in HBP!

Malfoy is quite nice these days, much too much occupied in his Room to bother anyone... It seems that JKR has replaced him with Ginny. Malfoy and Ginny have more or less the same traits, they only appears different because of Harry's PoV.

I think that JKR writes Ginny's character brilliant.......
...... but as long as people tell me that I cannot read books and make me unconsciously doubt in my own interpretation......
...... and then I just start to loathe H/G, loathe more than anything in any book before :(
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I love the hair of everyone on this pic especially of Herm and... Crabb or Goyle... the left one XD
But the bodys looking like potatobags oO
Just wanted to mention that ><

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twins which aren't looking alike... sounds funny XD
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I believe that the left one = the one with the stupple, short hair is Crabbe... but they're really easy to confuse. Maybe JKR intends them as parallel-characters to the twins, which you confuse as wells. They're all four beaters, after all. The irony is, that Crabbe and Goyle don't look similar in first time... but I too never really know which one is Crabbe and which one is Goyle.
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BAH! :shakefist: CURSE YOU and your ARTISTIC SKILLS!
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Thanks :)

But I've more than 3 hours to draw Herm's hair... so it's maybe not so much artistic skills than just patiente ;-)
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My favorite scene in the book and movie. :)
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I've forgotten... this is just as funny as the ferret-scene!
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Yeah the ferret scene was funny too.
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You go Hermione! couldn't help but laugh at the look on Malfoys face, the only thing I'd change is that Draco's looking a little too straight after being smacked (Hermione's arm had just finished swinging and it looks like she did give him quite the smack) I think ones head would be more tilted in the direction of the hit.. but that's just me...
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There was someone on ArtisticAlley who said almost the same--or was it you too? I didn't notice this, I was happy with Hermione's line of movement, but you're perfectly right, I've forgotten Draco's!

I never correct finished drawings (in this particular case it would be even impossible) but I'll keep it in mind for the next time. I appreciate your comment a lot--they're my favourite sort of comments--because they are so helpfull :hug:
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