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Necronomicon of Darkness by Perithefox10 Necronomicon of Darkness :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 0 0 Shantae Belly Rubbing Me by Perithefox10 Shantae Belly Rubbing Me :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 0 2 Blue Werewolf Princess by Perithefox10 Blue Werewolf Princess :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 1 0 Blue Princess by Perithefox10 Blue Princess :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 2 0 Peri Longfox Dungeoneer by Perithefox10 Peri Longfox Dungeoneer :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 2 0 Axe of Tauricus by Perithefox10 Axe of Tauricus :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 1 0 Sword of Hinra by Perithefox10 Sword of Hinra :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 2 0 The Love Gift From Tiger Claw by Perithefox10 The Love Gift From Tiger Claw :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 2 0 Junkshore Chemical Company by Perithefox10 Junkshore Chemical Company :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 1 0 The Revenge of Holly Lingerbean by Perithefox10 The Revenge of Holly Lingerbean :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 2 0 Philip Van Helmont by Perithefox10 Philip Van Helmont :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 1 0 Red Hawk Clan by Perithefox10 Red Hawk Clan :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 1 0 Caroline Vs Risky Boots by Perithefox10 Caroline Vs Risky Boots :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 3 0 Peri Spotted Hyena Icon by Perithefox10 Peri Spotted Hyena Icon :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 3 0 The Museum's Werewolf Skeleton Display by Perithefox10 The Museum's Werewolf Skeleton Display :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 1 0 Peri Saber Toothed Tiger Icon by Perithefox10 Peri Saber Toothed Tiger Icon :iconperithefox10:Perithefox10 2 0


Random Chars 11: The Polar Express by Scarlet-Ajani Random Chars 11: The Polar Express :iconscarlet-ajani:Scarlet-Ajani 223 12 Shantae by MantisVerde Shantae :iconmantisverde:MantisVerde 395 13 Shantae Character Ref by LinkerLuis Shantae Character Ref :iconlinkerluis:LinkerLuis 764 133 Behind moonlight by Mizuki-T-A Behind moonlight :iconmizuki-t-a:Mizuki-T-A 70 6 She Lizard #1 by locofuria She Lizard #1 :iconlocofuria:locofuria 30 4 .Here by TinyWindowless .Here :icontinywindowless:TinyWindowless 2 0 A Nized Meetup by PhantomGline A Nized Meetup :iconphantomgline:PhantomGline 26 0 Lombax and Merdog comic (my style) by RowserlotStudios1993 Lombax and Merdog comic (my style) :iconrowserlotstudios1993:RowserlotStudios1993 8 5 10th DA anniversary for Joe by RowserlotStudios1993 10th DA anniversary for Joe :iconrowserlotstudios1993:RowserlotStudios1993 10 2 ILC7 - Zombie Zoned | IngoLingo by IngoLingo ILC7 - Zombie Zoned | IngoLingo :iconingolingo:IngoLingo 91 30 REQUEST Fuzzy Dice and Donuts by Magic-Mit-Der-Maus REQUEST Fuzzy Dice and Donuts :iconmagic-mit-der-maus:Magic-Mit-Der-Maus 235 36 Shantae by SHSLnoob Shantae :iconshslnoob:SHSLnoob 34 3 Half Genie Hero by T-3000 Half Genie Hero :icont-3000:T-3000 240 5 Shantae by DarthGuyford Shantae :icondarthguyford:DarthGuyford 199 10 Dancing the Night Away by PortalMasterDan64 Dancing the Night Away :iconportalmasterdan64:PortalMasterDan64 139 8 Shantae and Tuki by MoreStar Shantae and Tuki :iconmorestar:MoreStar 454 23


Necronomicon of Darkness
Name: Necronomicon of Darkness

Type: Spell Book

Abilities: Cast Spells And Curses

Users: Lizzy Crowvern

The Necronomicon of Darkness is a ancient spell book from a witch named Lizzzy Crowvern from the 17th century of New England in a village of Crofts Grove. in November 2 1637 Pilgrims sighted to kill turkey for thanksgiving till they met this old women named Lizzy Crowvern she said to those Pilgrims that she warns them to not kill them because their her friends till they ignored her and started slaughtering her turkeys till she use her book of spells to give them their punishment by using her black magic she put a curse on the cooked turkeys that night on Thanksgiving the villagers started to eat their thanksgiving dinner till they not listen till the curse has come upon them till they begin to change into monstrous turkey like creatures during the night of a full moon and attack the others till Lizzy was tried and to be Burned on the Stake and they manage to take her spell book with them to be hidden away.
Axe of Tauricus
Name: Axe of Tauricus

Type: Magical Weapon

Ability: Minotaur Morphology

The Axe of Tauricus is an Ancient Greek Weapon. in ancient grease a Minotaur Warrior named Tauricus was an evil warrior who terrorize the city of 
Athens and started to kill the citizens and till the god zeus manage to defeat him and imprison him in the form of a statue of a bull and that say he will fort revenge. till the god of the underworld Hades put a curse on the axe and It has the power of turning anyone into a Minotaur when going to touch or use by it.
Sword of Hinra
Name: Sword of Hinra

Type: Ancient Sword

The Sword of Hinra was a legendary Vantashian  weapon, alleged to have the power  to level entire Wars with just one swipe. It was accessed by means of the Mask of Arkutis which acted as both a key and a map to the temple in which the sword was kept.
The Love Gift From Tiger Claw
when after i gave him his arm back by regeneration from my powers and his eye and ear too and so he went into day dreaming and wanting to become his girlfriend.
Junkshore Chemical Company
Real Name: Junkshore Toxic Chemical Company

Allies: Junkshore's Chemicals

Foundation: October 21 1948

Headquarters: Junkshore Chemical Factory Chicago Illinois USA
The Revenge of Holly Lingerbean
when peri and her friends discover the town has that their memories of the citizens have been stolen and now that Holly Lingerbean has now return for revenge on Shantae for destroying Wilbur and now has used an ancient orb to drain everyone's memories of Longfoxburge and it up to peri and her friends to defeat holly and regain the memories back to everyone.
Philip Van Helmont
Real Name: Philip Lockwood Van Helmont

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation: Red Hawk Clan Leader

Abilities: Master Fighter Sword Fighting Skills Archery Skills Techno-Knight Armor

Weapons: Techno Sword Techno Crossbow

Nationality: United Kingdom

Philip Lockwood Van Helmont was the founder and leader of The Red Hawk Clan and from a long lineage of hunters from Medieval England and the Descendant to  Sir Agreoth Van Helmont who fought to take down any extraterrestrial attacks and secure their technology for the world.
Red Hawk Clan
Full Name: The Red Hawk Clan

Allies: The Red Hawk

Foundation: 1352 A.D

Headquarters: Red Hawk Clan Tower San Francisco California USA

Commanders: Philip Van Helmont (Founder and Leader)

Agents: Red Hawk Hunters Red Hawk Technicians Red Hawk Foot Soldiers Red Hawk Bots

Master Fighters Archery Skills Crossbow Skills Sword Fighting

Weapons: Advanced Technology Futuristic Weapons Techno Bow Techno Swords Techno Crossbow

Goal: Kill every 
Extraterrestrial Threat or capture and secure alien technology for the world.

Smuggling Kidnapping Murder Torture Conspiracy Terrorism Burglary Homicide Genocide

Type of Organization: Bounty Hunting Organization

The Read Hawk Clan 
was an organization of human hunters whose main goal was to get rid of all extraterrestrial beings or capture them by any means necessary. the organization started off in Medieval England in the year 14th Century A.D by Sir Agreoth Van Helmont who fought by Galowlot Longfox who tried to hunt him down and so he set up the Organization from any Extraterrestrial Threats across Great Britain and to put a bounty on the longfox family for hundreds of years.
The Museum's Werewolf Skeleton Display
Dr. Norman Weaver went off the Longfoxburge Munich Bavaria to the museum of natural history to the Cryptid Exhibit to see the Vantashian Werewolf Skeleton on it's display.


Peri Longfox And Ed Hunter Issue 1 by Perithefox10

Issue 1.
Peri was riding on her Luck Axol Plantis to find and track down a criminal biking mongers known as "The Road Cats" who where spotted doing assaults on people  in the streets in Alpha City' Avalon in a small town called Antwerp in the united states. as when Edward Hunter came to the scene when he sees the road cats beating up four hostages who were being Intimidated by the bikers till Ed was about to battle them till Peri arrived when she dropped off by Plantis in front of Ed and the road cats till she swiped her staff out to fight till Ed came in to join the fight with her. till Ed got on his Echo-Plasma Suit: Sword Form and ready to fight the mongers and defeated them till Ed greeted peri and how good at that she beat up those bikers and saved the hostages and till the day they met.

Issue 2.
That night at the Antwerp Museum of History their opening the new display going at the museum tonight. an ancient rare artifact The Eye of Fenrir which is showing to the audience of the party and the Un-GDi Elite's Special Agents are on patrol till Peri arrived ball outfit to see the new display and the arrive of Ed Hunter in his Ball outfit too till the audience begin to show off the new artifact on it's display. till he came up to peri and wanted to give her a drink of 
Wine and she accepted and as they watch for the new display to open till an ambush started till an evil war criminal organization known as Rebellion of Eagle came for the Eye of Fenrir as they hold their guns at the hostages till Peri and Ed got into hiding and waiting when ready to strike when the full moon was about to shine on her as she changes into her werewolf form as Ed gotten ready into Echo-Plasma Suit ready as they got out to fight off these criminal till one of the commanders Capponen manage to steal the necklace from it's display till one of the surviving criminals manage to escape with him till the necklace was stolen by these war criminals.

Issue 3.
Somewhere in the secret hide out of the Rebellion of Eagle as 
Capponen and the members of the Rebellion of Eagle organization has now have the necklace and now has to take it back to their leader to the Rebellion of Eagle Castle in Odense Denmark. till Capponen puts on the necklace till he gotten possessed when the spirit of fenrir gotten into his body and started to use him to do all his dirty work till once when the full moon sets on him by the eclipse he will change into a monstrous wolf like demon of Fenrir when in 3 days. till that day as the UN-GDI where out on the search and investigate and find and track down the Rebellion of Eagle once and for all till Peri and Ed where out to track them down in somewhere in the suburbs till they got company by the soldiers of The Rebellion of Eagle as they attack us as we where ready to fight as we battle them till we hear the loud foot steps of Capponen who is now possessed by Fenrir who has said that once in 3 days he will transform into his monstrous form and create an army of wolf like demons the take over the world. till Peri and Ed got into a fight with him till Fenrir's power inside of the necklace was giving him the strength to attempt to kill Ed till he got hit by a power ball at the face so hard till he hits the ground till he gets up and fowls vengeance on me as he retreated and the Rebellion of Eagle soldiers too till Peri and Ed went to find research of the Eye of Fenrir till they headed into the library to find about it's ancient story of this ancient necklace till they read about this necklace it was turned out to be an ancient Norse Necklace that is to be the possession of Fenrir and it's ability of possession and give out the user superhuman speed strength agility and wisdom and says when every 3 days the full moon will rise and shine onto the user and turn into a monstrous wolf like demon and taker over the world with an army of wolf like creatures.

Issue 4.
in the 3rd day when on the top of a skyscraper building till a gathering was gathered up to the top of the building till a ritual was beginning till the full moon shines onto possessed Capponen till he changes into a monstrous wolf like demon of Fenrir and turns all the members into wolf like demon slaves till they fort to capture a victim to do a human sacrifice till they captures a women and uses her as a human sacrifice to complete the ritual till Peri and Ed arrived at the scene till the ritual was disturbed till we got into a fight of one of the Fenrir Cultists and went to free the women from chains till she stands back as Peri and Ed gotten into battle to Fenrir who has possessed Capponen who declare a fight till they where fight spreading across the city till they hit into a power station
till Peri prepared a due to fight Possessed Capponen till when being hit by the electric wire till it fell on him till a electric volt strike him and it was the weakness on how to take the possession to remove the necklace and to do is push him to the electric power as we did 4 pushes onto him as one of the electric barbed wire struck him as peri manages ti grab up and removes the necklace from him and the power of the wires causes a big electric explosion on him causing him to fall on the floor as Ed came up to see the knocked out Possessed Capponen all burned and covered with electric burns and smoke coming from him as Fenrir's spirit came out of his body as he changes back to his normal form as Peri and Ed manage to an exorcism on him when removing the Eye of Fenrir from him. till the police and the UN-GDI came into the scene of see the soldiers of the Rebellion of Eagle get arrested and Capponen too as they where sentence to prison till Peri and Ed became an allies and what ever they come into any evil villains or new allies.


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I Finally Retired From High School.



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