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BlueSaved here. I'm going to be livestreaming some illustration work for our upcoming Kickstarter on my personal Picarto channel, so please join me as I work. I'll be keeping the chat open in another window and will respond to messages as much as possible.

Join me here!:…
So, ever heard of a little event called PAX? If by some small chance you haven't, check out the official site for more information:

Next year they'll be holding the first ever PAX South in San Antonio, TX, and PErIODyC Studios will be attending as an exhibitor! The convention runs from the 23rd - 25th (in the middle of the week since it's targeted at industry professionals instead of the general public). As if an industry convention isn't crazy enough, we're also going to be launching our Kickstarter that week! We haven't decided if we'll launch it before or during PAX, but expect to see it up and running somewhere between the 20th and 23rd of January.

We have so much cool stuff planned, but it can feel a little overwhelming. Here's what we have planned for the PAX booth:

  • A playable demo!
    • Improved and expanded version of the Oni-Con demo
    • Features improved character controls and an expanded level
  • Filmed reactions
  • Daily video updates and/or art livestreams (depending on internet availability at the convention center)
  • Goodies for sale!
    • Posters
    • Buttons
    • Prints
    • Typography caricatures
  • Kickstarter stuff!
    • Immediate gratification for Kickstarter backers that pledge during the convention!
      • Applies only to tiers that would already award the goodies mentioned above
      • Some items may be special edition and exclusive to people who pledge in person at PAX South

Phew. That's a lot. I mean, the demo alone is a lot, but we're going to be busy little bees for the next 2.5 months straight. Not only are we preparing for the convention, but running a Kickstarter will be a full-time job until the campaign ends. Speaking of which, we have some nifty PR planned for said Kickstarter. PAX is just the tip of the iceberg. Here's what you guys can expect for certain:

  • Frequent updates!
    • Updates at least twice weekly to our Kickstarter page and social media
    • Featuring illustrations, thoughts from our programming and design teams, and more
  • Secret character reveals!
    • Story characters!
    • NPCs!
    • Boss reveals!
  • Livestreams!
    • Q&A sessions with the development team
    • 3D modeling streams
    • Illustration and painting streams

We have some secret stuff planned too! We have to hammer out a lot of details before we can promise anything, but what I can say for sure is that we plan to do promotional things in real life. The type of promotion and to what extent we promote is limited to the availability of our teammates and how much cooperation we get from the locals. So, as soon as we know for sure about these extra, secret events, we'll let all of you know. It could just be fliers and street teams, so I don't want to oversell anything, but I'm so excited about the possibilities~
Yo! Hey there peoples. This weekend, we're going to be at Oni-con in Galveston showing off the very first demo of T is for Guilty. The time has finally come! If you're in the area or interested, be the first to get your hands on it and tell us what you think. We'll be showing it off all weekend so there is plenty of time. We'll be in the game room up stairs so come see us, play the game and get a free print. Maybe even chat with us a bit. We very much would love to see you :). Also, if you can't make it, don't worry, we'll record the whole thing and post it on our Youtube channel so you won't have to miss anything! A monster thank you to all of you guys who have stuck with us and supported us all these past years ^-^ we really appreciate it and hope you will stick around. Next year, we really hope to update more and step up our A-game 0n0;;;

I'm really excited :)! We've come such a long way. We look forward to seeing you soon and wish us luck. Enjoy the Con!

-Justen Hootman and the PErIODyC team
Hey there folks. :iconnegativesanchez98: Here. We're hitting up Oni-Con soon! I just figured I would let you guys in on what we're going to be up to for the coming months. HOLY COW! We've been out for quite while :( our sincerest apologies. A huge thanks to all of you guys for being so patient and keeping up with us. We just want to assure you that we have not jumped off the face of the earth and we are, indeed, still alive. We plan to start showing our DA followers a lot more love in the future <3. On that subject, We've got some really exciting news! We're going to Oni-Con! ZOMG! For those peeps out in Houston, we'll be at the Oni-Con in Galveston. We'll be located in the game room up stairs and we'll even have a FULL demo to show. We're not sure if it will be playable by then, but we're working on it as we speak. So come on up and pay us a visit. Maybe even stay a while and chat for a bit. We would love to see you. Also, for all of those who can't make it, no worries. We're planning on either streaming live and/or uploading it to our Youtube channel so you'll still get a chance to see us. Also, we've got a loooot of stuff on the back burner, such as concept art and screen shots that we need to upload. So we'll be posting those throughout the week (really sorry about that ;_;) So look forward to seeing a lot of that soon! That about wraps it up for now. Again, super thanks to all of the guys who came by our booth at comicpalooza and a thank you to all of our recent followers as well. We're not leaving you guys out. See you all at Oni-Con! More updates, later in the week.

back from the dead!
-Justen Hootman
We here at PErIODyC would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth at Comicpalooza that offered interest, support, and even assistance in some capacity. We tried to reach out a little more and adapt as each day came and went, to great success!

From here on we'll be working on assets and textures in the art front. Our programmers and animators will be getting some enemies up and running, flying, even jumping and attacking. Before long we want to show off a level that's more than color-coded blocks. Especially since we've gotten on to the waiting list for PAX Prime.

There's no guarantee we'll be going, unless enough of the booths ahead of us on the waiting list drop off. Either way, it's a promising date we'll be aiming to present a super-early build with alpha materials. No where near a finished product, but hopefully organized enough to allow us to demonstrate what we're going for.

More news and updates sooner than later! Thanks again to those at Comicpalooza!

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