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Triptych (two)
Docile and idle
A flash of red sparks the flame
now marrow runs cold
Dear silhouettes,
who haunt contracting hallways,
you'll never see the light.
Wielding the mortar,
mastication of the pestle,
is gruelling and fair
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 2 2
Sweetness that soured;
the fragrance who caved me in,
fondly pervading.
i see your glances,
they're fondly surreptitious.
you know too little.
Buds within gardens
the people around me bloom.
Brambles, quench your thirst.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 10 7
Cupid's bow
Wipe that smile
From the taste
off your face.
of this love
There's no
I'd guess
glory to be had
we are
I've had many
There's no other
I'd ask for
before you
I see the
I got struck by
cupid's bow
the fabled stake
and I raise it
to the jugular.
to an everlasting
The wound of
that injury
but today
teeth grind
A deadly weapon
preluding resonating resolution.
that makes my
got a new meaning
more than
So perhaps I'll
Exhale winds
love you more
from the
horizontal curtains
for now, I fall
but hold you,
beloved reality.
cupid's bow.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 8 11
Swanston St
Segue to another world
all hours of the day
smoke, tram chimes, and lit nights
a palette corner
of the city's glistening fluorescent rays
colour my way
 elegant, quick stride
bustling people and artful buskers
a head flick suspends
connected eyes within shared intimacies
my heart anticipating the next encounter
take me home
 ringing sleeping ears.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 5 4
the   temperaturedropped
their temperament tenacious
  my audacious disagreement
don't look me in  theeye
 this has angered me
not just the words  stir my composure
  the mindraces
how  much  more  can  we  take?
My heart rejects them
in every conceivable way asofnow
who am I
who are they
  to, and with, me?
gods I'd hate to be solo again
   the world  colder  than
     any summer's winter
my body overcompensates now
  my contempt and affection for my other
you were speckledstars    in my sky
i feel grit harangue my esophagus
i gotta sleep on this
though restfeelsfar away and  cold
cold  cold  cold
without them
Damnit all
     I'm sorry
let's try to rebuild
  dear  normal  beloved.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 9 2
    a box to the floor
slice the unnecessary flaps.
 but -
you fail to notice the crack
   a despondent nail pokes you back.
testifies the years-long battle against chance
         these things happen
"beauty" cannot match circumstance.
 but -
is the sound of defeat conceding
   thin but flat enough to
refuse dear nail glazing.
the hand in sombre realisation
and raise a wrist
          for cuticle redemption.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 7 4
at the waist
Lights darkened
at the end of happy hour.
It ushered in a new time
of the night.
Empty spaces filled
highlighted and buzzing
to the hips and hits in play.
They felt bold
as they grabbed their hand
to dance.
A second
a touch away
this was what they waited for.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 10 2
Let's write this out of order
Just as I always have
I shan't elaborate
nor hide behind flimsy reasoning
A flurry of pages
decants this air
I taste its wooden perfume
and hack at the dry aftertaste
before chocking on graphite
as a fake gem
under polarizing pressure.
A tradition far too withstanding
and infallible should be addressed
as I  h i d e  my shame
Unpolished edges drew blood.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 11 3
I may need an extra layer today
Sharp as a tack
 I am peeled
until I'm within a membrane of my insecure containment field
is that cliche?
  Or can you just see me at my thinnest?
Throw pillows
I would wish for that.
From one suburb to the next my air differs
  I wonder if
feel the same.
  See, I lose sense of my personal shape amongst others
   and I repeat hypocritical mantras to myself
regarding relationships with
my associated forms of
Keep that damn mirror away from me, darling
I daren't share the view.
I'll shed off the layer
as needed
 with a level of confidence I'll never be able to gauge
I wonder if I impart such things
enough about me
 Tell me all about everything
about you
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 14 5
a w a y.
You turn this wondrous
city to convoluted cigarette
smokes of unnecessary tensions
black hole of disillusion.
You mistreat your friends
rippling in this mutual pool
of unbalanced treatment
one who feels but cannot be
beyond help.
I've served my time
I'm grown older present me
you disintegration I fear for you
lost lamb.
You have your kicks
away away from me
but also do please heal
you constant source of stress
and undeserving sympathies
sucker and in need of a different
kind of kinder mirror.
As with anyone, I'll love my
fellow human being but you push
and have pushed till you're far
away away from me please.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 17 3
Vociferate (vociferant)
Pudgy fingers
planted a seed.
Listlessly, curiously
after a day at school.
Humanely, the seed
was never famished
bogs and peats
making friendly conversation.
In its excitement
and fascination with its nutrients
so vivaciously
did it ascend
ascend to the questioning
and questionable heavens.
Mercy, was this sapling
happy and thick with itself.
Midlife crisis
alert, you've lost a
branch or two
naïve leaves unmissed.
Over-excessive naturality
you feared.
The tree shrank back
from the sad.
Now-slender fingers
stroke the tree's truncated
mast of bark.
Strength sourced variously
They had time for
each other to express
their regrets and open pores
old friends seldom die.
Fear became obsolete
to the awakened being.
Embracing stagnancy
the stunted passed peacefully.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 8 7
Thy inner paean
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 3 5
was unknown                
never knew his history                                            
Yet deeply                                                                        
he was thrown                  
into the accusatory                                        
            what makes me
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 16 16
the tap drips
as the glistening torrents
ride away thoughts of the past
i tighten my grip
to stop the excess
wastage, cold and judgmental
unlike the sea
beckoning me to grandstanding
upcoming life
and livelihoods
yes, i see the bigger picture
but i wish to embellish the moment
for until the time comes
where i may cross the partition into a new threshold
inadequacy threatens my daily structural integrity
drive drive drive
strive for breathing
i am breathing now
alone in my kitchen
the tap stops
as i contemplate tomorrow's breakfast.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 9 4
Unboxed and unimpressed
They are not robust,
    merely stubborn and inflexible
ready to suck such
energy of pragmatic vitality.
They tease of a thousand paths
    unimaginatively cubic
you change faces with your faces.
They scorn any emotional connection
    and never reciprocate.
you biased, indecisive prick, Rubik.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 8 8
What are your dreams?
How do you contort to life?
Where does your heart throb?
Who has influence over your limbs?
When did it come to this?
This, of course.
Joy is not an antihistamine
as one would wish.
I need life to be dour for optimism
to abound out of spite.
It is strong and resilient then
as I have never known otherwise.
What is this?
My blood type is nearly positive.
It holds to routine and obligation
but a stronger reductant courses my veins.
Do your hear a distant exhalation
of hesitant renewal, fear of hope?
Me neither. I feel it.
It swells, me, inside.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 19 10


Never Let Me Go by Yuukon Never Let Me Go :iconyuukon:Yuukon 757 80 Rowan Damisch by NanFe Rowan Damisch :iconnanfe:NanFe 903 14
100 truths
tagged by VarDagi!! thnx!
001. Real Name : hannah rose. and bruce.
002. Nickname[s] : lizard, idk what else. ruce, i think? never call me rosie/rosy/rosa plz. although, an annoying kid at the school i went to used to call me rosy rosebourne and that was honestly one of my fav nicknames ever, so that's the only exception to calling me rosy.
003. Zodiac Sign : aries
004. Male Or Female : afab (assigned female at birth) but nonbinary
005. Elementary : yep, did that
006. Middle School : did that too
007. High School : that as well
008. Hair Color : blondey browny gingery
009. Long Or Short : short
010. Loud Or Quiet : loud then quiet then loud again, and so on
011. Sweats Or Jeans : jeans
012. Phone Or Camera : phone with a camera?
013. Health Freak : no
014. Drink Or Smoke : rarely
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone : unfortunately
016. Political Orientation : leaning more towards democrat
017. Piercings :  no and i don't plan to, but i do want to get my tongue split one day :3 yep
:iconndzoodzoo:Ndzoodzoo 2 10
Aphro-siren Anthology
A collaboration between Serendiipitii and gliitchlord.
We created a freeform mythology that would drive our creative process, geneneral ideas and guidelines more than specific characters or details.
The general theme is modern-day Aphrodite with a hint of siren; beuaty and glamour and power and deceit and betrayal and death.
Let us know what you think! We will likely be adding to this in the future because it's fun.
pieces in this collection:
1. aphrosiren(gliitchlink) aphrosiren(serenlink)
2. broken altar
3. dropped call
4. a woman's heart
5. bated breath
6. te[ch]apel
7. bargain
8. tied all waves
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 4 0
2018-235 Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park (H) by pearwood 2018-235 Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park (H) :iconpearwood:pearwood 12 9
do they face or do they shadow
old winter ghosts sleep in summer's heat
the butcher's wall clock sticks and clicks
never passing noon but seeming to sweat
each second that doesn't pass by
with the click of the meat knife
separating flesh from flesh
in tidy packets
the planets hang above my cradle
the ocean's tides sway as i reach up with innocent hands
millions of creatures exposed to the seagulls' appetite
"we don't belong here", he sputtered
the roads of gold hinted smiles black as pitch
"let us walk no longer"
:iconslenderblade:slenderblade 7 2
Sakura Lake by Mythiril Sakura Lake :iconmythiril:Mythiril 307 25 Infinite Lights by yuumei Infinite Lights :iconyuumei:yuumei 6,165 103 CARL by Ndzoodzoo CARL :iconndzoodzoo:Ndzoodzoo 9 3 Cutes by Ndzoodzoo Cutes :iconndzoodzoo:Ndzoodzoo 14 6 2018-219 Yoga ghosts by pearwood 2018-219 Yoga ghosts :iconpearwood:pearwood 8 2 Butterfly 2 by wlop Butterfly 2 :iconwlop:wlop 9,338 164 Happy Birthday! by Yuukon Happy Birthday! :iconyuukon:Yuukon 70 32 Dreamers by xnhan00 Dreamers :iconxnhan00:xnhan00 230 13
My favourites from around DA, come and browse!



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Hey now, glad you're here. How are you? Talk to me.

I honestly believe we all talk to ourselves, in some way or another. Today, and I am sorry to hop onto the soapbox, but I wish to open a discussion with you. Communication between me and those whom I watch, and those who I watch, matters to me.

I an attempt to talk with myself in a positive light today, I found myself reflecting on my time and presence here. In fact, after examining my profile to clean up any messy bits I did not like, I realised I have one hundred artists watching me. 

One hundred. Hot damn, what happened here?

Is what I asked myself - where did these lovely people come from and what possessed them to press that button?
I am sure the answer varies, and I wish to thank you all dearly for being here. I would never have guessed I would be this lucky to have so many around to bring me such joy - seems like the last I checked, I had five watchers and I was rapt!

You know as well as I do that it is not the numbers, the quantity of entities that makes for a fulfilling time, but it is their quality. Thus, I am blessed.

Thank you all for everything. May the happiness not stop anytime soon!

Now, enough about me; what is news with you? I am a dummy! 
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  • Drinking: Water


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Artist | Literature
Welcome, glad to have you! You caught Mark a little off-guard up there; see it so surprised! It helps me do what I love - you've got your own personal version of it inside you ;D

I love books, and stories are a passion of mine. Here, I hope to share and interact with you artists, and maybe even provide you a nice story!

Please feel free to chat or contact me via comments, notes, or even through email:!

I am also an editor for projecteducate, a group dedicated to sharing information on all things DeviantArt, art techniques, and more!

Click around, and spend a little time to enjoy a periodic fable.


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