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Ha... haha, oh man. Well, ignore that my last journal was over a year ago. I'm still doing the art thing! Though I feel like the only reason I make posts here is to promo my tumblr art blogs, haha. Yeah, a new one, again. Here it is! It's going to be purely an OC art blog though, I'm pretty much done with fanart atm, though if i do draw any of that, it'll probably be on my main blog (a new one, yeah, again).

[/edit OH YEAH Hey, give me all your tumblrs so I can add O;]

But anyways, what I thought I'd do is tackle the 100 themes art challenge again, the same one I started back in 2008 and last updated in 2012, with a total 60/100 completed. Haha, my art was pretty terrible then! But it's great looking back on it, and I've learned my lesson about how to tackle a challenge like this. What I did before was to keep the canvas size to 500x500 pixels because I wanted to make a "quilt" of all 100 artworks side by side at the very end to display the completed project, but really, restricting canvas size was a terrible idea because it's tiny and cramped and there's no use limiting something like that from the get-go when I can just crop and display everything later. The second problem was cherry-picking themes, haha. Basically I did all the fun/happy ones right off the bat and it was great, I drew a a lot. But then all that was left were things like "Dark" and "Seeking Solace" and "Break Away" and man, emotionally draining artwork is slow, nonexistent artwork, haha, there's no wonder why my motivation for the project slipped. But doing it in order, I'm hoping this way, the themes and inspirations and emotions will all be spaced out and I'll be able to keep pace.

I'm going to keep getting better at art too, so no matter how many times I end up restarting this project, it's one I want to see through to the very end, some day!


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luckynyan4 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2018
Happy b-day Ori^^ hope you have a wonderful day
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I'm a day early, but I hope you have a happy birthday! :D
Jasperinity Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
Happy birthday! :D
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Thank you so much!
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You're very welcome! :3
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