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Chelsea's Book Retrieval
“You have to understand darling, I don’t really have a say in the matter.” The shopkeeper sighed in his deep voice as he fastened the rope firmly around Chelsea’s wrists. He wore a three piece suit, resembling a professor but was built like a dockworker. He certainly tied knots like a dockworker, anyway. “You may have fallen for my trap, but it is ultimately up to the cult to decide on the details of your punishment.”
Barely gripping onto her newly regained consciousness, Chelsea winced and tried hard to push beyond her pounding headache in order to assess the unlucky situation that she found herself in. Her hands were tied against the back of a chair in which she sat, and the uncomfortable warmth that washed over them from the crackling fireplace behind her indicated that she was still in the bookstore’s office. The orange glow of her blurred surroundings slowly settled into a cohesive picture, and Chelsea’s suspicion was confirmed. She
:iconvesper2d:Vesper2D 9 7
Amanda Jones CYOA: Sleuth Stranded by Ultimate-Clash Amanda Jones CYOA: Sleuth Stranded :iconultimate-clash:Ultimate-Clash 159 48


Not all hidden things stay unfound. Great to see Dawn realized in 3D here. It evokes all the correct dread to be found in her perils. A...


Spotlight by perilsofdawn

Happy New Year everyone. I hope things are going well. I thought I would take a moment to give the spotlight to another character in the Dawn Meadows universe. And this time around, it would be Hannah Hoxley. I know she has appeared previously in my work here, and for any of you who have followed my writings from YEARS ago, you are no doubt already familiar with her. But I figured for the sake of world building, she deserved her moment here in the studio. Miss Hoxley was a childhood friend of Dawn from their days at the Ivy Ridge Academy for Girls. Well, friend might not be the correct word. They might be something more of rivals, or "frenemies", or something all together more complicated. Hannah's father owns Hoxley Banking and as a result, Hannah is one of the wealthiest girls at the prestigious Academy for Girls. But it seems that pesky orphaned Meadows girl has her wealth annoyingly exceeded just a bit. Perhaps it's the common ground of excessive wealth in a place that is already known for deep pockets, but there is something isolating about being at the top. And that's where the bond began. Dawn is such a "do-gooder" and so kind, unlike so many of the other privileged girls at school. And even though Hannah ends up making everything about a rivalry (probably due to the business driven teachings from her strict father), the blue eyed brunette cannot help holding onto the tenuous thread of friendship between herself and the budding blonde reporter to be. They say it's lonely at the top, and even two girls who do not always see eye to eye, need a hand to hold when the going gets tough. Growing up has never been easy, and sometimes it's better to set aside your differences.


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Thanks for joining my new group!
incinerator91 Featured By Owner May 25, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Love your work, particularly your "supply and demand" pictures
perilsofdawn Featured By Owner May 26, 2017
Thanks! Zapped became Dawn's most common repeating game over, all credit and inspiration to Rosella from King's Quest IV and the countless other old Sierra games that inspired me :)
johnnyram Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016
Excellent job. Is it possible for you to draw a picture of a tied up, gagged girl and so she is being carried away by another girl? Tied up and carried away by a girl and wearing black stockings. That would be amazing!
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sounds good to me too
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I am a HUGE fan of what you're doing with Dawn Meadows and Emily Lockwood!  It looks like a lot of work to build these images, so I hope you will continue to enjoy adding to their case book in the future. 
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Love your work
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