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We’re proud to present the first official trailer for Pokemon Ethereal Gates! We hope you’re as excited as we are, and we can’t wait for you to experience the demo on August 20th!

Click the link below and don't forget to share with your friends!

More surprises are on the way!

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MrBuisnessMan Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019
See yall on the other sky.
1an1KOTW Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow this is so cool! Great job! I'm Jealous!!
bjnkute0905 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2017
Do u guys still working on it ;; ?
BlackButterfree Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
I just finished watching the first episode of an LP on YouTube... HOW DID YOU GUYS MAKE SUCH AMAZING SPRITES ACROSS THE BOARD? That's like the #1 thing that irks me about fan-made games is that the sprites aren't always all that they could be, but this game has sprites so good they look official.
chicoARTS Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I've just finished the demo and I wanted to say you are doing an amazing job, guys! There are some minor graphic bugs here and there but the experience was great overall.
denplaysgames Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2015  Student General Artist
I must say, I absolutely love this game you have going!
I just downloaded the 1.1 version and everything is working well!

Well... Except for two things

I was battling a wild Oodode (which for some reason, the sprite did not work anymore) and I kept getting a strange error after the game froze lagged when I sent out my Jinkai and tried to defeat it. After that, it won't let me do anything and the same error message kept popping up. That's the only bug I really found with the game so far.

Aside from that, everything about this game is wonderful!
Amazing job you guys!~
Breakdawn-Avenue Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015
I found your game just an hour or two ago and I'm so, so much in awe. the story sounds so interesting, the design overall is magnificent and I was so surprised to see the second type of the grass starter. such an interesting typing...

as you may read it out, my native language isn't English. so I'm sorry if some parts aren't understandable
Lu0ren Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  Professional General Artist

I wanted to say a big "Bravo" from France!
I just played your Pokemon Ethereal Gates game, and wow. It's awesome. The OST are fantastic, the fan made Pokemons are very original (and better than most of the official ones in my opinion), and the ambience is very sweet. I love this version.

So team, GG to you all!
CloverCoin Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Sorry it took me so long to upload them to DA!
PKMN Ethereal Gates: Fernling Tile by CloverCoin PKMN Ethereal Gates: Kittorch Tile by CloverCoin

PKMN Ethereal Gates: Bubull Tile by CloverCoin PKMN Ethereal Gates: Starters Tile by CloverCoin
Starrcasm Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
yaaaaay  :DDD
I have them all rotating every 30 seconds as my desktop background x)
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