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June 29, 2004
you want to see 3d abstact art in a different way than usual? then glassium by ~perihelio is the right deviation to look at.
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something from my materials experiments in 3ds
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© 2004 - 2021 perihelio
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MrsChrisred101's avatar
I love it!!! Can I use it for my homework? Just in case, so people don't say I stole it. Solely for homework and stuff :D It's gorgeous!
perihelio's avatar
Sure you can use it.
I didn't know that it could be used for homework :P
A-Bad-Driver's avatar
A mindfuck that manages to look simply awesome. YOU WIN ONE INTERNET
deZane's avatar
this looks sexy =)
Nickmeister's avatar
that is so pretty <3
Just Amazing! :thumb8388198:
gene89's avatar
i love the flow in this image. awesome!
fanficbug's avatar
This piece of art was stolen by this site: [link]

Thought I'd let you know. Please go post on the rip reporting thead us fractal artists have started; it'll help with the effort to get a cease and desist put on the site. [link]

I hope I have helped a bit.
MotherRat's avatar
wow... reminds me of las vegas :)
PatGoltz's avatar
Stunning! Very unusual for this style of art, and very attractive.
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csick02's avatar
you have one of the illest 3d abstract styles ive ever seen....been loving this one for a long time!
perihelio's avatar
and i don't want to be cured ;)
Koichi-han's avatar
That was done in 3DS, you must do a tutorial on how to do that stuff it is awesome!
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rOrtes's avatar
looks so smooth, render time ?
zmoodel's avatar
Bardzo dobra robota.
Zdradź proszę jak wyrenderowałeś te kuleczki na obiektach. Jakiś plug/skrypt wstawiający w odpowiednie miejsca obiekty ?
Phat-Set's avatar
no nie mów, że nie korzystałeś nigdy z modyfikatora Lattice... ;P
zmoodel's avatar
Oczywiście że korzystałem :P hehe nie pomyślałem , dzięki.
Phat-Set's avatar
no proszę, czasem i laik mistrzowi pomoże :D
xaphan's avatar
beautiful work, as usual. :-D
mahgnitton's avatar
that's just amazing, I love the reflections and the way the mesh's weave and curl their way round, :+fav:
shokenz's avatar
i wanna be like you when i grow up... no, seriously..
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