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Actively pursuing gainful employment at this time (read: "real" job). Unfortunately, of late, my new least favorite words received in an email from a (on-paper) company with a highly-promising job opening (regardless of who they're from, they're worded exactly the same):

We’re truly grateful that you applied for our position of [You're So OverQualified For This It Isn't Even Funny] with the [We're Sorry It Took So Long To Respond But The Guy Who Removes Our Heads From Our Butts Only Comes Around Once A Month] company [That Does Not Offer Health Insurance, Or Time Off For Five Years... Oh, And We Don't Celebrate Christmas, 4th Of July, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, or Veterans Day, But We Do Celebrate Memorial Day, Because We're An American-Based Company - Actually An American-Owned Subsidiary Of A Chinese Conglomerate - But We're Nothing If Not Unpatriotic (By The Way, Friday Is Hawaiian Shirt Day, So If You Have a Hawaiian Shirt And Want To Wear That, That Would Be Greeeeeaaaaat...) - Just Be Thankful You're Not A Female Applicant Or You'd Be Having Your Non-Corporate-Approved Childbirth Session In Our Breakroom], based in [It Would Cost You More Than We're Offering You In Annual Starting Pay To Move To This Sh*thole Of The World, And No, There Is No Relocation Fee], USA [Obligatory Waving Flag Icon In The Email Signature Block].

At this time, we’ve determined that other candidates [Punk Kids With Stars In Their Eyes Who Actually BELIEVE That, As A Non-Paid Intern, They Have Even The Slightest Chance Of Getting A Salaried Position If They Ask For One At The End Of Their Curiously-Long Internship] have qualifications that better align to this particular role [AGAIN, The Role For Which, Per Your Online Job Description, You Performed Admirably For Almost 2 Decades], but we’d love to stay in touch [But We Won't, Because Your Email Application Is Going Directly Into Our Trashcan - Not The Temporary Place That Stores Them Until You Physically Go In To Permanently Delete Them, But The Corporate Email Trashcan That Physically Ejects All Such Data Directly Into Our Hole In The Earth That Goes Directly To The Core - That Same One From That Awful Movie Called - Really Creative Here Guys - "The Core."].

It may be slightly shorter than that, I don't recall, since the last time I printed it out and went all rabid and shredded one with my teeth and swallowed it...

This started out as a fairly simple little store, with a few designs. Those few designs followed no rhyme or reason - a rather eclectic collection of graphics - and so Eclecticon was born. Well, the small size of that initial store didn't last long...

There are now, probably, several thousand possible items available, from t-shirts to mugs to mousepads to iPad covers to hats to coasters to sweatshirts & hoodies to thermoses (thermi?) to steins to posters to buttons to magnets to stickers to ornaments to prints to aprons to baseball jerseys to underwear/thongs to calendars to dog t-shirts to Christmas stockings to polo shirts to journals to sports bottles to pet bowls to license plate frames to infantwear to messenger bags to clocks to pet bowls to stadium blankets to teddy bears to tote bags to yard signs to baby blankets to can coolers to baby caps to iPhone cases to... well, you get the picture.  Heck, if you're a struggling band and want to get your music out to your small-but-ever-expanding fan base, you can even produce audio CDs with graphics and everything!

And it's all top quality stuff. I've owned some of the apparel items for a decade, and despite complete ignoring the manufacturer's specific washing instructions, they have all held up incredibly well. These are not just some crappy iron-on pieces of crap you buy every time the state fair rolls into town, or at some mall kiosk. The base products themselves are top quality, and the image transfers are bright, vibrant, and long-lasting.

In addition to multiple other things, I run a site that specializes in website development and graphic design - 9august. Wanna find out EVERYTHING in which I'm involved? Peridot Pangolin.

It won't cost you a dime to ask if I can help - maybe I can, and maybe I can't, but it can't hurt to ask. I can both develop your design, as well as set up your CafePress shop. And, should your business, family reunion, organization, softball team, or whatever need a website, I can do that too (just check out the testimonials on my sites).

As to this amalgamated mess of designs, as long as things keep whacking me on the head, to the delight of my phrenologist, I'll keep adding new designs. Plus, I've categorized most of the designs into the sections show below - but I would naturally invite you to study the contents of each topic, as you will doubtless find something you would have labelled differently.



Journal Entry: Wed Apr 20, 2011, 6:25 PM
OK, friends - voting is now open - through 26 April 2011. I would seriously appreciate your vote for my suggested design for Queen's 40th Anniversary.

Click this… to check out my design and vote for me!

And, when you go to this page, you will see "Share this submission to help support David" on the right hand side, below which you will see graphic links to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, GoogleBuzz, and E-Mail. If you've got the time, and the inclination, it would really be helpful if you could spread the word about my submission to your own contact database.

Not trying to be any more intrusive and annoying than usual, but every little bit helps. No doubt, there will be numerous professional graphic artists out there working with tens/hundreds of thousands of people to get massive voting for their own design, but I would like to think my humble little effort merits at least a small amount of attention.

Thanks!!! Seriously!



Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2008, 5:54 PM
I continue to update this page with the new illustrations that fly into my skull from left field, usually to appear in my CafePress shop.

DW RabbitI started out with cartoons/drawings from my days as Graphics Editor of North Carolina State University's student newspaper, "The Technician," as well as illustrator of one year of NCSU's yearbook, The Agromeck. I am quite proud of these renderings, dated as they may be.

A lot of the stuff is school-specific, and so will mean nothing to people who weren't State students in the late 70s and early 80s. And other items are time-specific, so those of your born after I graduated may not understand some of the references.

For those of you interested in purchasing a poster containing all of these Rabbits, plus a few more of odd sizes, go to my CafePress site here - Eclecticon - obviously, look for the Rabbit section...

If you're interested in buying one of these individual cartoons as a print, and it's not already enabled as a print, just send me an email, specifying which cartoon you want to buy, HERE.

In addition to doodling Rabbits, I have a number of other "side" projects. One of the main graphic businesses is Heraldry Embellished, where I either create armorial achievements wholly from available clipart, then digitally color and embellish them (with bevels, shadows, etc), or I take existing heraldic artwork and embellish same.

I also do extensive website and graphic design work (links to those sites shown herebelow), so if you are in need of those services, I would encourage you to visit my sites and check out my clients and samples of my work.

Here are a few links to some of my "side" businesses/organizations:
  • AMERICAN COLLEGE OF HERALDRY (of which I am the current Executive Director)
  • HERALDRY EMBELLISHED (my chance to combine my modest computer graphic skills with an art/science I truly enjoy)
  • 9AUGUST.COM (my website design & graphics business)
  • JACK OF ALL TRADES - MASTER OF NONE (my other website design & graphics business)
  • INTERNATIONAL SISTER FIDELMA SOCIETY (an organization I set up and run for good friend, author Peter Berresford Ellis/Peter Tremayne)
  • PERSONAL SITE (includes biographical details, plus a gallery of my own coat of arms, rendered by numerous international heraldists)
  • CAFEPRESS SITE (featuring dozens of illustrations appearing here, available on apparel, mugs, cards, mousepads, etc)
  • TURK THRUST (if you know that reference, you have an idea of what should be on that site)

•Turk Thrust II

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