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Doodling Around Twins - Mirror Routine



A little bit of fan art for a web comic I discovered earlier this year. The original Spanish language version is "Garabateando" ( ) while the translated U.S. English version is "Doodling Around" ( ).

Unfortunately for me, as soon as I turned my back on 14-year-old twins Angelica and Rina they took over my dining corner and are now doing a "mirror routine". The twins have said that if I can correctly identify each of them they will behave themselves, but if I can't then they get to call the shots...

The twins claimed that they left me a few clues both on their persons and in the props, but without their signature colors of pink and yellow, I'm at a bit of a loss.

Artist's Note: I know which twin is which, but I'm wondering if anyone will be able to pick up on the hints I tried to leave. I'm still trying to learn the subtle shapes of the human head and face, and I didn't execute the twins' "widow peak" hairline as well as I could have, but the image is cute and not particularly risqué so I hope it goes over well.

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