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MLP: FiM - Without Magic Part 92

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Published: March 5, 2016
© 2016 - 2020 PerfectBlue97
EDIT: YAY I made the HEADLINE on the EQD comic update page (….)

If things seem a little confused story wise, it's possibly because this page was originally intended to be page 81, and so was supposed ot be a lot earlier in the comic.

I already had most of this page drawn when I decided to change the page order, so I've re-purposed it with a few changes rather than junking it.

This page was supposed to follow immediately on after Twilight left Sugar Cube Corner on page 80, and returned to the library, and was going to be the start of a new story arc in which Twilight tried all sorts of new things "CMC Style" in her quest to get her Cutie Mark back. The arc was originally going to end with what is now page 85. I've kept as much of the original story as I can, with a few changes to fit in with the new page order. You can probably see some of the remains of the old story arc on pages 88 and 89, in the letters that Twilight's friends wrote to Princess Celestia. Which were supposed to have come after this page (As a result of what happened in the arc), rather than before it.

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If you see any errors, please report them on my profile page, rather than here.

Created in Inkscape, and Clip Studio.

Standard Components

This comic may include one or more of the following components, which I frequently use in my MLP comics.

Assorted brushes by Obsidian Dawn
My Little Pony Brushy 2.0 Brushes by Cosmic Unicorn…
Font: Celestia Medium Redux by Mattyhex…
Font: Badaboom BB…
Font: DeathRattle…
Felt\Paper Pony bases: Zacatron94's Specialty Pack 1-2… and Pony pack EUD…
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Remember the last comment I said about something being my new favorite quote?
Nevermind, Celestia's quote at the end of the page is my new favorite quote.
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LW9510Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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You should banish yourself to the sun!
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Wow, Tina is dumb
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One-trick-mare....Littlepip, is that you??
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MiragePotatoHobbyist Digital Artist
celestia... you cant solve everything by sending it to the moon
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Cortexfangirl01Hobbyist General Artist that slendermane in the last panel?
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Coasterking16Student Photographer
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PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's in the first panel, too.
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'Tia, I think you took out too much of Twilight's frontal lobe when you took her horn away. I know it's hard to separate the thaumate nucleus from the surrounding regions, but perhaps you could have spent a bit more time at it?
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Maybe.....taking advice from the CMC is not the brightest move you've thought up there, Twilight.  Heh heh.....oh boy.
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TreforceHobbyist Digital Artist
... I wanna banish myself to the moon as well... along with an advanced and fully functional space station thats fully stocked with all I would ever need.

I just gotta remember to banish myself while wearing a space suit...
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PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't forget the space potty. Otherwise you'll be using the space diaper all the time.
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Kema--Nafe Digital Artist
freaked out when I could not find the next one looks like I am all caught up yay but now I need to wait to read more :( (Sad) 
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EQD sent me, I just binge-read the entire series up to this point. Now watching, hoping the next one is soon. It's a good thing I'm patient about web content unlike most of the internet.
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PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm aiming to do one page every week.

Though sometimes I'm not able to.
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Uh oh... I think you might to intervene in pony this time Princess.
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Oh buck us, we're so BONED... ^^; :XD:
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PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wait till Bigmac arrives.
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And it takes them five years to think to help their worst enemy with her mommy issues, which turn out to be what gives them their cutie mark.

And of course Twilight is dependent on magic, the same way Rainbow Dash is dependent on her wings. That doesn't make it a bad thing. 

Not to mention after Starlight Glimmer, this would be PARTICULARLY disturbing to Twilight! Or if it happens AFTER this, Twilight might just leave Our Town alone since these ponies have obviously made a different choice. 
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PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
Um, I started writing this quite some time ago. It's still season 2 in comic time. No Starlight Glimmer for a couple of years.

If you take a look at page 44 (…), taking away Twilight's magic still leaves ... 90% of what makes Twilight the pony that she is.

It's more like slowing Rainbow Dash down, not taking her wings.
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I disagree.
The CMC never "thinked" of helping Diamond Tiara before, because she does not "needed" any help whatsoever.
She had everything she wanted (because of the magical destiny/reality_warping ability of her cutiemark/talent), plus a friend who look like she was always happy to be with her no matter what...
  Only when D.T. "lose" what was in her current scheme PLUS her only friend (she was conveniently missing in "Ponyville Confidential" [S2E23]; precisely to not create this "critical condition" so early in the series); so she could became visibly depressed by plausible reasons to be guessed by young fillies [without the need to get into her personal private life first, ruining the lesson learn in "Ponyville Confidential"].

- - - -   
The second reason for Celestia to take out Twilight´s cutiemark was to block her from bypassing the problem by using OTHER kinds of magic (like transformation alchemy [S4E15] from Earth Ponies or Summoning Shamanism [S3E05] from Zebras). 
The comparison with Rainbow Dash is incorrect. Instead of just "taking her wings away"; for Rainbow to learn "her lesson" Celestia should have to also remove/disable her adrenal glands (so she would not be able to start "dashing around" with her legs instead of flying).

In this comic, Rainbow Dash experienced something similar by having all of her body so broken that she could barely move for weeks (living on Cloudsdale only makes the "wing disability" to be more relevant), but the real lesson was to feel what others with less "available capacity" than herself would feel on their everyday lives [eventually growing her "knight-ism" for Fluttershy, the Sonic Rainboom and her cutiemark].
- - - - 
This story happens in between S2E26 and S3E01; then the Starlight Glimmer storyarc will happen later.
Twilight would feel that something is not right in "Our Little Village" if she had this experience by then. Her comprehension (not a mere "understanding") about the inherent implications of having a cutiemark be removed would prevent her from just "accepting their words" about what is happening in there [instead of what SHOULD had happened already].
The fact that they say to never had "any problem" would be suspicious on itself (even if her own experience in Ponyville was the worst case posible, at least SOME of them should had some kind of identity crisis while adapting to the situation). Also her time living with Applejack and the Cakes will tell her that being "equal" does not correlate with having the same fate (cutiemarks).
All of this BEFORE she met some ponies who hide their disagreement from the views of their "equals" (maybe her initial "perception" about Sugar Belle´s confusion would lead her to ask, instead of having to be adressed about it by her).
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Yes Celestia, instead I recommend a month without cake. No sweets what so ever. That should suffice.
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PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is that physically possible?
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