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MLP: FiM - Without Magic Part 80

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Published: December 12, 2015
© 2015 - 2020 PerfectBlue97
EDIT: YAY, EQD -… slice of life page, only one more to go after this before I get back onto the main story arc. From there onwards the story is going to be a bit darker, and to rely less on potty jokes. Though I may still torment Twilight a bit more for a while.

If you notice and errors or mistakes, please post them to my profile page, rather than to here, as it looks weird if the comments are still up after I've corrected the problem.

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Created in Inkscape, and Clip Studio.

Standard Components

This comic may include one or more of the following components, which I frequently use in my MLP comics.

Assorted brushes by Obsidian Dawn
My Little Pony Brushy 2.0 Brushes by Cosmic Unicorn…
Font: Celestia Medium Redux by Mattyhex…
Font: Badaboom BB…
Font: DeathRattle…
Felt\Paper Pony bases: Zacatron94's Specialty Pack 1-2… and Pony pack EUD…
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Well, I can no longer call this character Twilight so instead I'm calling her Tina (Twilight  in name alone) because that's what she is. In this last arc you had plenty of chances to show off her personality in a humorous way like during a rush hour she is more focused on orgization or trying to follow the recipe to the letter that it takes forever. But instead you are more focused on potty humor that it became a slog to though. And since there feels to be nothing here that even resembles Twilight, I can't call this character by that name
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DaralydkHobbyist Writer
I admit
I'm always skeptical to new comics, but this one is simply hilarious
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PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist

I think I started it about 2 years ago?
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DaralydkHobbyist Writer
I've meant comic I consider new because I've discovered it recently :-)
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did anyone notice TS eyes in second lable
PerfectBlue97's avatar
PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's past his bedtime.
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zilvartProfessional Digital Artist
umm lol why is twilight an earth pony?
PerfectBlue97's avatar
PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
Um, the title is "Without Magic".

All of the answers that you need are on the first page.…
heathfiedler's avatar
hmm i noticed something was off i wasn't sure what it was for a second.. xD but then noticed Twilight was an earth pony.  nice quality btw
PerfectBlue97's avatar
PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, that's where the name comes form.

Twilight's been an Earth Pony since Page 1.
heathfiedler's avatar
I went back and started reading from page one, im sure things will work out though Pinkie.... She needs some help.. xD
heathfiedler's avatar
lol yeah, once i took a little time to read in to a few things i understood what was up. xD this would make for a good show to see what she could do as an earth pony
and maybe she could still have a chance to become a princess xD. apparently they have a sort of magic though it goes through their hooves to help them feel out the
earth and what not maybe she could learn to use it some other way. n.n
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"And with the the reading of this letter, Celestia's ego grew 3 sizes that day."  I'm sorry, but I still think this is Celestia's dumbest idea ever. 
PerfectBlue97's avatar
PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
I never said it was a good idea.
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Not shown: Teaching the tyke to spell.
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comic is done perfectly, I find tis interesting use of side characters ( pumpkin cake) as a note taker to Tia well played.
tigreanpony's avatar
Very clever filly there Pumpkin Cake will go far here.
Elsa-Does-Minecraft's avatar
You spelt princess as Princes
AJR001's avatar
Pumpkin Cake can't read yet you know Twilight... :XD:
potsticker13's avatar
How lazy can you possibly be to have a baby write your letters for you? 
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How can she write without magic?
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