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MLP: FiM - Without Magic Part 37

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Published: December 28, 2014
© 2014 - 2020 PerfectBlue97
Part 37 of my Web Comic, MLP Without Magic.

The last page in the "Losing yourself arc". With the next page I'm going to take the comic into a different direction, "Finding yourself".

Yeah, it's cliche, but I never claimed to be particularly original.

Created in Inkscape, compiled in Photoshop.

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Created in Inkscape, and Photoshop.
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Why is there a tiny scootaloo in the 3rd frame?
PerfectBlue97's avatar
PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know the light bulb that appears over cartoon character's heads when they have an idea.
EpicBronyL's avatar
So, scoolatoo symbolizes an idea? Odd, but okay.
ShadowSwirl's avatar
ShadowSwirlProfessional Digital Artist
Aww.. Maybe star gazing would be a good cutiemark? X3 also.. Custard? XD
Setakarn's avatar
We dont speak about the custard situation!
ShadowSwirl's avatar
ShadowSwirlProfessional Digital Artist
hehe XD 
Wireball's avatar
Possibly like the Noodle Incident in Calvin and Hobbes.  Often referred to (although nobody can prove it was him), but left to the imagination.
SayEeda19's avatar
SayEeda19Student Digital Artist
Geez applejack is GOOD
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mirtar34Hobbyist Digital Artist
what is this about the unspeakable custard incident? 
PerfectBlue97's avatar
PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
mirtar34's avatar
mirtar34Hobbyist Digital Artist
So it will be used later in the story, intriguing. Ill keep an eye out for it then. 
PerfectBlue97's avatar
PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
I haven't figured out where to put it in yet.
Wireball's avatar
It could also be something like "The Noodle Incident" in Calvin and Hobbes.  It's only ever referred to obliquely.
Desgar's avatar
DesgarHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconclapplz: Well done, AJ.  Well done!

Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle is going :iconsweetieohcomeonplz:
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
Don't buck it up-she's almost willing to come out.
tigreanpony's avatar
There ya Go AJ keep it up it's working
Sturmlion1's avatar
I want her to come out and ask which way to the local tattoo parlor.
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PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is she old enough?
Sturmlion1's avatar
I'm guessing Twilight is an adult. I mean lets look at her friends who are all in the same age group. Rarity lives alone and owns a business and travels all over by herself. Pinkie is well outside her home and living and working. Fluttershy is a home owner and I think she might be a non certified vet. Rainbow Dash has a job and lives alone, Applejack owns a stall for selling Apples and takes part in Rodeo's which usually require being of a certain age or parental consent. Will not bring up Cider, not sure if there is alcohol or not in Apple Family Cider. So yes, I think Twilight is at the least a adult if only probably barely.
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PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think that it's ever been made clear.

The original creative minds always said that they were "Young Adults", which doesn't really mean very much as young adults can be anything from about 14 years old to early\mid 20s.

Personally, I think that most of them are "around" 18.

Rainbow Dash is trying to join the Wonderbolts, and is (at least implied) old enough to drink by Season 4. The fact that she wasn't in the Wonderbolts already in season 1 probably means that she wasn't 18 before season 1. So she wasn't old enough to enter before then. As there would probably be an age limit. So, she probably just turned 18 in the year prior to season 1.

Pinkie is a year younger than Flutershy, which means that she's probably the youngest. She's still an apprentice, and isn't living on her own. Which probably means that she not 18 yet, as she's doing this instead of finishing highschool. Or that she's just graduated and this is the start of her apprenticeship, making her just 18.

Rarity is probably the oldest. She acts older, and clearly had an established business by the start of season 1. The scenes where she wears glasses make her look mid-late 20s, at least. Her detachment from Sweet Belle suggest that they haven't lived together for some time. It's possible that her parents had Sweetie Belle after Rarity moved out, as a "second" family. Making Rarity possibly nearly 30. Though this is at odds with the Young Adult.

The flashbacks for Fluttery showed her to be physically different form the other foals. Taller and thinner. She could just have been drawn differently, but my headcanon says that she was physically different because she was older. She's probably the second oldest. Next to Rarity.

Twilight is a little difficult. She's doing advanced studies, which means that she's probably graduated highschool, making her at least 18. Though she could be doing Post graduate studies, making her anywhere up to mid twenties.

Applejack, well, all bets are off. Farm kids often have to mature sooner because they are expected to do a lot more chores, and farms can be dangerous places if you're not mature. Running an applestall is something that a farm kid might do from as soon as they could be asked to do from a young age. She could be 14 or above. Rodeo entries vary. She could be 16 to enter a local rodeo, and Granny Smith could have signed her permission slip. Maybe in Equestria their rules are laxer, and she doesn't need a permission slip. I think that you can compete in rodeos from pretty much any age. Local rodeos will often have junior events. If you're physically able to do it, then your old enough to do it. Most of what they showed her doing could be done by a 10 year old without real danger.

My head canon says that she's at least 18, mostly because the other characters seem to be about that old.

She's also an orphan, she probably had to grow up fast.

Leaving home probably isn't the best age guide. Pretty much everybody in my family leaves home right after they graduate highschool. We tend to run as far away as we can. When you're 18 your folks can't call the cops to come bring you back. Some moved away at 16 or so, as they were able to get into vocational education that came with accommodation.

When you're from a small town, you either get out early, or you get so institutionalized that you can't leave no matter how much you hate it because it drags you back.

Personally, I did an Applejack, I ran as far away as I could when I was pretty young, I ended up on a long haul flight out of the country. Best thing I ever did.
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WUBTIME123Hobbyist General Artist
Rarity is 24
Fluttershy is 20
Pinkie is over 9000
Twilight is 23
And rd is 19 cus in g3 rainbow dash died from an unwanted drug addiction
Lauren faust took this oppurtunity to make rainbow dash 20% faster 20%stronger 20%smarter 20% cuiter and of course 20%cooler
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Always figured Applejack and Rarity were around 24 years of age (Rarity in particular had a business but it seemed to be only doing so well at that point as it may have only just recently opened, her business gets a boost in the second season due to Fancy Pants). Both always seemed older than the rest. Followed by Fluttershy at 23 and Pinkie at 22 with Rainbow Dash and Twilight being being about the same age. 

I think Sweetie Belle and her parents had been traveling a lot and in the first season they had just returned to Ponyville and moved back home. Why she is so attached to her sister is because she just didn't see her much over the years. So she latched on.
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