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Long story short. I’m a farm girl from Michigan who comes from a long line of preppers and survivalists. I grew up living in a small town in the middle of nowhere among some of the biggest rednecks and old school conservatives you could imagine. Most of whom are blood relatives of mine given how inbred the town is.

We were off grid, self sufficient, and armed to the teeth. Which kinda gave me a really weird view of the world growing up (Like, not realizing that most of it still existed), and which tells you most of of what you need to know about me.

As for the rest, I’m really into cosplay and plushies, both of which I make and sell on a commercial basis, and I have a passion for ponies. Well, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, at least. Which explains most of my art output.

See also the below:

Trigger Warning

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My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic
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The Last Unicorn
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Far Cry 5
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Clip Studio Pro, Comipo\Manga Maker
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Forget residential, it exceed industrial levels. If it were a business property you'd have to wear ear protection.

If you were to airdrop a shipment of percussion instruments, it's sound a little like this when they all came back town to the ground.

Did you spot Li Meiling doing a Cameo in Shadows of the Past?

Random Ponification

Bingo, it's 李 小狼

Random Ponification

What you're trying to do here is to make it appear that there is a wider historical narrative going on. You're taking different things that were done by different people in different times and different places and are drawing connections between them which simply aren't there. As evidenced by you trying to frame Jim Crow like laws that were attempting to criminalize extra-marital sex as if they were aimed at gay men (Whom most people in the community wouldn't have known existed).

This is the intellectual equivalent of taking a bunch of news clipping about Bigfoot sighting on the West Coast and UFO sightings on the East Coast and then trying to claim that they demonstrate that the Bigfoot are overflying the central states because of anti-bigfoot racism.

As I explained to you, the woman was tried for witchcraft because nobody wanted to believe that she was capable over overpowering the man on her own. This had nothing to do with religion, my town was founded by French refugees fleeing Napoleon, so this was considered to be a secular issue to be resolved by the town magistrate, not something that was handled by priests. She was executed for killing a man, not exorcised for being possessed or something.

As I also explained earlier, most things that come out of Republicans\Conservatives in defense of marriage and\or the family are simply push back, or are efforts to protect people's freedom of speech. For example, adoption agencies traditionally favored placing children into stable homes. Which meant two parent families because of the belief that having both a mother and a father was preferable because a child needed both strong male and female influences in order to grow up well adjusted. When anti-discrimination laws were amended to include non-traditional families this essentially took away the orphanages freedom of speech, and their right to choose. So people began drafting new laws to protect them.

You're framing these laws as being an attack on the LGBTQ+ community, but the truth is that the laws didn't forbid orphanages from placing children into LGBTQ+ households, there would merely enable them to choose whether or not it was in the best interest of the child to do so.

The laws protecting freedom of speech came AFTER the laws that were taking it away, not before. They were a reaction designed to preserve people's rights, not to take them away.

Blue Lives Matter didn't exist until after Black Lives Matter started trying to force itself onto other people. It was push back.

This goes both ways.

The LA riots were caused by the Rodney King beatdown. Rodney King wasn't assaulted because he started the riots.

Just as there was no need for a law protecting people's right to speak on LGBTQ+ issues until people started introducing laws that were taking away people's right to speak.

You're seeing everything as prejudice and everything as a conspiracy, but mos of it is just regular people trying to protect their basic constitutional rights and pushing back against people seeking to tie them down.

They had them hung all around a full length rear porch and from several trees.