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A.E Marwick - 17 Mar. 1927

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This is my Great Grandmother's Wedding portrait. Obviously the reason I am posting it is because I colourised it myself. It was originally Brown&White, but I colourized it and I think it's an absolutely gorgeous shot that shouldn't be left collecting dust, so I'm posting it here.

I love the 1920's, women then were so classic, so feminine, now we're all into pants and blazers and we're so masculine, we just don't dress and hold ourselves like the ladies back then did. How I'd like to be in that era for just a day, to see how the women acted.

...yes...enough from me. Full view is appreciated. The colourizing might be slightly out, but my airbrushes and paintbrushes were being difficult, so yes.
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Beautiful! At one time I wanted a veil like this for my future wedding.

I agree, ladies are no longer "ladies" anymore... I admit that I like to dress up sometimes, but I do usually prefer to be casual.
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I am a digital scrapper, and i would like to use your photo for an online gallery.
I would credit you with the photo, and if you like submit it to you before posting.
I would have to spend some time with the lo before it would be ready, though.
I do not stand to profit, or gain in any way that I know of, honesty. I just enjoy putting the elements together and share what I have created with the help of the many talented designers of scrapartists, designer digitals, etc. You could visit one of the galleries, but you probably have already. Anyway, I just wanted to know
what you think.
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Go for your life.
Credit is appreciated, too. =) I'd like to see the end result!
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this picture is amazing and your grandmother is gorgeous! I love the 20s, girls were so naughty! We drove cars and drank and danced all night and showed our knees (gasp!) and wore lots of makeup, and cut off our hair!!! W00t to the flappers!!!!
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Wow, that's beautiful :heart: The colours look perfect, great work! :clap:
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:calp: her face looks so real and those blossems just glow.
Stunning work and she really is beautiful, you have her nose and lips. that is so cool, seriously!
If only i could do pretty like that *le sigh* (yes a fench sigh not just the regular one today)
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Everyone should be able to do beautiful like that, but no, now we're more interested in looking like complete sluts/skanks/slobs etc.etc. instead of dressing and holding ourselves like they did then.
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We are ineresting looking? hehe you betcha! Different times, different expectations of women i suppose i could dress like that but i like to dress the way i do and thankfully i can.
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you're right, this really is gorgeous. into faves it goes :)
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wow! awesome! Don't you love old photos, everyone looked so much cooler back then. All the men were handsome and all the women were beautiful.

Lovely job! :clap:
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I know what you mean, where the hell did we go wrong? Why did our fashion have to modernise, I can deal with technology, but as far as I'm concerned, we should still be dressing as if we were women.
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...*likes pants*...

but i agree anyway, especially for men. They should all wear nifty old outfits, as apposed to wearing big baggy shorts that show half their butt!!

*dreams of the good old days*
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hell YES!! im so sick of seeing boxers hangin out all over the place!!
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Amen to that m'dear.
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It's beautiful.
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