Perfect Dark and GoldenEye music in Crisp Quality

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Hey what's up my fellow Perfect Dark fans! :wave:

I recently stumbled upon a YouTuber earlier who shared Perfect Dark and Goldeneye music in CD Quality, :wow: myself thinking it would just be simply higher quality versions of their soundtracks.. I was wrong, they sounded so crisp and clear, almost different...almost like a remaster..yet completely the same with better quality according to his description it's the music how it originally was intended to sound and the that the N64's hardware compressed it thus ruining the higher sounds..This is the first time I've ever heard it all sound so clear..may even sound more crisp than the XBLA version..I'm uncertain..that version may not be compressed much. Goldeneye sounds great too, I compared his versions to others..and I did hear much greater sound quality.

This is what he says:  Music samples on Nintendo 64 are downsampled heavily (often to 11,025 Hz) and then compressed via ADPCM.  This produces muddy-sounding music with heavy distortions in the high range.
These recordings are uncompressed, providing the crisp and clear sound of the original game music.  These are not remixes.


If what he says is true and these aren't remixes then that's incredible! :D I wonder how he was able to record and preserve Perfect Dark and GoldenEye's sound since it's already compressed within the games. Because some of these sound even more clear than on Grant Kirkhope's official site or anywhere really..extracting them they'd still be compressed wouldn't they? Wouldn't the damage already be done from compression originally?


Here's his channel:…


There was also another youtuber who claimed uploaded some of Perfect Dark's and GoldenEyes tracks uncompressed:

And his channel here:…

Feel free to leave comments, and let us know what you all think.
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Do you still have the Perfect Dark one by any chance? There's only a Goldeneye download link on the channel :-\

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These are incredible! Great find, thanks for sharing! They definitely sound better than anything I've been able to find. The thing is that by uploading them to youtube they're getting compressed again, but since they're being uploaded at a higher resolution/fidelity they still sound great. In fact I don't think I've ever heard this level of quality and fidelity from any N64 soundtrack upload, so just imagine what the original audio source files must sound like if we had access to them.

Most websites compress audio files to save space so I think that's why even Grant Kirkhope's site or anywhere else don't sound as good even though he uploaded the originals (If he did upload the actual originals). It really depends on how the particular website compresses their audio files, where even websites built to upload sound directly to them still have some form of compression, and some are much better than others.

But listening to really does feel like they're from a HD Remastered soundtrack, they sound so good.
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Thank you! Sure no problem. :)
Ah sadly that is true, Youtube does compress sound quality quite a bit..I've noticed it before myself.  Hmm, I'd imagine they'd be quite impressive and I'd have them playing back on my headset in loop mode on repeat nonstop! :D
I know, quality is superb! :clap: Doesn't even sound like a game from that age hearing it this way...It's amazing! :wow: Makes me wonder alot about so many different N64 game soundtracks and how they really would sound originally. If only the original Rare composers had the raw files somewhere and released them...can you imagine oh.... that'd be a dream come true! :XD: 

It's hard to say if Grants uploads are the original..probably not since they sound about the same as the N64 who knows...maybe the company put the real ones aside somewhere hidden and used the less quality ones for everything.. yes it's rare for audio not to be compressed online lol. Music takes up a lot of memory like tons, so I understand why they do it. Yeah that's True. 

I agree! Blew my mind! They sounds so.. so clear!  0,O
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Ooohh thanks for sharing! Really cool to have the soundtrack in good quality - I always loved the PD music to bits!
And the Goldeney tracks were pretty cool as well.
Damn that brings back memories x)
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My pleasure! Yeah it's neat, the music does sound pretty great! Same here. :XD:
Definitely! It all sounds good. 
Ah Yes nostalgia, those are some of the best kind of memories. :)