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Love the series, love this picture! Beautiful, and I like the colour scheme / tone of it :)
Lianthanis's avatar
I really like that it is between sketch and finished painting (not drawing ;) )

What did you use?
gothix-kikimora's avatar
i completely agree with u :D i like that too ;)
great work.
KannaSireyu's avatar
<3 One of my Favorite characters. I'd like to see a young Rachel the dragon, haha!
Mordeas's avatar
Great pic.^^

I really like Jiriki and his charactere but his sister also is something.^^

And yes, in the first book Jiriki is introduced with lavender hair, but originally all Sithi have white hair like their relatives the Norns. They just color it.^^ Seoman was very upset about this fact when he was "captured" in Jao é-Tinukai'i.

Woa, my english sucks.^^
Anyways, the picture is wonderful.
Logovanni's avatar
Not bad, Jiriki is supposed to have lavender hair, though.
chibi-vampire's avatar
grate art.... hmmm this character is from T. Wiliams book?
Yes, right, it's Jiriki the Sitha Prince from Tad Williams' "Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn" trilogy
chibi-vampire's avatar
^__^ I love this trilogy and I like this pic wery mutch :D
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